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If you were born circa 1949 &/or lived in Revelstoke this site is for you.
This is a reflection of my appreciation of a childhood in the Revelstoke area
and an interest in photography, computers and the internet.

I expect every generation has developed it's own unique view of the world
and I know those of us who arrived in the late 40's and early 50's are no different.
Maybe some of that individuality can be captured here.

Getting some great feedback, thanx.
As I find the time, I'll continue to focus energy in this direction.
Got a site started yet? I'll be glad to link to it.....

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Here's a before ........
What, me worry?

and an after .......
......... frightening at 50 !
... I can't understand the red sports car and blonde on the cake ???

Here's 3 minutes of piano blues.....


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Charles ----- Richard ----- Andrew
Larry ----- Brian ----- William

>>>> A birdseye view of Home <<<<

High Resolution (300dpi)
a Dickey photo taken in the late 40's

Summer of 1999 was Revelstokes 100th Anniversary.
Summer of 2004 was the High School's 100th.

Summer of 2007
Grad '59 - June 29 to July 1
Grad '67 - July 20 to 22

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Environment Canada's satellite photo's

Some photos on this site are not mine.
If you hold your cursor over the pictures on this site you may see a photo credit.
The resolution of most pictures make for poor prints. If you want a high resolution
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This discovered during a move at my parents place. It predates us
considerably (1937) but may prompt a memory for some.

1937 thermometer



If you were born in

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Margaret Meehan
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Pat Holloway & John Belushi
Joan Vestrup

Larry McEwan
Gary Carten
Margaret Ottenbreit
Donna Gradin & Margaret Watson

Robert Koshman
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Susan Bafaro
Shelagh Shoji & Sue Thomson

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Joanne Defoe & Jimmy Huffman
Bob Davidson
Fran Belinski
Norman Bruce
Ricky Pratico
Jim Phillips
Brian Cullum
Don Lindley

Donald MacKenzie
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Fraser MacKay
Keith Carradine
Bobby Clarke

Lawren Grace
Shelly Long
Rick Springfield
Gene Simmons

Clifford Watson
Richard Gere

Rob Mellish
Sandra Burgart
Frank Morabito
Babs Schultz
Barb Camozzi
Bruce Springsteen

Roddy Martin
Lindsey Buckingham
Sigourney Weaver
Daryl Hall

Sandeno Gneo
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Bruce Jenner

Carol Stachera
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Judy Aho & Bonnie Raitt
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Patti Santos (It's a Beautiful Day)

Chelan Rutherford
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Mike Shepherd & Garry Shandling

Dan Fujino & Jeff Bridges
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Robin Gibb
Sissy Spacek

Meredith Rear
Sandra Pratt

Thanks could go to Jill M and Mrs. Hammond.
Thanks also to everyone else.who contributed.
There are still a few Revelstoke 1949'ers missing......
....WE WANT YOU :-)

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Other important information from '49 . . .

NATO is formed
Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson passed on at the age of 71
Tokyo Rose gets 10 years and $10,000 fine for treason
Joe Louis quits after 11 years as Heavyweight Champ
Riders In The Sky by Vaughn Monroe was # 1
That Lucky Old Sun by Frankie Laine was # 2
Some Enchanted Evening by Perry Como was # 3
RCA introduces new 45 rpm record
Newfoundland joins Canada as 10th province
1st non-stop flight across Canada
1st jet airliner tested by deHavilland in Britain
loaf of bread was 13 cents
milk 20 cents a quart
average new home cost $7,525
per capita income was $1,503
Canadian population 13.5 million
legislation introduced for a Trans-Canada Hwy
367,092 Canadian births

biggest recorded earthquake in Canada hits west coast
General Mills & Pillsbury market cake mixes
Cape Canaveral rocket testing ground established
silly putty introduced
Grand Coulee Dam interferes with Columbia's marine traffic.

Coins actually had silver in them back then.
They changed in the late 60's.

Check out this Babe from 1949......

1949 Buick. House with white picket fence.
..... by the time we were of driving age they were gone

watch your fingers !
Called a 'gyrator' in '49 this was later known as a 'wringer-washer'

Museum photo gathered by Bob Lindley
Williamson's Lake... every day all summer.

For all of us who 'lived' here during those hot summer days.... this picture has to stir up some memories.
The water trickling down the slides could only be heard by the first to arrive early in the morning.
Likely a early 50's photo. Taken one late afternoon in the fall?
Someone has mentioned the newer metal Tower being roped off
because of wet paint when we first unleashed (late 1950's?).
'The Lake' has served generations; Mom and her chums swam there as children in the 30's.
Some of us have brought our bambino's back to Big Rock.
Seventy years have changed our lake a little but she's still a popular spot.

Last one in, is a rotten.......

Rocking the catwalk, fishing, swimming under the warf, fishing,
climbing in the wooden change rooms, Big Rock c/w rope swing, Little Rock.
Collecting pop bottles worth 2 cents, penny candies (babana's, stawberry's, nigger baby's),
pop cooled in a water trough, Pep Chew's, BBQ or plain potatoe chips by Nalley's.
The Tower c/w diving board on the 2nd level, swan dives, jacknife, cannon ball,
sailor dive, a one and a half, cherry bomb, suicide dive off the railing of the top level.
Rat tail towel fights, running down the hill in a line into the water past huge concrete fire pit,
cold water by the water fall on the other side, old sunken wooden boat.
Catching minnows in towels, frog's eggs, polywogs, clams, garter snakes, bull snakes.
Bag lunches, swimming in the rain, exploring the south end c/w abandoned rafts, mud,
salting blood suckers to get them off. Avoiding mosquitoe's by avoiding the shade.
mosquitoe sprayer
Hitch hiking or walking 2.5 miles home, turnstile gate, snake pit, Red Devil hill, sunburns, hot pavement.
And girls.
Anyone ever see a beaver... seems to me there was a beaver dam at the north end ???

...a book or movie could be done just on this aspect of our childhood.

Most boomers believe the "Birth of Rock & Roll" was 1955.
A visit to hoyhoy suggests Rock & Roll was
conceived about the time we were.

can't go back :-(

 1950 -

 - 1959