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updated May 13, 2018


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We need your help to keep this site current
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What is Manual Mobility? In the context of this web site it means using your muscles instead of a powered alternative. It's using a pedal scooter instead of an electric scooter, using a lever wheelchair or hand cycle instead of a power wheelchair. It's using your muscles for doing day to day activities instead of relying on a power option. I believe in manual mobility as a means to heal or at the very least maintain health.

This website concentrates on mobility items and ideas that relate to me and my incomplete C2 spinal cord injury (injured Dec/04) although much of the info will be useful for people with other injuries.

My left leg has medium mobility, my right leg has poor mobility and foot-drop, my left arm has medium mobility and my right arm has very poor moblity. I have fair use of the fingers on my left hand and very poor use of the fingers on the right hand. I have good control of my torso. I am able to walk but not very fast or very well. I have some residual brain damage but luckily most people don't pick up on it. By keeping active and using my muscles whenever possible I have seen improvements in every part of my body and in my state of mind. If I didn't keep active I would be getting worse.

Therapy can be very important for recovery but keeping active when you're not in therapy can be just as important. Just be careful that you don't over do it and injure yourself.

Having a supportive spouse and family helps a lot. My whole family is extremely supportive of my activities. If you need a care worker make sure you get one that likes to be active and will encourage and suggest activities.


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- Walking -
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Land --- Snow --- Sitting --- Urban Flyer

I'm a very lucky C2 quad (tetraplegic) and I can walk after a fashion. I'm not very steady and usually I have someone close by to catch me when I fall. On a good day I may venture out by myself but I'll carry a walkie talkie or cell phone in case I get into trouble. Besides the obvious benefits from the exercise, walking massages my inner organs and helps keep them working properly. Osteoporosis is a real possibility for people who have limited movement and weight bearing exercise of any sort can help slow down or eliminate bone loss.

•  AFO - To help with foot-drop I was fitted with an AFO (articulating foot orthotic). I haven't used it much as I thought I could build up the muscles by forcing them to work. Unfortunately the improvement hasn't been that great and I'm using it again to see what happens. I can definitely walk faster with it on, and it improves my form.

•  Botox - My Physiatrist (rehab doctor) suggested botox injections in my leg and other areas to help with my walking and other issues. I'm very wary of prescription drugs but I gave it a shot. It didn't help me much and I don't think I'll use it again. I had been told that injected botox does not travel throughout the body. There have been recent studies indicating that injected botox does indeed travel throughout the body.

•  Forearm crutch - for speed and/or stability I use a single forearm crutch on my left (best) arm but I feel lopsided no matter how hard I try to reduce the pressure on the crutch. To exercise my right arm and to even things out I'll use two forearm crutches. I'm very slow using two crutches but my right hand grip and arm strength is slowly improving as is my speed. If I'm feeling strong and stable I'll try walking without any aids as it gives me the best muscle workout and my gait is more even. My next step is to using walking poles.

•  Housework - I've tried vacuuming but at present I can't push through the suction. I've tried sweeping with a broom with poor results but it's something I'm working on.

•  Knee brace - When I first started walking I couldn't bend my right knee properly and had to keep my right leg straight. I was hopeless on slopes if my right leg was on the high side. I was also worried that the pounding was damaging the cartilage in my knee.

I forced myself to walk bent kneed but I had quite a bit of knee snap on my right as my muscles couldn't stop the leg from uncontrolled straightening. A restricting knee brace was recommended but I felt that using one would not allow me to build up the muscles. For months I had to be very careful not to let the knee snap too much and cause damage. I finally managed to build up those muscles and I very rarely snap my knee.

•  Lawnmower - We have two push lawnmowers (his and hers) so I can help my wife mow the lawn. I'm terrified of falling into the blades so I'm extra cautious. It's very slow going but it's a good workout. We recently purchased a Brill push mower that is lighter, has a blade guard and has less friction making it easier to push.

•  Swimming pool - I go to the swimming regularly every week. I walk in the shallow end with my eyes closed (I peek every couple steps to keep on track) which helps improve my balance. I wear a waist float to keep me up in case I fall but I practiced falling a few times to makes sure I would be okay. I walk forwards and backwards then sideways both directions. I start at the shallow end and go up to mid chest depth and back again. I hold a small kick board out front to give my right hand and arm a workout.

After walking I go into the deep end to cycle, cross country ski, reverse cycle, back stroke etc. It's easier for me to work my arms as they weigh less while submerged. Next I go to chest level at the side of the pool and do further exercises before I go to the current pool and walk against the current. The current pool is a tough workout and if I fall I have to be saved by the lifeguard so I'm very careful. Luckily I've only fallen a couple times.

I finish off with the hot tub but I have to be very careful not to overheat. My body doesn't sense temperature very well and I don't know I've overheated till it's too late. I've overdone it a few times and had to sit down for quite some time and be cooled down with ice before I felt normal. It's not very good for the system to overheat like that, in fact it can be deadly for someone with a spine injury.

• Broken SuperPole - (walking - Canada) - I swear by these house poles. I've added the horizontal bar attachment and put one by the bed and one in the washroom. The one by the bed also acts as a bed rail.

•  Walker - I have a Dolomite walker but I don't use it much. It has both brakes on a single lever and friction rollers on the wheels to stop it from shooting away from me. I found it somewhat unstable and difficult to use but it is a good workout for my weak arm. On driveway slopes it's hard for me to keep the walker heading straight ahead due to my weak right hand and arm. Foot-drop and weak leg muscles cause my right foot to swing out and hit the rear wheel but I'm getting better at bringing my leg through straighter. Crud on the sidewalk causes the friction rollers to jam so it's not much good when there's debris on the sidewalk. As my mobility and strength improves it gets considerably easier for me to use the walker and I plan to use it more.

•  Walking/hiking poles - I'm just able to use walking poles now but very slowly. They force my right arm to lift up, a motion I find very difficult but it is improving. One day I hope they will replace my forearm crutches.

----- Drop-foot/foot-drop links
Sidekick - Comfy

• Broken The Weightless Walker - (walking - USA) seated walking bike

• Broken Bioness - Ness L300 - (drop-foot - USA) - a foot-drop FES (functional electrical stim) that uses a heel sensor to activate. They also make the H200 hand FES

• Broken Bledsoe - (drop-foot - USA) - foot-ankle braces (use the Foot & Ankle link)

• Broken Dynamic Walk - (drop-foot - USA) - carbon fibre dorsiflexion assist orthotic

• Broken Enabling Technologies - (walking - USA) special cane tips/parts, crutches, ski equipment

• Broken Freedom-Walk - (drop-foot - USA) - a mechanical aid

• Broken Ossur Airform Night Splint - (drop-foot - USA)

• Broken Step Smart - (drop-foot - USA) - a mechanical aid from Swedo

• Broken The Brace Shop - (drop-foot - USA) - braces, braces, braces (retailer)

• Broken WalkAide - (drop-foot - USA) - a foot-drop FES (functional electrical stim). Motion or heel sensor activation

• Broken XFT Foot Drop FES - (drop-foot - USA) their G3 is an excellent FES (functional electrical stim) that works better for me than the Walkaide. Motion or heel sensor activation. Priced at a fraction of other systems

----- Robotics walking links
Lokomat - ReWalk

• Broken Berkeley Bionics - (robotics - USA) - a wearable, motorized quasi robotic suit. Vaguely similar to the robot assist suit Sigourny Weaver uses in the movie "Aliens". Broken eLegs Video

• Broken Lokomat - (robotics - Switzerland) - a treadmill with robotic assist for gait training from Hocoma. Also the Erigo and the Armeo for arm rehab

• Broken Otto Bock - (robotics - Germany) - CPM (continuous passive motion) machines for upper and lower body (finger to toe)

• Broken Parastep - (robotics - USA) - not a robot but an FES that allows unaided walking. Broken Parastep Video

• Broken ReWalk - (robotics - Israel) - a wearable, motorized quasi robotic suit from Argo. Vaguely similar to the robot assist suit Sigourny Weaver uses in the movie "Aliens". Broken Rewalk Video

• Broken Rex Bionics - (robotics - New Zeland) - Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton

----- Therapy and other walking links
LiteGait - Mobility Device

• Broken A Leg Up LLC - (walking - USA) knee walking bike

• Broken Adaptive Mall - (walking) - a wide selection of walking frames from different manufacturers and much more

• Broken ArjoHuntleigh - (walking) walking/standing frames and much more

• Broken BBC - (walking) news article about a game to get people walking again

• Broken Connie Hansen - (walking - Denmark) running bikes and walking frames formerly by Petra Bike

• Broken Consumer Care Products - (walking - UK) Support Walkers, Mobility Aid Trike

• Broken Drive Medical - (walking - USA) knee walkers

• Broken Easy Stand - (walking - USA) standing frame and lots of mobility products

• Broken Essential Medical - (walking - USA) knee walker

• Broken Firefly Upsee - (walking) mobility device that lets children with motor impairment stand and walk with the help of an adult

• Broken fwd Mobility - (walking - USA) knee walker Voyager seated scooter. Also the GlideStep seated walker, folding wheeklchair and more

• Broken Glide Cycle - (walking - USA) a 2-wheeled cycle that helps you walk. Also a model for use on a treadmill

• Broken Goodbye Crutches - (walking - USA) walker for resting a single leg, replaces a crutch for some people

• Broken Image Management, LLC - (walking - USA) walking frames and much more

• Broken Kickstart Walking System - (walking - USA)

• Broken LiteGait - (walking - USA) partial weight bearing treadmill and several other walking aids

• Broken Metland-Smith - (walking - Denmark) walking frames, walking aids

• Broken New LiftWalker - (walking - USA)

• Broken PATH-SCI - (walking - Canada) was an excellent neuromuscular rehab facility in Victoria, BC, Canada. For spine and other injuries. They have helped my walking immensely. I used to go there regularly but they closed in 2013. See their other Broken Youtube Videos. A new non profit accesable in Victoria gym opened as Broken Move Adapted Fitness

• Broken Pedalo - (walking - Germany) pedal step thing (needs good balance I would suspect) The "Pedalo S Reha" has bars or handles for rehab

• Broken Prime Engineering - (walking - USA) walking/standing frames

• Broken Quest88 - (walking - UK) equipment for walking, running, cycling etc

• Broken R82 - (walking - Denmark) childs walking/standing frames

• Broken RammTLC - (walking - USA) knee walker scooter and knee supporting crutch

• Broken Rio Mobility - (walking - USA) a very nice run bike / walking scooter in 2 or 3 wheel

• Broken SideStix - (walking - Canada) high performance forearm crutches and accessories

• Broken Specialty Designs - (walking - Canada) walkers, standing frames (in Gym Equipment)

• Broken SPRY - (walking - USA) knee walker

• Broken StairSteady - (walking - UK) helps people walk up stairs

• Broken Synchro Walker - (walking) leaning/tilting walker is easier to push over obstacles

• Broken Victoria Exercise Rehab - (walking - Canada) my therapist is excellent. I have been going there for years and he still works wonders with me

• Broken Walk Easy - (walking - USA) - crutch parts etc

• Broken WalkAid Scooter - (Walking - USA) sitting scooter for those who have trouble walking

• Broken Zefyr Mobility - (walking - ) knee walker. A scooter instead of crutches

----- Arm/Hand Therapy links

• Broken Armadeo - (arm/hand - USA) arm and hand rehab by TyroMotion

• Broken Bioness - (arm/hand - USA) L300 for footdrop, L200 for hand therapy

• Broken Handi - (arm/hand - USA) a brace and tool for the weak or paralyzed hand by Hoffman Therapy

• Broken Hocoma - (arm/hand - Switzerland) robotic arm assist

• Broken MediTouch HandTutor - (arm/hand - Izrael)

• Broken Myomo mPower 1000 - (arm/hand - USA) powered arm brace

• Broken Tailwind - (arm/hand - USA)


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- Manual Wheelchairs -
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Trekinetic --- Terratrek --- Racing

I have a Quickie GP Swingaway manual wheelchair but my right arm is so weak that I cannot use it unless I'm on a smooth flat surface. When I first used it at Costco it took me over 45 minutes to go from one end to the other. To my surprise most flat floors are not completely flat and sure enough, each slab at Costco has a slightly different slope. There were even a few spots that I couldn't push over. To use the wheelchair my right hand would pinch the tire and push rim between my thumb and forefinger but I couldn't release the pressure properly and would get bad blisters. As slow as it was I was very pleased to move under my own steam and exercise my arms, especially the right which was almost useless. My power slowly increased till I could do the same distance in about 1/2 the time.

I spotted someone using a Quickie Extender (electric power assist) and started searching online for a manual propulsion system that would allow me to use a manual wheelchair outside. I was surprised at all the different wheelchair propulsion systems available and some are listed below under:
• Power Assist
• Geared Wheels
• Lever Drive
• Handcycles

If you have good use of both arms and hands then any of the systems above may work. If you can only use one arm then you could consider a rowing style handcycle or a lever drive using a single lever for propulsion and steering. If you don't have a strong hand grip there are special gloves and or handgrips that can be used. Strong fingers are required for traditional brake levers but brakes that use back pedalling or pivoting handgrips don't rely on finger strength.

Wheelchair links - (a very limited selection of wheelchairs are listed)

• Broken Wheelchair links site - a long list of manual wheelchairs and other info from Wheelchairsite.eu. Also see their Home Page

• Broken Abledata.com - (wheelchair - USA) an accesability resource center. This link is to "wheeled mobility" but you can do other searches

• Broken ADI - (wheelchair - USA) Accessible Designs Inc. Wheelchair push gloves, wheelchair disc brake system

• Broken Aero-Trak - (wheelchair - Uk) wheelchair training rollers

• Broken All-Terrain Wheelchair - (wheelchair - USA) prototype

• Broken Batec - (wheelchair - Spain) manual / electric handcycle attachments and 3rd wheel attachment

• Broken Beach Wheelchair - (wheelchair - USA)

• Broken BestWheelchair4U.com - (wheelchair) an independant guide to the most suitable wheelchairs and accessories for you

• Broken Buggy Bike - (wheelchair - France) down-hill wheelchair

• Broken CARE Anti-Rollback Brake Lever - (wheelchair) CARE anti-rollback braking system

• Broken Castellano Designs - (wheelchair - USA) down-hill wheelchair with a photo Broken Here

• Broken Choosing a Wheelchair - (wheelchair) an online book

• Broken Colours - (wheelchair - USA) beach and sports wheelchairs and all-terrain wheelchair

• Broken DaVinci Mobility - (wheelchair - UK) a 3rd wheel attachment. The DaVinci Trail Rider turns your everyday wheelchair into an all-terrain wheelchair with a large 20" steerable front wheel

• Broken Eagle Sports Wheelchairs - (wheelchair - USA) all-terrain wheelchair

• Broken Elevation - (wheelchair - Canada) elevating wheelchair - Broken Youtube Link

• Broken Extreme Chairing - (wheelchair - USA) extreme handicapped sports

• Broken Freewheel - (wheelchair - USA) a 3rd wheel attachment. Much easier to push over grass, curbs, rough road, etc. Quickly clamps on and off rigid footrest wheelchairs

• Broken Frog Legs Inc - (wheelchair - USA) shock absorber castors for your wheelchair. They absorb bumps and allow the castors to roll over obstacles that would otherwise stop or flip the wheelchair. Great for all-terrain and city use

• Broken Ftt Web - (wheelchair - France) photos of all-terrain wheelchairs. More links Broken Here

• Broken Glide - (wheelchair - Australia) one arm drive wheelchair, all-terrain wheelchair and more

• Broken Harness Designs - (wheelchair - USA) wheelchair racing gloves

• Broken Haseltine Systems - (wheelchair - USA) wheelchair travel containers

• Broken HEROes Sports Wheelchair - (wheelchair) all-terrain prototypes?

• Broken Hippocampe - (wheelchair - UK) all-terrain wheelchair

• Broken HotShot Products - (wheelchair - USA) custom motorized and manual wheelchairs and accessibility products for camping, beach and all-terrain access

• Broken Huri - (wheelchair - Belgium) tow bar for bike to wheelchair or bike to trike

• Broken Idea Mobility - (wheelchair - USA) all-terrain wheelchair

• Broken Levo - (wheelchair - Australia) standing wheelchairs

• Broken Max Mobility - (wheelchair - USA) SmartDrive power assist for manual wheelchairs

• Broken Marvel Wheelchairs - (wheelchair - USA) titanium suspension wheelchair. Click on "7" and "8" for the all-terrain version

• Broken Mclain Rollers - (wheelchair - USA) wheelchair training rollers

• Broken Medical Development - (wheelchair - France) wheelchair ergometers

• Broken Mobility-Advisor - (wheelchair - USA) info on all types of wheelchairs and links to organizations supporting wheelchair sports activities

• Broken Mobilizr - (wheelchair - USA) torso support system for wheelchair & scooter users

• Broken Morph Wheels - (wheelchair - USA) folding wheelchair wheels

• Broken Neater Uni-Chair - (wheelchair - UK) wheelchair drives with one arm, steers with one foot

• Broken NoQuestion - (wheelchair - Czech) downhill

• Broken Panthera X - (wheelchair - Sweden) 4.2 kilo / 9.25lb wheelchair (2.1 kilo / 4.65lb without wheels). Also Broken Here

• Broken Ped-L-Chair - (wheelchair - USA) leg powered pedal wheelchair by Ped-L-Tech, with differential

• Broken Phoenix - (wheelchair) down-hill wheelchair

• Broken Prime Engineering - (wheelchair - USA) anti-rollback brakes

• Broken Proactiv Reha-Technik - (wheelchair - Germany) one hand wheelchair push-rim, lifting wheelchair and more. Also handcycle parts

• Broken Profhand - (wheelchair - Taiwan) pedal wheelchair from Harmony Hill International

• Broken Quadrix - (wheelchair - France) down-hill wheelchairs

• Broken Ram Wheelchairs - (wheelchair - Australia) all-terrain

• Broken RGK - (wheelchair - UK) all-terrain and other wheelchairs

• Broken Rio Mobility - (wheelchair - USA) the Pivot is a very nice lever drive attachment that fits most wheelchairs

• Broken Roam Special Cycles - (wheelchair - Netherlands) 3rd wheel attachment and other accessories. Several pedal vehicles. Tow bar to tow a wheelchair behind a bike

• Broken Rota Mobility - (wheelchair - USA) the RoTrike and RoChair are rowing/lever action wheelchairs

• Broken Rough Roller - (wheelchair - USA) a 3rd wheel attachment for all-terrain use

• Broken Safe-t Mate - (wheelchair - USA) anti-rollback device, anti-tippers and more

• Broken Shonaquip - (wheelchair - South Africa) Ronny and Sam wheelchairs available in all-terrain models. Worldmade3 all-terrain wheelchair. Also seating systems

• Broken Speedy - (wheelchair - Germany) attachable handcycles/foot cycle, tandem attachments, 3rd wheel attachment

• Broken The Standing Company - (wheelchair - USA) standing wheelchair

• Broken Stricker Lomo and Lomo 360 - (wheelchair - Germany) a steerable 3rd wheel attachment, add on suspension for rear wheels, beach and cross country wheelchairs, special handgrips for handcycles. Also beach chairs and much more

• Broken Techdent - (wheelchair - France) all-terrain wheelchair. Also custom machining

• Broken TerraTrek - (wheelchair - Canada) all-terrain manual wheelchair

• Broken Tessier Cimgo - (wheelchair - France) downhill wheelchair assistant controlled

• Broken The Wheelchair Guide - (wheelchair) Your Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Resource

• Broken Tony's Trailers - (wheelchair - Canada) all-terrain convertible wheelchair (converts from wheelchair to trailer wheelchair) and other wheelchairs (he built Steve Hansen's original all-terrain "Wheels in Motion" wheelchair). Also cargo trailers, trailers for dogs, occupied wheelchairs, trailers for carrying the disabled, Trykebar converst a bike/trike into a tandem, hand cranked kayak, custom work as well

• Broken Top End - (wheelchair - USA) crossfire all-terrain wheelchair

• Broken TrekEase - (wheelchair - USA) wheelchair exercise attachment (rollers). Will operate Wii gaming systems and more. Their new model will also work with handcycles

• Broken Trekinetic - (wheelchair - UK) 3 wheel, front wheel drive sports and all-terrain wheelchairs

• Broken TrendHunter - (wheelchair - Canada) interesting wheelchair designs. Can search for other items

• Broken Usatechguide.org - (wheelchair - USA) reviews and much more. Long lists of different equipment

• Broken Van Os Medical - (wheelchair - Netherlands) one arm drive, attendant power assist

• Broken Veldink - (wheelchair - Netherlands) 2-do 3-wheel wheelchair for active users. Also the Veltrom wheelchair braking system

• Broken Wheelchair Bike - (wheelchair - USA) homemade leg/pedal powered

• Broken Wheelchair Cushion Sage - (wheelchair - USA) yep, retailer for wheelchair cushions and backs and more

• Broken Wheelchair Parts - (wheelchairs - USA)

• Broken Wheelchair Review - (wheelchair - UK) list all the wheelchairs from 12 different manufacturers with user reviews

• Broken WheelchairJunkie.com - (wheelchair - USA) info on power and manual wheelchairs

• Broken Wheelchairs HQ - (wheelchair) wheelchair sources

• Broken Wheelchairsite.eu - (wheelchair)

• Broken Whirlwind - (wheelchair - USA) an innovative wheelchair designed to withstand the rigors of the third world. They are sold Broken Here


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- Power Assist for Wheelchairs -
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Power Assist for Wheelchairs

Xtender --- E-motion

I've never used one of these units but I've heard good things about them and the people who use them seem to really like them. Most are an add on to a standard wheelchair and are used in almost the same way as standard wheels. You push on the rim and the motor adds additional power in proportion to the pressure you apply. The wheelchair can be very fast and maneuverable for someone with limited arm strength. If the battery dies or the unit fails it can used manually but it is may be more difficult in some models as you must overcome the extra resistance of a non functioning unit.

You need the use of both arms but the use of your fingers are not necessary.

Power Assist Links

• Broken Benoit Systems - (power assist - France) power assist for user and assistant

• Broken BEAMts Chain Tension Sensor - (power assist - US) also AutoTurbo Drive

• Broken Bionx - (power assist - Canada) probably the highest quality automatic power assist available for handcycles

• Broken Decon - (power assist - Sweden) pushrim assist for user and power assist for attendant

• Broken DPX - (power assist - USA) power assist using a cordless power drill. Not wheelchair specific

• Broken E-motion - (power assist - Germany) pushrim power assist and power assist for attendant from Alber. Also available from Broken Invacare - (USA) and Broken Frank Mobility Systems

• Broken E-Support - (power assist - Germany) pushrim power assist from Otto Bock

• Broken Excel - (power assist - Netherlands) power assist for attendant

• Broken Glide Power Assist - (power assist - Australia) pushrim power assist

• Broken Golden Motor - (power assist - China) 24/36/48V LED lights. Also hub motors, wheelchair motors, batteries, controls etc

• Broken Lift Free Products - (power assist - USA) power assist for attendant

• Broken Motiv Technology - (power assist - USA) iM Drive pushrim power assist? Discontinued?

• Broken MotiveChair.com - (power assist - USA) gas powered wheelchair attachment. Not really an assist, power only

• Broken Murray's Trike Links - (power assist - Canada) more power assist links

• Broken Neodrive - (power assist - Germany) similar to Bionx from Alber.de. Has reverse

• Broken Ottobock - (power assist - Germany) pushrim power assist

• Broken Quickie Xtender - (power assist - USA) pushrim power assist, search for Xtender

• Broken Rio Mobility - (power assist - USA) a very nice attachable handcycle with a hands free power assist.

• Broken RoadRace Power Pod - (power assist - USA) attachable power assist for trikes and handcycles etc

• Broken Roma Medical - (power assist - UK) power assist for attendant

• Broken Simun - (power assist - USA) wheelchair power assist using a cordless power drill

• Broken SR Drives - (power assist - UK) pushrim power assist? Discontinued?

• Broken TGA - (power assist - UK) power assist for attendants

• Broken Tzora - (power assist - Israel) Sampson power assist for attendants

• Broken Wheeltech Powerstroll - (power assist - UK) power assist for attendants

• Broken Yamaha JWll - (power assist - Japan) pushrim power assist. Is this the manufacturer of the Quickie Xtender and the Otto Bock E-Support. Also   Here

• Broken Zinger - (power assist - USA) power drive for users from Patent Products Corporation


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Geared Wheelchair Wheels


These are used just like standard wheels. The Magicwheels list below have the capacity to shift between direct drive (1:1) and low (2:1). Direct drive is the same as using a standard manual wheel. Switch to low and you double your hill climbing and braking power. In low gear there is a hill holding feature that prevents you from rolling backwards when your hands are off the rims. I believe this means you can't go backwards in low gear even if you want to. Very good on ramps and hills etc, both up and down.

You need the use of both arms but the use of your fingers are not necessary for propulsion or braking. Changing gears may require finger strength but you can just keep it in a single gear.

Geared wheel links

• Broken IntelliWheels - (geared wheels - USA) 2 speed wheelchair wheels

• Broken MagicWheels - (geared wheels - USA) 2 speed geared wheels with hill holder

• Broken Rowheels - (geared wheels - USA) moves the wheel forward by pulling the rim back


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- Lever Drive Wheelchairs -
(most have a seperate lever for each wheel - also see rowing handcycles)

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Lever Drive Wheelchairs and Attachments

Rio Mobility - Rotrike - Handmaster - Handmaster - Rochair

A properly designed lever drive is a good option for propelling a manual wheelchair. Most lever drive systems propel each wheel independently and are usually steered by increasing or decreasing the force to each wheel (by power modulation or braking). I believe lever drive systems will become more popular among people who use a manual wheelchair and want a more efficient way of applying power to the wheels.

People with reduced strength in one or both arms need a steerable lever wheelchair design and fortunately there are several machines available. Handcycles can also be appropriate for one arm use. Depending on your disability the machines below may or may not be suitable.

One Arm Steerable Wheelchairs (check out some personal experiences Broken Here)

• Broken Assistive Designs - (one arm lever drive) plans for homemade Handy Chair wheelchair with optional one arm drive. OBOW II handcycle. One hand gardening, One Arm Garden Wheelchair, GOW Beach Handychair for the beach and kayaking and more. Open source designs (free). Easy construction. I rate this site excellent. Videos  Broken Here
• Broken Handmaster - 2007 - (one arm lever drive - Slovenia) they are no longer in business but here is their 2007 catalogue. The HM-1 can be used with one hand. The Kuli-2 can be used with one or two hands
• Broken Invacare - Action 3 Lever Drive - (one arm lever drive - Australia)
• Broken Kien Tuong - (one arm lever drive - Vietnam) single lever basic design
• Broken Rota Mobility - (one arm lever drive - USA) the RoTrike and RoChair
• Broken SMDW - (one arm lever drive - Belgium) Hemilead single arm lever drive wheelchair

What I look for in an ideal lever drive - (I'm also considering my weak right arm and useless right hand fingers)
---- light weight
---- highy maneuverable
---- narrow profile
---- levers that will not drop and hit the ground when you let go of the handle (very annoying if they drop at rest - very dangerous if they drop while at speed)
---- a minimum of 2 gears forward, ideally 3 or more gears over a wide range
---- forward, reverse and neutral gears (with the new hubs and technology most designs Should have a reverse)
---- independant forward and reverse gears on each wheel to allow you to turn on a dime (forward on one wheel, reverse on the other)
---- easy to change gears. The ability to change gears while at rest or in motion is preferable
---- hill holding ability that stops you from rolling back on a hill between strokes and lets you rest on a hill without using any energy
---- strong, easy to use brakes (my right hand fingers don't work so I need a pivoting handle or some other method to apply the brakes)
---- powers on forward and backward strokes of the lever
---- if I want to go any distance I need a system that will combine the power from both arms and will steer easily on side cambers
---- for exercise only I need a system that drives each wheel independantly as it will strengthen my weak arm by forcing it to do its fair share
---- rear wheel drive or weighted front wheel drive. Most front wheel drives don't have enough traction to go up steep hills

Lever Drive Pros
---- keeps your hands clean
---- single speed models give you more power or more speed (usually not both - one exception is the Broken LFC (USA)) Leveraged Freedom Chair
---- multiple gears give you more power and more speed
---- braking is usually easier, safer and stronger
---- helps reduce repetitive stress injuries to shoulders, wrists etc
---- some have anti rollback hill holding systems
---- some will fit standard wheelchairs
---- some add very little width or weight
---- some are extremely maneuverable ie turn sharply, quick gear/direction changes, fit under tables etc
---- some are suitable for users with limited hand or finger function (may require cuffs or other attachments)

Lever Drive Cons
---- there is a loss of power at the start of the stroke till the lever comes up to speed and catches up to the gears
---- some systems may have more friction from the the lever drive mechanism, especially if the system doesn't disconnect while coasting or freewheeling
---- added width, length and/or weight. Remember to subtract the weight of the original wheels and/or axles if they are replaced by the lever drive
---- more prone to damage
---- added cost. Single speed models are generally less expensive than multi-speed models (except for the super expensive single speed Wijit) but they are a compromise. Go for multi-gears if at all possible. Some have a return policy if things don't work out but some do not
---- make sure the handles have stops to prevent them from dropping to the ground. If the handle falls forward and hits the ground at speed watch out. If it falls at rest you may not be able to reach it again. Some models have built in stops, others have stops that can be added. You may be able to attach the handle to your hand with straps, a leash or a grasping glove
---- make sure it has a reverse gear (or neutral at the very least) that you can operate easily otherwise you could find yourself stuck in a corner, against a wall or against some other obstacle
---- to turn on a dime you need the wheels to turn in opposite directions (either under lever power or manually in neutral). Not all models allow this
---- some designs require good fingers to brake or change gears and may not work for quads (tetraplegics)
---- most need regular maintenance
---- most lever drive wheelchairs steer like a tank ie to turn on a flat surface you apply more power to one wheel. If you have good and equal power in both arms these systems work very well. If you are weak or have one weak arm they aren't so great (except for training the weak arm - I use my Handmaster for just that). Cambered roads and sidewalk driveway cut outs require much more power on the low side. Steering models are available and are much easier to use on side slopes

Other Considerations
---- drive ratios are listed differently by different manufacturers. Rio Mobility lists how far the top of the lever travels verses the distance travelled (gain ratio), Rota Mobility indicates that a complete push/pull of the lever in top gear gives 1 (or 2) revolutions of the wheel, Mycycle uses the ratio between the revolution count of the lever verses the revolution count of the wheel (gear ratio). All direct drive systems have a gear ratio of 1:1 (lever rotation verses wheel rotation) but have a different gain ratio depending on the length of the lever verses the radius of the wheel. For all systems, the actual force required and the resulting speed can be changed by varying the length of the lever (or where you grab the lever) and/or the size of the wheel
---- most wheelchairs have four wheels which are usually more resistant to tipping over than an equivalent 3-wheeler with the same wheelbase. When going over uneven surfaces one of the four wheels may leave the ground which can mean a loss of traction and/or steering. With 3-wheelers all 3 wheels stay in contact with the ground at all times. There are several 3rd wheel attachments listed on this page that can suppliment the 2 castor wheels with a larger single wheel that will allow the wheelchair to travel over rougher terrain. Some are steerable
---- if you are looking at a steerable system make sure it can steer under all conditions

Lever drive wheelchair links (check out some personal experiences Broken Here)

• Broken 3d Printer Lever Drive - (lever drive)

• Broken BME4640 - (lever drive - China)

• Broken Desino - (lever drive - Germany) usable with one hand?

• Broken GRIT - (lever drive - USA) Global Research Innovation and Technology. Started as the MIT Mobility Lab where they invented the Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC). They founded GRIT in 2012 bring the LFC to market. Available for sale at  Broken GoGrit.US - (USA)

• Broken Handmaster - MyCycle 2007 - (lever drive - Slovenia) this is their 2007 catalogue. It is such a shame that this company didn't make it and their machines are no longer available. Their machines were quite unique and extremely useful. See some Handmaster videos  Broken Here and  Broken Here

I own their Victory wheelchair equipped with a HM3/20 DIS Handmaster drive. It has 2 gears forward, 2 gears reverse, longer levers for more power, small 20" mountain bike tires for more power and all-terrain ability, brakes are activated by pivoting the hand grips (finger movement not required). I'm very slow on flat terrain with a regular wheelchair but with the Handmaster (in high gear at 1:2.1) I can go about 10 times faster than I can in a regular wheelchair. In low gear (1:0.6) I can go over surprisingly steep and rough ground, which is remarkable considering how weak my right arm is. I'm painfully slow on sidewalks that have driveway cut outs as I don't have the power or speed needed get over the humps quickly or to keep the wheelchair driving straight when the sidewalks slopes heavily towards the street. I'm okay with that because I can't even use a standard wheelchair on the sidewalk. Getting into reverse is easy but it is sometimes a bit tricky to find neutral and shifting between high and low is tricky for a quad (tetraplegic).

They also had a couple one arm drives. The "Kuli" has a single lever connected to a central drive wheel and you steer by turning the handle, unlike their standard lever drive which steers by varying the power to one or both sides. Turning the handle 180 degrees gives you reverse. You must have usable fingers to use the brake lever. The single front drive wheel lifts the two front wheelchair castors off the ground so it operates as a 3 wheeler. On side slopes you simply steer where you want to go. You have the option of attaching your weak arm to a "mushroom" to assist your good arm or to give it range of motion therapy. They have a two hand "Ram" attachment which can improve the coordination between left and right arms. The "HM-1" is another style of one arm drive that propels one of the rear wheels and steers with one of the front castor wheels.

• Broken Hefei Medicon Plastic Products Co., Ltd. - (lever drive - China)

• Broken Invacare - (lever drive - USA) then search "CLD" or "lever drive" for the CLD one hand lever drive. Also know as a Poirer drive Broken Video. Also sold as the Broken Action 3 Lever Drive

• Broken Jinalian - (lever drive - China) JL9090

• Broken Kien Tuong - (lever drive - Vietnam) basic 3-wheel single lever drive

• Broken Mountain Trike - (lever drive - UK) all-terrain lever wheelchair. Available in Canada, USA and many more countries

• Broken NuDrive - (lever drive - UK) single-speed direct 1:1 drive ratio and a new 2 speed with a 2:1 option, drives forward on the forward stroke only. Pulling the handle in activates the brakes, pushing the handle out lets you click between forward and neutral. While in neutral you can go backwards (or forwards) by using the brakes. The wheel adapter fits most wheelchairs and the drive unit locks in and out of the adapter very quickly.

There are a couple of different models and you can also purchase lever stops, hand straps and different handgrips.

• Broken Reha-Technik - (lever drive - Germany) the "Handhebelselbstfahrer"

• Broken Renegade - (lever drive - USA) uses Sram 9 speed Internally geared hubs in both wheels, internal drum brakes and disc brakes. Drives on the push stroke only. Designed for use in all-terrains. Has lots of accessories including: gun rack, trailer hitch, snow plow, winter skis, snow chains, fishing pole holder and more. Looks like one tough wheelchair. You turn by applying the brake on one side while pushing the other. Reverse? See their patent  Broken Here

• Broken Rio Mobility - (lever drive - USA) the Pivot lever drive is probably the best twin lever drive system available. It comes as an attachment for a standard wheelchair with the following features (and more):
- attaches quickly and easily to most standard manual wheelchairs and can be removed quickly and easily
- propels on both push and pull strokes in forward, push stroke only in reverse (can be changed to push only or pull only)
- quick change from forward to reverse (and neutral) by flicking a small lever mounted on top of the handgrips
- the brakes work by pivoting the handgrips so strong fingers arn't required, brakes also work as parking brakes
- 5 easy to change gears with an anti rollback feature (1:0.9 to 1:2.0 gain ratios - can be lowered by request)
- two different wheel sizes of 24" and 20"
- it's relatively light (combine with a lightweight wheelchair for a very lightweight system). Added weight (remember you're switching wheels) is approximately 16 lb (7 kg). Total weight is 22 lb (10 kg)
- very narrow design adds about 1/2" (or more depending on the chair) to the overall width. Considering that your hands project over the edge of the pushrim the "Effective" width of the Pivot could be narrower than a standard pushrim model
- extremely maneuverable, fast easy gear changes, turns on a dime, short length
- the handles are slightly inboard for clearance
- they are working on a one arm drive attachment that can be retrofitted to their standard drive
- it looks good
- save over $1000 on demo units
- they have a good return policy.
- see drawings Broken 

• Broken Rota Mobility - (lever drive - USA) the RoTrike and the RoChair lever drives are single lever drive steerable wheelchairs. The single lever is used for propulsion, steering and braking. They have:
- 2-wheel drive with a differential (front wheel drive on the RoChair - rear wheel drive on the RoTrike). The differential puts power to both wheels
- they steer so sidewalk camber and side slopes are not a problem
- you can give an inactive arm a range of motion treatment by straping it onto the handle. Your good arm will move it through the motion
- 8 internal gears. You can shift while moving or at rest provided there is no pressure on the transmission
- it doesn't have a reverse gear. You reverse by disengaging each wheel (rotate the plastic knob in the center of each wheel) and using the pushrims
- fully enclosed shaft drive
- disc brakes activated by pulling the main lever towards your body. Will also lock as a parking brake. I've also got a front wheel disc brake on my RoTrike activated by a standard brake lever on the handlebar
- both are suitable for indoors and out, the lever collapses for access under tables etc

• Broken Row-n-Go - (lever drive) arm/leg lever drive using arms and or feet. Also foot pedal like a normal trike. Not a wheel chair but some may be able to use it

• Broken SMDW - (lever drive - Belgium) Hemilead single arm lever drive wheelchair

• Broken The Rowing Mule - (lever drive - USA)

• Broken Wijit - (lever drive - USA) this very expensive single-speed unit fits many different wheelchairs. Has a single gear ratio but I believe you have a limited choice of different ratios when you purchase. You go into forward, reverse or neutral by twisting the gear ring at the top of the handle. Brake by pulling the levers in. I believe it propels forward (or backward) on both the pull and push strokes.

• Broken Willgo - (lever drive - Canada) comes as a complete wheelchair with drive. Propels forward on the push and pull strokes. You turn by applying the brake on one side while push/pulling the other. The drive can be disengaged so you can use it as a standard wheelchair. Different brake options, standard brake levers or pull to brake. Anti rollback feature. I believe you must disengage the drive to go backwards. Also  Broken Here. A German review  Broken Here


Lever drive prototypes and other lever drive info

• Broken 3d Printed Lever Drive - (lever drive misc)

• Broken 3d Printed Lever Drive - (lever drive misc) page 6-7. Also Broken Here

• Broken 5d Lever Drive - (lever drive misc)

• Broken Antique - (lever drive misc - USA) upright lever drive trike

• Broken Antique Lever Drive - (lever drive misc)

• Broken Assistive Technology Resource Center - (lever drive misc - USA) ME4320X Indoor/Outdoor Wheelchair prototype

• Broken Atomic Zombie - (lever drive misc - USA) concept lever drive. Also Broken Here

• Broken Catapult - (lever drive misc - USA) prototype

• Broken DINF (Disability INFormation Resource) - (lever drive misc - Japan) lever drive and handcycle designs for the 3rd world plus more Broken Here. Also more info from their "Nothing About Us Without Us" disbilities equipment Broken Handbook

• Broken Eco-Mobilnosc - (lever drive misc - Poland) info on lever drives

• Broken Extra Hand - (lever drive misc - Mexico) arm/leg powered trike from Broken Ricardo Mendina

• Broken Hand Drive - 3d printer - (lever drive bmisc) 3d printer wheelchair lever drive instructions. Also  Broken Here and ; Broken Here

• Broken Hebelrolli - (lever drive misc - Germany) links and info

• Broken Helix - (lever drive misc) prototype drive system

• Broken Homemade Lever Drive - (lever drive misc)

• Broken HyRoller - (lever drive misc - Canada) electrical assist lever drive prototype

• Broken Jouleflow - (lever drive misc - UK) a very interesting prototype design with a differental, multible gears and a narrow footprint

• Broken Lever Drive - (lever drive misc - USA) fits standard wheelchairs. Direct 1:1 drive ratio with friction brakes that rub against the push rim. Propels forward on the push stroke only. It is still in development so check about reverse, handle stops etc. Pre-sales are $1000 USD. The design is still evolving and the photos are different depending on where you look on the site.

• Broken Lever Drive Parts and Pieces - (lever drive misc)

• Broken LFC - (lever drive misc - USA) Leveraged Freedom Chair from the MIT Mobility Lab (M-Lab), a 3rd world lever wheelchair design by Amos G Winter. Also see the Broken Amos G. Winter Home Page

• Broken Michigan Technological University - (lever drive misc - USA) all-terrain lever wheelchair prototype

• Broken One-Arm Manual-Powered Wheelchair - (lever drive misc) users manual

• Broken Performance Hand Cycles, PHC - (lever drive misc - USA) an interesting design. Their website is down, I suspect they are out of business

• Broken PNR Lever Drive Concept - (lever drive misc)

• Broken Prototype simple drive - (lever drive misc - USA)

• Broken Prototype lever drive - MIT - (lever drive misc)

• Broken Pursuit - (lever drive - misc) 4 videos of prototype rowing tadpole

• Broken Quantum Runner - (lever drive misc - USA) not yet in production. Comes as a complete wheelchair with drive. Propels forward on both the push and pull strokes. Automatic 4-speed transmission. The drive can be disengaged so you can use it as a standard wheelchair. Reverse?

• Broken Research - (lever drive misc) on lever drives from 1986

• Broken Revolution Bikesmiths Rowver Bike - (lever drive misc - USA) prototype lever electric trike

• Broken Rowchair - (lever drive misc - USA) a prototype wheelchair

• Broken Ruder-Rad.de - (lever drive misc - Germany) arm/leg trike

• Broken Schmink Cycle - (lever drive misc - USA) the Billy Goat tadpole trike by Kevin Schminkey

• Broken Swinburn University - (lever drive misc - Australia) cargo lever wheelchair design

• Broken Skycare Chair Prototype - (lever drive misc)

• Broken The Rowing Mule - (lever drive misc - USA)

• Broken University of Virginia - (lever drive misc - USA) prototype

• Broken Worchester Polytechnic Institute - (lever drive misc - UK) wheelchair project with examples, comparisons and info on how to build a one-arm drive manual wheelchair

• Broken X30 concept - (lever drive - misc)

• Broken Yanko Lever Drive Computer Design - (lever drive misc) search "wheelchair" etc for more designs


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- HandCycles -
also known as Hand Cycles, HandBikes, Hand Cranked and Hand Bikes

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HandCycles and HandCycle Attachments

Rio Mobility --- Intrepid --- Handy --- Armbike --- Maya Pedal

Handcycle Links:
• Handcycles
• Attachable HC
• Upright HC
• Racing / Road HC
• All-Terrain HC
• Rowing / Other HC
• Misc HC

Most handcycles have a crank drive system (some are rowing action), they steer by pointing a wheel and usually drive the front wheel although some drive the rear. You can get them as wheelchair attachments or as complete handcycles. Because they are hand driven they are more accepted when used amongst pedestrians than foot driven cycles.

---- makes it easier to wear a helmet as it looks more like a cycle. A helmet is a good idea for all wheelchair users (power included) and you won't feel like so much of a dork when wearing one on a handcycle
---- keeps your hands clean
---- smooth low impact circular motion reduces repetitive stress injuries
---- both lever drive and circular drive systems create more power than simple hand drive. You get more usable power from a circular motion than from most lever drive systems
---- most models can be used with one hand
---- the power from both arms are added together, even if one arm is considerably weaker
---- goes where your steer, regardless of slope or debris. Easy to steer across side slopes (camber) which would make a normal wheelchair want to dive towards the low side
---- lots of gears (usually) for more power and speed
---- usually coasts or freewheels with very lttle friction
---- braking is easier, safer and stronger - usually by a brake lever or by backpedaling
---- internally geared hub models allow changing gears while stopped and braking by backpedaling. Broken Sheldon Brown (USA) lists hubs from NuVinci, Rohloff, Shimano, SRAM/Sachs and Sturmey-Archer. New models from Broken Sturmey-Archer (Taiwan) have 3 and 5-speed gearbox-hubs with reverse, fixed gear 3-speed hubs and more
---- some models can be geared extremely low for people with low power. The Broken Schlumpf Mountain Drive (Switzerland) reduces the overall gearing by 250% and can shift while stopped
---- My Rio Mobility Dragonfly with a QS-RC5(W) 5-speed Sturmey-Archer (with reverse gear) and the Schlumpf Mountain Drive as described above (3rd picture shows my custom front wheel dropout - new models come with an offset dropout). Grips are the mighty fine "Ergo Lite Handcycle Grips" from Broken Bike-On (USA). Very similar grips are available from Broken Ambucs / AmTryke (USA)
---- some models steer by tilting verses turning the steering column
---- the Broken Bionx (Canada) and other automatic power assist systems allow for auto assist simply by pedaling
---- although handcycles take more storage space some models will store in less space by flipping the handcycle up
---- the front wheel had less weight on it and is larger than most wheelchair wheels letting it roll over obstacles much easier than most wheelchairs
---- there are some pretty fancy Broken Handgrips for people who have a weak grip

---- chain gets dirty and can soil clothing and skin, be careful in stores/malls and around other people or install an enclosed chain system
---- possibility of getting something caught in the chain/chainring
---- requires regular maintenance
---- longer than standard wheelchairs - wider turning radius - not as maneuverable
---- usually more difficult to reverse (although Sturmey-Archer now has reversing gearbox hubs)
---- may be more difficult to get in and out of due to the front wheel drive system blocking seat access
---- some designs will not steer straight if you take yor hands off the pedals. The Dragonfly handcycle attachment I use from Broken Rio Mobility (USA) has built in offset. My first handcycle attachment didn't have any offset. My hand slipped off the handgrip, the handcycle shot sideways and dropped a wheel off the sidewalk. I tipped and cracked my noggin on the road. Ambulance, concussion, lots of stitches, pain etc. Now I always wear a helmet
---- a bit unstable, especially at higher speeds (unless you have a low racing handcycle - 3 wheel machines are usually more unstable than 4 wheel machines)
---- keep those feet strapped in, you don't want them falling out at speed
---- derailleur systems cannot change gears once you've stopped and usually don't allow backpedal braking
---- most designs use front wheel drive which doesn't have much traction in the wet or on steep hills
---- in the rain guess where the front wheel tire spray goes
---- some rowing action handcycles only power in the pull or push stroke not (both) and require brake levers for braking. The rowing/lever action RoTrike and RoChair from Broken Rota Mobility (USA) have overcome many of those problems. They are listed in both lever drives and handcycles as they have qualities of both

Handcycle Links:
• Handcycles
• Attachable HC
• Upright HC
• Racing / Road HC
• All-Terrain HC
• Rowing / Other HC
• Misc HC

Attachable HC Links - including Clamp-on, Clip-on, Docking
---- usually attaches to a standard wheelchair
---- some attachments are very quick and easy to install or remove
---- to transfer more traction (weight) to the front wheel the rear wheels should be moved back as far as possible. This can affect the balance if converted back to a standard wheelchair
---- unstable at high speeds and while cornering

• Broken Attitude Hybrid handbike - (handcycle attachable HC - UK) power assist attachable handcycle

• Broken Batec - (attachable hc - Spain) manual, electric and 3rd wheel attachments

• Broken BerkelBike - (attachable hc - Netherlands) arm/leg powered attachment, complete handcycle or stationary

• Broken Bison Bike - (attachable hc - Germany)

• Broken Bringanti - (attachable hc - Hungary)

• Broken DaVinci wheelchairs - (attachable hc - UK) also upright handcycles and more

• Broken Double performance - (attachable hc - Netherlands)

• Broken Emery's Trikes - (attachable hc) also rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, high seat and special quadriplegic (tetraplegic) model which drives by rocking the upper body back & forth

• Broken Frontline-Handbikes - (attachable hc - Netherlands)

• Broken Hopp - (attachable hc - Latvia) and Broken 3rd Wheel Attachment

• Broken Motivation - (attachable hc - UK)

• Broken Motorwel - (attachable hc - Korea) to view go to Products / Welfare Sports

• Broken Off Carr - (attachable hc - Italy) also upright and racing handcycles, wheelchairs, sports machines

• Broken Oracing - (attachable hc - Spain)

• Broken OX Group - (attachable hc - Japan) Handcycle mounts onto OX wheelchairs and others. See their Broken Home Page

• Broken Praschberger - (attachable hc - Austria) several models. Also racing handcycles, winter/summer sports, good links page

• Broken ProActiv - (attachable hc - Germany) also racing handcycles, one wheel drive hand-rims, suspension castors

• Broken Reha-Partner - (attachable hc - Germany)

• Broken Reha-Trend - (attachable hc - Germany) several models including power assist

• Broken Rehabilitation Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise - (attachable hc - Poland) several models including power assist and rowing/lever action. Also upright handcycles and several unique machines including lever drive, leg/arm drive, rocking back

• Broken Rio Mobility - (attachable hc - USA) the Dragonfly attachment in manual and power assist. I converted mine to a 5 speed Internally geared hub model with reverse gear mounted to my Quickie GP Swingaway. Also see their lever drive system. Broken Video 1, Broken Video 2

• Broken Roam Special Cycles - (attachable hc - Netherlands) several models and accessories. Also a 2 wheel handcycle. Several pedal vehicles

• Broken Santa66.net - (attachable hc - Germany) Build your handcycle! DIY + Low (almost no) costs + Open Source + Low tech

• Broken Satierf - (attachable hc - Brazil)

• Broken Specialty Design - (attachable hc - Canada) click through photos for different Contender handcycles

• Broken Speedy - (attachable hc - Germany) several models including power assist and leg powered. Also racing handcycles and a tandem attachmen plus an attachable recumbent trike and a third wheel attachment

• Broken Stricker Handbikes - (attachable hc - Germany) lots of different models. Also a third wheel, beach and standard wheelchairs, special handgrips for handcycles, lots of interesting accessories

• Broken Team Hybrid - (attachable hc - UK) lots of different models including power assist

• Broken TNS - (attachable hc - NL)

• Broken USVA Bikes - (attachable hc - Netherlands) also an upright handcycle and recumbent trikes

• Broken Veldink - (attachable hc - Netherlands)

• Broken Vipera - (attachable hc - Slovakia)

Handcycle Links:
• Handcycles
• Attachable HC
• Upright HC
• Racing / Road HC
• All-Terrain HC
• Rowing / Other HC
• Misc HC

Upright HC links - complete handcycles with upright sitting position/usually with bent legs - some models of upright handcycles are unstable, especially at higher speeds or while cornering.

• Broken Ambucs / AmTryke - (upright hc - USA) click on AmTryke then AmTryke/catalogue or AmTryke Store for handcycles, trikes and arm/leg cycles

• Broken APDK - (upright HC - Kenya)

• Broken Benecykl - (upright hc - Czech Republic) rear wheel drive handcycle and other products

• Broken Bringanti - (upright hc- Hungary) upright handcycle

• Broken Callidai Motor Works - (upright HC - India)

• Broken Consumer Care Products - (upright hc - UK) childs handcycle

• Broken CYCLING & HEALTH TECH INDUSTRY R & D CENTER - (upright hc - Taiwan)

• Broken DaVinci Wheelchairs - (upright hc - UK) also attachable handcycles and more. See the Broken Da Vinci Speeder Review

• Broken DreamBike - (upright hc - Brazil)

• Broken Eagle Sports Chairs - (upright hc - USA) also racing handcycles

• Broken Emery's Trikes - (upright hc) rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, attachable, high seat and special quadriplegic (tetraplegic) model which drives by rocking the upper body back & forth

• Broken FM Cycles - (upright hc - USA) upright, Delta recumbent, handcycle all in one machine

• Broken Freedon Concepts - (upright hc - USA)

• Broken Gaelforce - (upright hc - USA/UK) handcycle with 3, 5 or 7speed hub. Also Tri-lo child's handcycle. Also see Broken Theraplay

• Broken Haverich - (upright hc - USA) also arm/leg

• Broken Intrepid Handcycles - (upright hc - USA) upright handcycle morphs into racing, also road/touring models at pretty good prices

• Broken Invacare - (upright hc - USA) search for handcycle. Also Broken Top End Wheelchairs. Also racing handcycles and much more

• Broken Mission Cycles - (upright hc - UK) arm/leg

• Broken NARI - (upright hc - India)

• Broken Off Carr - (upright hc - Italy) also attachable and racing handcycles, wheelchairs, sports machines

• Broken Ortomix - (upright hc - Brazil)

• Broken Pacific Cycles - (upright hc - Taiwan) then click on "Handy". Also a quad cycle

• Broken Palmer "Joyrider" Handcycle - (upright hc - USA) unique cutaway frame construction for easy entry. Available for use by arm, leg or both. Available in a child's model. The "Joyrider" makes an excellent manual scooter but it is a bit tricky to pedal

• Broken Pfau Tech - Pfiff Vetriebs - (upright hc - Germany)

• Broken Rehabilitation Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise - (upright hc - Poland) lots of different and unique machines including lever drive, foot/arm drives, rocking back, attachable handcycle

• Broken Rota Mobility - (upright hc - USA) the RoChair is a front wheel drive lever wheelchair with a single propulsion/steering lever. It has 8 internal gears (reverse by disengaging each wheel and use the pushrims), fully enclosed shaft drive, lever drive actuated front disc brakes, 2-wheel front drive with differential. Suitable for indoors and out (lever collapses for clearance under tables etc). The rear wheels steer so sidewalk camber is not a problem. Usable with one or two arms. They also have a 3-wheel RoTrike with many of the same features

• Broken Rupiani - (upright hc - France) Manucross

• Broken Specialty Design - (upright hc - Canada) click through photos for different Contender handcycles

• Broken ST Manufacturing Inc - (upright hc - Japan) Lei Comfort with the "Advanced Linear Drive System". Also a step cycle, recumbent trikes, tandem power wheelchair

• Broken Stewarts Gully Industries - (upright hc - New Zeland) custom builder of almost any cycle  Broken Here

• Broken Sun Bicycle - (upright hc - USA) HT-3 handcycle

• Broken TNS - (upright hc - Netherlands) also racing handcycles

• Broken The Mobility Cycle - (upright hc - USA) from "Mobility Without Barriers"

#8226; Broken TomCat - (upright hc - UK) for kids, also arm/leg

• Broken Tri-vel - (upright hc - Canada)

• Broken Triaid - (upright hc - USA/UK)

• Broken TROP - (upright hc - Poland) custom handcycles, trikes, tandems, work trikes, rickshaws, quadracycles, pedal boats and more from Poland

• Broken Turtle Will - (upright HC - Niger) distributes an upright handcycle

• Broken Utah Trikes - (upright hc - USA) custom handcycles and more. Search for "hand"

• Broken USVA - (upright hc - Netherlands) also an attachable handcycle

• Broken Varna Handcycles - (upright hc - Canada) racing, upright and other handcycles. 2 & 3 wheel, arm & leg powered, tandems etc. The owner designed the "Varna Diablo" the "worlds fastest bicycle", which was powered by Sam Whittingham to 132.5km/h (82.33mph) on September 18, 2008

• Broken WheelchairIndia.com - (upright hc - India) rear wheel drive crank handcycles, single and double wheel drive (crank), steerable from Manish Steel Works. Prices start at about $120 for sale online to India only. Also standard wheelchairs, walkers, etc

• Broken Whirlwind - (upright hc)

• Broken Worksman Cycles - (upright hc - USA) Handy handcycles, recumbent trikes and more

Handcycle Links:
• Handcycles
• Attachable HC
• Upright HC
• Racing / Road HC
• All-Terrain HC
• Rowing / Other HC
• Misc HC

Racing / Road HC Links - lower body position for more stability at speed

• Broken 3Rad Easypower - (road hc - Germany)

• Broken Ambucs / AmTryke - (road hc - USA) click on AmTryke then AmTryke/catalogue or AmTryke Store for handcycles, trikes and arm/leg cycles

• Broken Cameron Bicycle - (road hc - USA) custom handcycle

• Broken Carbonbike Jetstream - (road hc - Switzerland) carbon fibre racer

• Broken Eagle Sports Chairs - (road hc - USA) also upright handcycles

• Broken Fabio Costa - (road hc - Brazil)

• Broken Forza - (road hc - Colombia) prototype

• Broken Freedom Concepts - (road hc - Canada)

• Broken Freedom Ryder - (road hc - USA) from Brike International

• Broken Go-Ze Industries - (road hc - Mexico)

• Broken Greenspeed - (road hc - Australia) the Hand Magnum. The GTH for arm, GTHF for arm/leg no longer show up on their website but I believe they are still available

• Broken GTMmobil - (road hc - Poland) GTM Blackbird

• Broken Handbike Japan - (road hc - Japan)

• Broken Handbike Team - (road hc - Germany) 3Rad Easypower

• Broken Handventus - (road hc - Brazil)

• Broken Handvikn - (road hc - Brazil)

• Broken Hase Handcycle - (road hc - Germany) rear wheel drive, unique tilt steering

• Broken Intrepid Handcycles - (road hc - USA) upright handcycle morphs into racing, also road/touring models at pretty good prices

• Broken Invacare Topend - (road hc - USA) search for handcycle. Also Broken Top End Wheelchairs. Also upright handcycles and more

• Broken Lasher Sport - (road hc - USA) Elite and more

• Broken Lightning - (road hc - USA) racing handcycles

• Broken Lightning Cycle Dynamics - (road hc - USA)

• Broken Lopo - (road hc - Denmark)

• Broken M5 Recumbents - (road hc - Netherlands)

• Broken Maddiline Cycle - (road hc - Italy) also a raising seat

• Broken Mission Cycles - (road hc - UK) recumbent trike handcycle with rear wheel drive

• Broken Off Carr Escape - (road hc - Italy) also attachable and upright handcycles, wheelchairs, sports machines

• Broken Oracing - (road hc - Spain)

• Broken OttoBock - (road hc - Netherlands)

• Broken Outrider USA - (tadpole - USA) Was FFR trikes. Also adaptive trikes with hand or foot (by request)

• Broken Pacific Cycles - (road hc - Taiwan) then click on "Handy"

• Broken Praschberger - (road hc - Austria)

• Broken Praxis - (road hc - Columbia)

• Broken ProActiv - (road hc - Germany) three racing models. Also an attachable handcycle, one wheel drive hand-rims, suspension castors

• Broken Quickie - (road hc - USA) also racing handcycles from "Sunrise Medical". Search for "handcycle"

• Broken Rodamax - (road hc - Argentina) several racing models

• Broken Satierf - (road hc - Brazil)

• Broken Schmicking - (road hc - Germany)

• Broken Specialty Design - (road hc - Canada) click through photos for different Contender handcycles

• Broken Speedbikes - (road hc - Switzerland) carbonfibre

• Broken Sport-On - (road hc - Poland)

• Broken Steintrike - (road hc - Serbia) full suspension all-terrain Tadpole trike handcycle with single rear wheel drive. Also handcycles and special adaptations for handicapped riders

• Broken Strae Sport - (road hc - USA)

• Broken Stricker Lupo - (road hc - UK) is sold in the UK by Molten Rock. It is not listed on the Broken Stricker - (road hc - Germany) website

• Broken Surgical Engineering - (road hc - Australia)

• Broken Ti-Trikes - (road hc - USA) T-450 titanium framed tadpole trike with power assist options. They state that they are the first tadpole handcycle but Greenspeed has made them since 1992

• Broken TiArrow - (racing - Sweden)

• Broken TNS - (road hc - Netherlands) racing and attachable handcycles

• Broken Trinity Drive - (road - Japan) project handcycle. Also see Broken Handbike Japan

• Broken Varna handcycle - (road hc - Canada) racing, upright and other handcycles. 2 & 3 wheel, arm & leg powered, tandems etc. The owner designed the "Varna Diablo" the "worlds fastest bicycle", which was powered by Sam Whittingham to 132.5km/h (82.33mph) on September 18, 2008

• Broken Velogic - (road hc - Poland)

• Broken Vipera - (road hc - Slovakia) from Handbike.sk

• Broken Wolturnus - (road hc - Denmark) handcycles from Denmark. Also wheelchairs

• Broken Worksman Cycles - (road hc - USA) Handy handcycles and lots of other cycles

• Broken WorldWide Mobility - (road hc - Canada) Jedd handcycles

• Broken XCaliber - (road hc - South Africa) made in South Africa

• Broken Zipper by HOC (Hands on Concepts) - (road hc - USA) childs handcycle

Handcycle Links:
• Handcycles
• Attachable HC
• Upright HC
• Racing / Road HC
• All-Terrain HC
• Rowing / Other HC
• Misc HC

All-Terrain HC Links - usually rear wheel drive to provide sufficient traction. Some manufacturers just stick on a mountain bike tire and call it all-terrain. You can do that too

• Broken All-Terrain - (all-terrain hc) prototype

• Broken Brazil handcycles - (all-terrain hc - Brazil) custom handcycles for Brazil

• Broken BROK - (all-terrain hc) 4-wheel all-terrain handcycle

• Broken flo.designs - (all-terrain hc - Netherlands) mountaintrike prototype

• Broken Hase - (all-terrain hc - Germany) rear wheel drive all-terrain handcycle version. Also good recumbent trikes

• Broken LasherSport - (all-terrain hc - USA) ATH all-terrain handcycle

• Broken Michigan Technological University - (all-terrain misc - USA) all-terrain lever wheelchair prototype

• Broken Motivation - (all-terrain hc- UK) sports, all terrain wheelchairs

• Broken Mountain Trike - (all-terrain hc - UK) all-terrain lever wheelchair. See the Broken YouTube video

• Broken One-off handcycles - (all-terrain hc - USA) an all-terrain handcycle. This handcycle is shown at the Broken Smithsonian. They also have a design for a "Developing Country" model that they are giving away for free to developing countries. Please contact them if would like to get involved in promoting or building this fine all terrain handcycle.

• Broken OttoBock - (all-terrain hc - Netherlands)

• Broken R.E.A.L. Design - (all-terrain hc - USA) 2 handed all-terrain handcycle for kids

• Broken ReActive Adaptations - (all-terrain hc - USA) all-terrain Bomber and Nuke handcycles. Also handcycle car rack, and handcycle work stand. Also see the Broken arm/leg tadpole trike wheelchair

• Broken Sport-On - (all-terrain hc - Poland)

• Broken Steintrike - (all-terrain hc - Serbia) full suspension all-terrain Tadpole trike handcycle with single rear wheel drive. Also handcycles and special adaptations for handicapped riders

• Broken Stricker Hand-Bikes - (all-terrain hc - Germany) they have several different models suitable for all-terrain use. Lots of videos Broken Here - (all-terrain hc - France)

• Broken Vipera - (all-terrain hc - Slovakia)

Handcycle Links:
• Handcycles
• Attachable HC
• Upright HC
• Racing / Road HC
• All-Terrain HC
• Rowing / Other HC
• Misc HC

Rowing / Other HC Links - including lever, arm/leg combined, tandem etc

• Broken ABW Trike - (other hc - USA) All-Body Workout (ABW) arm/leg trike handcycle

• Broken Ambucs / AmTryke - (other hc - USA) click on AmTryke then AmTryke/catalogue or AmTryke Store for handcycles, trikes and arm/leg cycles. Also Broken grasping gloves

• Broken Armbike - (other hc - Sweden) rowing/lever action handcycles. Complete or wheelchair attachment

• Broken BerkelBike - (other hc - Netherlands) arm/leg powered machine or attachment. FES attachment allows people with no leg movement to pedal. Computer interfaced training software also available

• Broken Blue Team - (other hc - USA) all-terrain handcycle

• Broken Brazil handcycles - (other hc - Brazil) custom handcycles for Brazil

• Broken CanUgan - (other hc - Uganda) provides handcycles made from old bicycles. Also Broken Here

• Broken Champiot Armpower X - (other hc - USA) 3 and 4 wheeled arm powered rowing/lever action Champion Chariot vehicles. Also tandems and a water version

• Broken Forzer - (other hc) all terrain handcycle design by Marius Hjelmervik

• Broken Gomier - (other hc - Taiwan) arm/leg

• Broken Greenspeed - (other hc - Australia) GTHF arm/leg handcycle plus standard recumbent trikes

• Broken Hale Bikes - (other hc - USA) custom delta, tadpole, quadracycle, velomobile, arm, arm/leg etc but you'll have to hunt through the links for photos

• Broken Haverich - (other hc - USA) arm/leg

• Broken Bill Irvine - (other hc - USA) builds custom trikes, handcycles etc. Email wdirv67@cox.net

• Broken Kien Tuong Private Enterprises - (other hc - Vietnam) a basic 3 wheel lever drive rowing/lever action wheelchair with a steering wheel. Broken Video here. They also manufacture the Roughrider wheelchair which is a very good design for rough terrain. The design is from the non profit organization Broken Whirlwind Wheelchair International

• Broken Michael Koene - (other hc - Netherlands) Loopy Swing childs handcycle

• Broken Mission Cycles - (other hc - UK) arm/leg

• Broken Power Pumper - (other hc - USA) inexpensive 4-wheel rowing/lever action vehicle for kids. Arm/leg combined

• Broken ReActive Adaptations - (other hc - USA) all-terrain Bomber and Nuke handcycles. Also handcycle car rack, and handcycle work stand. Also see the Broken arm/leg tadpole trike wheelchair

• Broken Rehabilitation Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise - (other hc - Poland) lots of different and unique machines

• Broken Rock and Roll Cycles - (other hc) arm/leg cycles

• Broken Row-K - (other hc - Germany) a rowing trike

• Broken RowTrike - (other hc)

• Broken Rowingtrike - (other hc - Netherlands) Thijs, an arm/leg rowing trike is no longer listed

• Broken Ruder-Rad.de - (other hc - Germany) arm/leg bike design that could easily be adapted to other vehicles

• Broken Steintrike - (other hc - Serbia) full suspension all-terrain Tadpole trike handcycle with single rear wheel drive. Also handcycles and special adaptations for handicapped riders

• Broken Varna handcycles - (other hc - Canada) racing, upright and other handcycles. 2 & 3 wheel, arm & leg powered, tandems etc. The owner designed the "Varna Diablo" the "worlds fastest bicycle", which was powered by Sam Whittingham to 132.5km/h (82.33mph) on September 18, 2008

• Broken Wheelchair Bike - (other hc - USA) a front wheel Delta drive attachment for a wheelchair. 504-638-4702

• Handcycles
• Attachable HC
• Upright HC
• Racing / Road HC
• All-Terrain HC
• Rowing / Other HC
• Misc HC

Misc HC Links - including resources, retailers, links sites etc

• Broken 2 wheel handcycle - (misc hc) was sold by Mobility Engineering till they went under

• Broken 2Can - (misc hc - UK) recumbent tandem handcycle attachment, also arm/leg combined

• Broken 5d Wheelchair - (misc hc - USA) prototype

• Broken Air Free Tires - (misc hc - USA) airless tires. Rougher ride and lots of friction but you'll never get a flat

• Broken Angeles - (misc hc) handcycle and trikes for kids. Click on "Converto" and others

• Broken Assistive Designs - (misc hc) plans for homemade Handy Chair wheelchair with optional one arm drive. OBOW II handcycle. One hand gardening, One Arm Garden Wheelchair, GOW Beach Handychair for the beach and kayaking and more. Open source designs (free). Easy construction. I rate this site excellent. Videos  Broken Here

• Broken Assistive Handcycle - (misc hc) turn a trike into a rear drive handcycles

• Broken Atomic Zombie - (misc hc - USA) plans for trikes, quadracycles, handcycles, night vision viewer etc and their Broken Builders Forum

• Broken Attiva-mente - (misc hc - Italy) handcycle photo links

• Broken Bike arm/leg Video - (misc hc - Germany) prototype

• Broken Bike-on - (misc hc - USA) an excellent retailer for handcycles, recumbent trikes, wheelchairs, C5 and Ergo Lite handcycle grips and lots more

• Broken BikeAble - (misc hc) info on adaptive trikes, bikes and handcycles

• Broken Bionx - (misc hc - Canada) a very nice power assist that is widely used on handcycles. Just pedal and the power assist happens automatically

• Broken Brazil handcycles - (misc hc - Brazil) custom handcycles for Brazil. Also tandem, arm/leg

• Broken Concept Handcycle - (misc hc)

• Broken CONE - (misc HC) prototype attachable handcycle

• Broken Convert-O Bike - (misc hc - Netherlands) childs handcycle

• Broken Custom Handcycle - (hc misc - USA)

• Broken DINF (Disability INFormation Resource) - (misc hc - Japan) lever drive and handcycle designs for the 3rd world plus misc info from their Broken Home Page

• Broken DIY Handcycles - (misc hc)

• Broken DreamBike - (misc hc - Brazil)

• Broken Disabled Sports USA - (misc hc - USA)

• Broken Do It Yourself Handcycle - (misc hc - Canada) blog about building a carbon fibre handcycle at home

• Broken Econological - (misc HC - Canada) plans for a back pedal brake attachment and more

• Broken ELA - (misc hc) human power & bicycle portal - handcycle link

• Broken Fast Forward Ligfiesen - (misc hc - Netherlands) plans for a child's handcycle plus recumbent trikes

• Broken theFishnet.com - (misc hc) handcycling links

• Broken GHRC - (misc hc - South Africa) Gauteng Handcycle Racing Club with lots of info

• Broken Go-Ze Industries - (misc hc - USA) upright handcycle prototype

• Broken Group Ride - (misc hc - Canada) handcycle group ride in Victoria BC, Canada around Ring Road at UVIC on Thursdays at 6:00 in the summer (meet at the Stadium parking lot). Handcycle spin sessions during the winter please email for up to date info

• Broken Vladimir Halaburdas - (misc hc - Ukraine) homemade arm/leg floating velomobile

• Broken Handbike.de - (misc hc - Germany) lots of info

• Broken Handbike.org - (misc hc - Germany) click on pictures for lots of links

• Broken Handbiken.at links - (misc hc - Austria) from Broken Handbiken.at

• Broken Handbikesport.de - (misc hc - Germany) links to handbike website in different countries

• Broken Handcycle/Trike Blog - (misc hc - Slovenia)

• Broken Handcycle video promo - (misc hc)

• Broken HandBikeAmerica-Facebook - (misc hc - USA) custom handcycle modifications and other handcycle info. Unfortunately it is on Facebook so you will need an account. My apologies to those who don't have an account.

• Broken Handcycling UK - (misc hc - UK) used handcycles, links, info etc

• Broken Handcycleracing.com - (misc hc - USA) retailer and info on handcycling and other sports. Also connected to  Broken High Performance Mobility

• Broken Homemade Handcycle - (misc hc)

• Broken Homemade Handcycle - (misc hc)

• Broken i-wheel trainer - (misc hc - Netherlands) i-handbike indoor trainer software for handcycles and more

• Broken Bernd Jost - (misc hc - Germany) info on tetraplegeic handgrips for a handcycle

• Broken Living Made Easy - (misc hc - UK) advice on daily living

• Broken Making a handcycle - (misc hc - Czech Republic/Czechia)

• Broken MayaPedal.org - (misc hc - Guatemala) upright cargo handcycle, pedal powered equipment

• Broken Metareha.com - (misc hc - Germany) the search engine for people with disabilities - also handbike index

• Broken Molten Rock - (misc hc - UK) distributor for Stricker handcycles

• Broken Nevedac Center - (misc hc - India) upright handcycle from India. Also see their Broken Home Page

• Broken Outfit - (misc hc) mountain hand trike concept design

• Broken One Revolution - (misc hc - USA) Chris Waddell climbs Mount Kilimanjaro on a handcycle

• Broken Pacific Cycle Protypes - (misc hc - Taiwan) Scroll down for several different handcycles

• Broken Paul's Handcycling Diary - (misc hc - USA) list of handcyclists and other info

• Broken Power Assist - (misc hc - Canada) links and info for power assist

• Broken Proactiv Reha-Technik - (misc hc - Germany) handcycles and handcycle parts. Tetraplegic handgrips, shifters etc

• Broken Project Outfit - (misc hc) concept handcycle. See video Broken Here

• Broken Prototype - (misc hc) Delta recumbent handcycle. Click through photos for arm/leg trike and much more

• Broken QuadGrips - (misc hc - USA) handcycle quad hand grips

• Broken Rodem - (misc hc - Spain) reseller with lots of handcycle accessories

• Broken Sitski.com - (misc hc - USA) handcycle manufacturers list. Broken Home Page

• Broken Sky Wheel Blog - (misc HC - South Korea) lot of different trikes including arm/leg. Also see their  Broken YouTube Videos

• Broken Sturmey Archer 5-speed Reversing Hub - (misc hc - Taiwan) click on "Hubs", scroll down to "Gear Boxes/QS-RC5(W). An absolutely marvellous 5-speed internally geared hub with a 256% gear range, coaster brakes and a reverse gear. This hub started out as a standard hub but has been modified to act as a transmission hub (one chain in/one chain out) with a single reverse gear. I was told by the manufacturer that it wasn't suitable for lacing into a wheel but I thought differently and had it laced into a wheel with just a bit more effort.

Having a reverse gear is "extremely" important for most hemiplegics and very useful for most others but it seems accessibilty equipment manufacturers don't really get it. This hub could be easily mounted on most handcycles and some lever-drive machines but none of the manufacturers I've contacted have taken the hint.

It was almost impossibe for me to get to the crosswalk in time after pushing the walk button and this hub now makes it a breeze. It is also easy to do a 3-point turn when you don't have enough space to turn around in one shot or to back out when it's impossible to turn around. If you have the strength you may be able to back up steep hills if you have front wheel drive and the front wheel doesn't have enough traction to go forward

This hub isn't perfect and there are a few things you should be aware of:
- the hub is about 10mm wider than a regular hub at 139mm "Over Locknut" so forks have to be spread to fit
- to get the spokes into the non cog side you must loosen the reversing mechanism so the spokes fit in, or drill a dedicated spoke hole, or remove one of the securing bolts and reshape or drill the hole so the spokes can slide through
- the coaster brake must be used gently or you may damage the internal workings, no slamming on these brakes
- the coaster brake lever is shorter than standard so you'l have to rig a custom mount
- the coaster brake doesn't work properly when going uphill. You'll stop going forward but once you've stopped the coaster brake will force you backwards. You will need a separate brake system anyway so you can use it on hills
- use care if your drive system can unwind when the coaster brake is used (both the Greenspeed Anura and Hase Kwettwiesel can unwind). I have the  Broken Schlumpf Mtn Drive 2-speed front chainring which gives me 4 reverse gears plus a very impressive forward gear range of 640% with only 1 duplicate gear

• Broken T-10 Racer Concept - (misc hc)

• Broken Tacx - (misc hc) virtual reality trainers for bikes, handcycles etc

• Broken Tilting Handcycles - (misc hc)• Broken Tomahawk Prototype - (misc hc - USA) made by GM for veterans

• Broken Tricycle-Based Hand-Powered Wheelchair - (misc hc - USA) protoype and other designs

• Broken Trident Trikes - (misc hc - USA) 3 speed front chairing / bottom bracket

• Broken US Handcycling.org - (misc hc - USA)

• Broken Utah Trikes - (road hc - USA) custom tadpole tandem. Footpedal front, handcycle back

• Broken Velo Concept Handcycle - (misc hc)

• Broken Victoria Group Ride - (misc hc - Canada) handcycle group rides in Victoria BC, Canada around Ring Road, UVIC on Thursdays at 6:00 in the summer. Handcycle spin sessions during the winter please email for up to date info

• Broken Whirlwind International - (misc hc - USA) good wheelchair design for rough terrain

• Broken Whymcycles' photostream - (misc hc) tons of unique handycles, trikes, quadracycles

• Broken Worksman Cycles - (misc hc - USA) retailer for handcycles, recumbent trikes and more

• Broken Yahoo - (misc hc) handcycle forum

• Broken Zzip Designs - (misc hc - USA) Zziper fairings


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Trikes - Quadracycles - 4-wheelers

Joyrider --- VeryEco

If you can't ride a bicycle then maybe a trike or quadracycle will suit you. I have owned Delta style recumbent trikes (2 wheels back, one front) from Broken Hase (Germany), Broken Greenspeed (Australia) and Broken Trailmate (USA). I miss my bicycle but my Hase Kettwiesel trike is a very good ride. Lots of people choose trikes over bikes for a variety of reasons.

I know very little about Quadracycles (4-wheelers) but they are very popular. Some say they are more stable while others contend that trikes are more stable (on uneven surfaces a trike has all it's wheels on the ground while 4-wheelers will usually lift one wheel).

Velomobiles are simply fully enclosed 2, 3 or 4-wheelers and offer protection against wind, rain and cold. The enclosure adds weight but they are capable of high speeds, until you start going uphill. I have no experience with Velomobiles but I'm sure some designs would be appropriate for certain handicaps. There were many days I could not get out on my trike due to the lousy weather and a Velomobile or fairing may be the answer.

A few things to consider about trikes:
---- the Delta design has 2 wheels back and 1 wheel front. Seats are usually higher on Delta trikes. Most Deltas have a tighter turning radius than tadpoles, good for manuevering through gates etc.
---- the Tadpole design has 1 wheel back and 2 wheels front. Seats are usually lower on Tadpole trikes although they are making Tadpoles with higher seats. Most have a wider turning radius than a Delta.
---- we believe that a properly designed recumbent Delta with a high seat is more stable than a recumbent Tadpole with the same height seat. Why, because the stabilizing double wheels of a Tadpole support less of the riders weight than the stabilizing double wheels of a Delta. Or from a different context, the unstable single wheel of a Tadpole supports more weight than the unstable single wheel of a Delta. Most Delta trikes have the seat too far foward and put too much weight on the single front wheel reducing some of that advantage. The Hase Kettwiesel puts the seat very close to the rear wheels and is a very stable Delta.
---- under heavy braking a Tadpole trike relies mainly on the front wheels. They have tremendous stopping power although the trike can tip forward under extreme conditions. If you tip forward simply reduce pressure on the brake lever(s). A well designed Tadpole trike will steer straight under sever braking (unless the wheels are turned then you risk flipping over).
---- under hard braking a Delta trike relies on the front and rear wheels, although some Deltas comes standard with rear brakes only. The rear wheels don't have as much braking power as the front wheel but under panic braking you must keep the front wheel pointing straight ahead or risk flipping over.
---- under certain conditions trikes are more stable than 2 wheelers (slow speeds, slippery conditions etc). They can also be less stable (fast cornering, steep side slopes etc).
---- for missing potholes, glass etc a trike has three contact points to worry about. When going straight a bicycle has one, a quadracycle has two.
---- you can go extremely slow (or stop) without any problem. You can set the gearing as low as you need without fear of falling over
---- a wide gear ratio is essential if you want to climb steep hills and have a decent speed on the flat (a few machines only have one gear). If you need extremely low gearing look at the Broken Schlumpf Mountain Drive (Switzerland) 2-speed bottom bracket.
---- Broken Internally geared hubs allow shifting while stopped and gives more ground clearance. Some models have an extremely wide range of gears. Make sure you can operate the shifter. New models from Broken Sturmey-Archer (Taiwan) have 3 and 5-speed gearbox-hubs with reverse, fixed gear 3-speed hubs and more. In my opinion reverse gearing is very important and more manufacturers should offer their machines with a reverse hub.
---- most Delta trikes only use one rear wheel to apply power. When climbing a steep hill the single wheel drive Delta trike may want to pull sideways. Consider getting a rear differential if you plan on climbing steep hills with a Delta.
---- if riding off-road with a Delta trike consider getting a rear differential that will supply power to both wheels under all conditions (positraction via sprag clutch etc). Under tough conditions a single wheel drive Delta may not have enough traction and a regular differential will transfer most or all power to the wheel that has lost traction.
---- do not let your feet fall off the pedals when you are at speed, it will be catastrophic as your feet can whip under the seat and break or get ground away. I have used Time Atac pedals and Crank Bros clipless pedals and like the way they work. There is no spring adjustment, they float and release when the foot is at a specific position. Some of you may require pedals that don't float and keep the feet/heel in the proper position. There are hundreds of different systems out there, make sure they work for your pedalling style and that they will not release prematurely.
---- if you only have one good hand consider using a Broken Dual Pull Brake Lever that operates both brakes on a single lever. These Pyramid levers automatically apply even pull to each brake, even if the brake cables are not adjusted evenly. There are also cable splitters and other dual levers that work well but both cables must be adjusted evenly to keep the brakes in balance DIA COMP TECH77W DUAL PULL levers available Broken Here. You may have to search for "dual lever"

My Greenspeed Anura manual scooter with reverse (1st photo is without conversion)

The Broken Greenspeed Anura makes a good manual scooter. I put a cane holder on it and use it mainly for getting around on the sidewalk. I really need a reverse gear and I wish more manufacturers would include this hub as an option. I got my Anura customised with Sturmey-Archer QS-RC5(W) 5-speed reversing hub. Proper chain tension is very important on machines with a fixed chain length and the adjustment procedure on the customized Anura is very slick. Loosen a couple of bolts and you can screw adjust the chain tension to adjust for wear or change of pedal reach. Now that the Anura has a reverse I plan on mounting a snow shovel up front so I can clear the sidewalk if we get snow. Like most other delta trikes the seat of the Anura is a bit forward of the rear wheels when compared to the Kettwiesel which puts more weight on the front wheel which will help steering while pushing the snow around. Zap straps through the spokes should act like chains and give enough rear wheel traction. My right hand has to be strapped in so I've installed a handgrip that has a built in bar-end that will stop my hand from sliding down. The bar end is a protruding too much so I'll get the hacksaw out and trim it down a bit.

• Broken Outrider USA - (tadpole - USA) Was FFR trikes. Also an adaptive trikes with hand or foot

Trike / Quadracycle / 4-Wheeler Links

• Broken Murray's Trike Links - our site with more trike and quadracycle links than you can shake a stick at. Also see the sites by
Broken Randy Swart - one of the best trike links sites. Well organized with good descriptions. Also one of the best quadracycle links sites
Broken Trike Asylum by Steve Green - one of the best info sites on the recumbent tadpole tricycle


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- Safety Lights, Safety Supplies and Batteries -
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Lights - Safety

Light Man - Airbag Helmet - LightMan - Missing

It is very important to be safe while you are outside. I've bashed my head quite badly falling off the sidewalk while riding my handcycle and I now always wear a helmet. It can also be a good idea to wear one while riding a standard wheelchair or power chair but unfortunately most of us would feel a bit goofy.

Using a light at night is a no brainer but using daytime running lights can be just as valuable. Flags and bright clothing are also a very good idea and mirrors (helmet or other) let you see what's coming from behind.

You may have spotted cyclists wearing clothing that would even embarrass a bingo hall queen. You may be tempted to have a good laugh but there is valid reason ie they are easy to see therefore harder to accidently hit. Generally motorist do not try to hit cyclists, so being seen is a good thing.

We used to have a list of powerful lights but almost any bike store can now supply super bright lights for day or night

Lights, Safety Supplies, Equipment and Info

• Broken AirZound - (lights/safety - USA) loud rechargeable air horn

• Broken Anvii - (lights/safety - Taiwan) wheel lights that can generate graphics

• Broken Autolumination - (lights/safety - USA) LED lights galore that could be adapted as whip lights. Lots more

• Broken Bicycle Accident Prevention - (lights/safety) Avoiding 12 most common types of bicycle/vehicle collisions. Animated examples of typical accidents and possible prevention

• Broken BicycleLighting.com - (lights/safety - USA) lots of lighting links

• Broken BicycleSafe - (lights/safety - USA) "Ten Ways to Not Get Hit". If you ride on the street read this

• Broken Bike Flags USA - (lights/safety - USA)

• Broken BudBrake - (lights/safety - USA) some sort of brake modulator that balances front/rear braking. BudBrake claims to make braking safer but I haven't seen any tests

• Broken CycleAware - (lights/safety - USA) "ViewPoint" lens mirror and more

• Broken Cycling Mirrors - (lights/safety) reviews on cycling mirrors from the IceBike site

• Broken Deal Extreme - (lights/safety - Hong Kong) powerful headlights, bike lights, wheel lights, bike alarms etc at good prices (check plug style - you may need an adapter plug). Similar items at Broken BestOfferBuy,  Broken Bang Good and Broken NewFrog

• Broken Ebikes.ca - (lights/safety - Canada) Waterproof LED Lights with 15-100V input range

• Broken Fly6 - Fly 12 - (lights/safety - USA) bike camera with light

New January 26, 2018
• Broken The Geeky Cyclist - Bicycle safety - (lights/safety) also light reviews and other cycling info

• Broken Glo Glov - (lights/safety - USA) reflective cycling gloves

• Broken Hokey Spokes - (lights/safety - USA) wheel lights that can generate graphics

• Broken KitesOnline - (lights/safety - USA) all kinds of flags and banners

• Broken LEDTronics - (lights/safety - USA) Safety Vest with flashing red LED's and other lights

• Broken Lifejacket-Adapted - (lights/safety - Canada) lifejackets for disabled people

• Broken Loud Cycle Horn - (lights/safety - USA)

• Broken Magicshine - (lights/safety - China) manufacturer?

• Broken Magnic Light - (lights/safety - Germany) head light and tail light uses no battery or dynamo

• Broken Mikes Headlight Links - (lights/safety - USA)lots of manufacturer and info links

• Broken Mirrycle - (lights/safety - USA) mirrors and bells that mount on brake levers, handlebars etc

• Broken Monkey Lights - (lights/safety - USA) wheel lights that can generate graphics

• Broken Monkey Mirrors - (lights/safety - USA)

• Broken mtbr - (lights/safety - USA) MtbReview. Reviews on bikes and accessories. Excellent light reviews  Broken Here

• Broken Orp Horn - (lights/safety - USA) loud cycle horn. Dual-tone bike horn & beacon light

• Broken Police Lightz - (lights/safety - USA) very good prices on some bright lights

• Broken Reelight - (lights/safety - Denmark) battery free day/night running lights

• Broken Revolights - (lights/safety - USA) wheel lights

• Broken Rideye - (lights/safety - USA) bike camera with long life battery

• Broken Rimfire - (lights/safety) wheel lights

• Broken Safety Flag - (lights/safety - USA) from Be Seen Wear. Florescent green and orange with reflection. I use this flag

• Broken Schmidt SON - (lights/safety - Germany) generator hub is extremely efficient and always on your bike. Very little drag when not drawing power. Dynamo hubs from Broken Shimano (Japan) cost less but have more drag. The tire driven dynamo from Broken Busch & Müller KG (Germany) has an efficiency of 40% for the DYMOTEC 6 and 70% for the DYMOTEC S12. Information on these systems available at Broken Peter White Cycles (USA)

• Broken Shengli-Spring - (lights/safety - Taiwan) dynamo wheel light

• Broken Spoke POV - (lights/safety - USA) wheel lights that can generate graphics.

• Broken Spylamp - (lights/safety) wheelchair GPS tracker disguised as a functioning tail light. Tracks stolen vehicles

• Broken Volcanic - (lights/safety - USA) BikeLight X, self powered wheel lights


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These resource centers are a wealth of information. We have also included mobility magazines, blogs, search engines, translators etc. Mostly not for profit sites.

• Broken Abilities.ca - ces - Canada) this website is an opportunity for people with disabilities and the broader community to engage in dialogue around issues that matter to all of us. Also Abiities magazine

• Broken Ability Magazine - (resources - USA) is a publication crossing celebrity journalism with disability awareness

• Broken ABLEDATA - (resources - USA) equipment sources, assistive technology information

• Broken Access to Recreation Inc - (resources - USA)

• Broken Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability - (resources - Canada) resources and links

• Broken Adaptive Outdoor Adventure - (resources - Canada) adaptive outdoor programas for paddling, hiking, cycling and BC Blind Sports Tandem Cycling

• Broken AdaptiveSportsForum.com - (resources) New February 21, 2018
• Broken Addiction Treatment Centers for the Physically and Mentally Disabled - (resources - USA)

• Broken Adventure Cycling - (resources - USA) info/forum on traveling by cycle (bi, tri, hand - cycle etc)

• Broken APDK - Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya - (resources - Kenya) wheelchairs, handcycles and more

• Broken Apparelyzed - (resources - UK) Spinal Cord Injury Peer Support, wheelchair guide, disability classifieds

• Broken Assistive Designs - (resources) plans for homemade Handy Chair wheelchair with optional one arm drive. OBOW II handcycle. One hand gardening, One Arm Garden Wheelchair, GOW Beach Handychair for the beach and kayaking and more. Open source designs (free). Easy construction. I rate this site excellent. Videos  Broken Here

• Broken AssistiveTechnolgy.net - (resources - USA) - an encyclopedia on assistive technology that anyone can edit

• Broken ATWiki - (resources - USA)

• Broken Bed Sore FAQ - (resources - USA) all you need to know about preventing and treating bed sores

• Broken Benficial Designs - (resources - USA) Improving access for people of all abilities

• Broken BikeAbility Wales - (resources - UK) lots of hancycles, trikes etc for rent

• Broken Bicycle Accident Prevention - (resources) Avoiding 12 most common types of bicycle/vehicle collisions. Animated examples of typical accidents and possible prevention

• Broken BikeAble - (resources) info on adaptive trikes, bikes and handcycles

• Broken Bing Search Engine - (resources) an excellent search engine

• Broken CanAssist - (resources - Canada) special needs assistance for anyone through the University of Victoria

• Broken CareCure Community - (resources) info and forums on SCI Care and SCI Cure

• Broken Challenged Athletes Foundation - (resources - USA) - provides opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics

• Broken Coach Levi - (resources - USA) tons of cycling info. Current page on "The Dreaded Dropped Chain - And How to Prevent It!"

• Broken Cyclorama.net - (resources - UK) on-line exhibition space for specialised cycling/handcycle products

• Broken d-ability.org - (resources) is a place to explore and learn more about life's possibilities following a disabling injury or illness

• Broken Determined2Heal - (resources - USA) simplifying life with a spinal cord injury

• Broken disAbility Information and Resources - (resources)

• Broken Disabilities-Online - (resources) links

• Broken Disability-Resource - (resources - USA) wheelchair list, also accessories list and more

• Broken Disabled Gear - (resources - UK) new products and free adds for used disability equipment for the UK only

• Broken Disabled Sports USA - (resources - USA) resources and info

• Broken Disabledonline.com - (resources - USA) resources

• Broken Disaboom.com - (resources - USA) information and resources for people with disabilities

• Broken EHF - EHC - (resources - Europe) European Handcycling Federation, European Handbike Circuit

• Broken eHow - (resources) How to Use a Handcycle: Video Series. You can also look up lots more

• Broken ELA - (resources) human power & bicycle portal - handcycle link

• Broken Extreme Chairing - (resources - USA) extreme handicapped sports

• Broken Free Patents Online - (resources) tons of info, just do a word search such as "lever drive"

• Broken FSCIP - (resources - USA) spinal cord injury links

• Broken Gizmag - (resources) a great resource site for new technology

• Broken Global Crisis Solution Center - (resources - Israel) lots of info

• Broken Handbike - (resources - Netherlands) sources

• Broken Handbike.blogspot.ca - (resources hc)

• Broken Handcycling Singapore - (resources - Singapore) info on Classifications for Competitive Handcycling

• Broken Handcycling.nl - (resources - Netherlands)

• Broken Handicap Help - (resources - USA) a website that contains simple ideas and tools for that are either inexpensive to purchase or cost little to make. You can also ask questions. Good links

• Broken Hostel Shoppe - (resources - USA) one of the biggest recumbent trike retailers. Lots of good info

• Broken How to Adapt - (resources - USA) info and links on ? (you guessed it)

• Broken Instructables.com - (resources - USA) instructions on how to make a fairing. Do a search for anything else you would like to build

• Broken International Bicycle Fund - IBike.org - (resources) the International Bicycle Fund is an independent, non-profit organization (501(c)3) (Fed ID # 91-1286223). Its primary purpose is to promote bicycle transportation. Tons of links on trikes, quardacycles, handcycles, trailers, etc etc

• Broken Machines for Freedom - (resources) links

• Broken MadeGood - (Resources) free Cycle Maintenance Tutorials. Video and illustrated info. Also news, reviews, current affairs and interviews from the world’s cycling community

• Broken Maonarodablog - (resources - Brazil) blog/info/links in Portugese

• Broken Maonarodablog - (resources - Brazil) blog/info/links in Portugese

• Broken Medicaid Requirements - Senior Planning - (resources - USA) state by state eligibility requirements for Medicaid/USA

• Broken Mobility RERC - (resources - USA) lots of projects and info including wheelchair in-hub brakes, motors and more

• Broken  Mobility Without Borders - (resources - USA) advancing the quality of life for children with disabilities

• Broken Motivation - (resources - UK) supports people with mobility disabilities around the world

• Broken Mouth Magazine - (resources - USA) a disability rights-oriented magazine

• Broken NARIC - (resources - USA) National Rehabilitation Information Center

• Broken NCA - (resources - USA) National Center on Accessibility

• Broken NCPAD.org - (resources - USA) The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability. Equipment index, where to buy.

• Broken NeuroAssistance.org - (resources - USA)

• Broken New Mobility - (resources - USA) the magazine for active wheelchair users with links

• Broken Northeast Passage - (resources - USA) resource links for all different sports. They also have equipment rentals and sports programs

• Broken Online Colleges Suitable for Someone with a Disability - USA - (resources - USA)

• Broken Outdoorsforall Foundation - (resources - USA) accessible outdoor program including cycling, skiing, snowboarding, kyaking, rock climbing, rafting, hiking, water sports etc. Based in Seattle, WA but serves a large area including Canada

• Broken Paralyzed Veterans of America - (resources - USA) some valuable info and resources

• Broken PET - (resources - USA) Personal Energy Transportation's mission is to provide appropriate mobility for people in need. Hand cranked vehicles

• Broken PN (Paraplegia News) - (resources - USA) is a magazine for service veterans with disabilities, and for anyone who uses a wheelchair

• Broken Powerchair-Review - (resources - UK) also a bit on manual wheelchairs

• Broken The Christopher Reeve Foundation - (resources - USA)

• Broken RehabTool.com - (resources - USA) resources

• Broken ROC Wheels - (resources - USA) ROC (Reach Out and Care) Mission is to mobilize people with disabilities in developing countries

• Broken Rolling Grains - (resources) dialogue on travel, disability and universal design

• Broken SCI Therapies - (resources - Iceland) SCI resources, New and Emerging Therapies list

• Broken SCIRE - (resources - Canada) Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence

• Broken SportsAbilities - (resources - USA) activities and links  Broken Thefind.com - (resources) you can search for a multitude of different items (current search - drop-foot splint)

• Broken Tetra Society - (resources - Canada) Tetra recruits skilled volunteers - engineers and technicians - to create assistive devices for people with specific needs that cannot be met by commercial items

• Broken The Spinal Cord Injury Zone - (resources) The Spinal Cord Injury Zone is a not-for-profit Spinal Cord Injury educational Knowledge Base. The mission is to provide reliable News on Spinal Cord Injury related issues

• Broken Sports 'n Spokes - (resources - USA) an excellent monthly sports magazine for persons with a disability.

• Broken Stem Cell Therapy - (resources) by Dr Geeta Shiroff

• Broken Translater - (resources) from Google. Web pages and text. Our favorite

• Broken TrendHunter - (resources - Canada) interesting wheelchair designs. Can search for other items. A great resource site for new technology

• Broken USA TechGuide - (resources - USA) equipment reviews, excellent links page

• Broken VeloVision Magazine - (resources - UK) with excellent searchable articles

• Broken WAPD - (resources) disability resources & information

• Broken  Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports USA - (resources - USA)

• Broken Wheelchair Pride - (resoures) blog about disability rights, wheelchairs, exoskeletons and technology which improves the lives wheelchair users

• Broken WheelchairDriver.com - (resources - USA) The only place on the web for real world, accirate, informed info on Electric wheelchairs (powechairs), batteries, chargers & powerchair design!

• Broken Wheelchairnet.org - (resources - USA) lots of links and info

• Broken TheWheelchairSite.com - (resources) Independent Consumers Guide to Wheelchairs, Scooters & Accessories

• Broken Wheelin' Sportsman NWTF - (resources - USA) provides people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. Also see their Broken Excellent Links Page

• Broken WheelPower - (resources - UK) operates "Wheel Appeal" which funds manual sports wheelchairs, handcycles and ice hockey sledges. They are located in the UK but I'm not sure who can apply for funding. They also are involved with many other wheelchair sports such as Archery, Bowls, Fencing, Shooting etc etc. Lot of information, links to associations, calendar of sporting events etc

• Broken Wheels For Wellbeing - (resources - UK) info and links for self powered accessible wheeled transport

• Broken World Team Sports - (resources - USA) organizes all kinds of athletic events for disabled and able bodied citizens


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UPS Warning - If you live in Canada you may have to get items shipped from the USA into Canada. Be aware that UPS has unreasonable brokerage charges for clearing most items into Canada, even if the item is sent to you free of charge and/or no taxes or duty are owing. They base the brokerage charge on the value of the item then add another charge if you don't have an account and another charge if you don't pre authorize any amount they decide you owe.

I believe that UPS intentionally rips Canadians off with these charges so they can artificially lower the cost for their US shippers and take business away from firms who charge more shipping but don't have as many customs charges. I believe UPS has taken a large amount of business away from other shipping companies because of the low prices allowed by this rip off and now some of them have been forced to follow suit. A recent development now lets you clear UPS customs locally even if the goods are stored in another Canadian city. I just saved over $100 clearing the latest item myself.

• Broken 3M 2242 - (misc - USA) inexpensive grip tape

• Broken a2extreme - (misc) retailer with lots of outdoor equipment that could apply to the disabled

• Broken Able2Wear - (misc - UK) adaptive clothing for disabled people and wheelchair users of all ages

• Broken Access to Recreation - (misc - USA) lots of different gloves and grasping gloves

• Broken Active Hands - (misc - UK) grasping glove and looped exercise aid

• Broken Active Forever - (misc - USA) retailer for Medical Supplies, Safety Equipment & Innovative Health Products

• Broken adaptive brake controls for disable riders - (misc)

• Broken Adaptive Mall - (misc - USA) retailer with a wide selection of walk trainers from different manufacturers, trikes and much more

• Broken The Alinker - (misc - Netherlands) running trike

• Broken Alpaca Carriers - (misc - USA) trike/handcycle car racks

• Broken Ambucs / AmTryke - (misc - USA) grasping gloves and arm/leg trikes

• Broken APT - (misc - Israel) Active Passive Trainer (arm and/or leg) and attendant wheelchair assist

• Broken Armon Products - (misc - Netherlands) arm support aids

• Broken Atoc - (misc - USA) Draftmaster trike/handcycle car rack

• Broken Atomic Zombie - (misc - USA) plans for trikes, quadracycles, handcycles, night vision viewer etc and their Broken Builders Forum

• Broken Bak-Rak - (misc - UK) trike/handcycle car rack

• Broken Be Adaptive - (misc - USA) adaptive shooting, hunting and fishing aids

• Broken Bike Nashbar - (misc - USA) low cost online bike supplies

• Broken Bike-On - (misc - USA) retailer for handcycles, trikes, grasping gloves etc

• Broken Bindependent - (misc - USA) self-care and dressing aids

• Broken Bow Rest and Holder - (misc - USA)

• Broken Boygen Bicycle Studio - (misc - Poland) custom handcycle/trikes of all types

• Broken Bromakin - (misc - UK) UK dealer for Berkel, Speedy and more

• Broken Cardon Rehab - (misc - Canada) the best wall pulleys around. Other therapeutic exercise equipment

• Broken Castelli / CastMetal - (misc - Chile) trailrider

• Broken CompuTrainer - (misc hc - USA) computerized training system for bikes, trikes and handcycles

• Broken Creating ability - (misc - USA) paddle holder

• Broken Cross Wheel 2 - (misc - Switzerland) 3rd wheel attachment

• Broken Cycle Simplex - (misc - USA) trike/handcycle car rack

• Broken Diestco - (misc - USA) wheelchair canopies, equipment holders, bags etc

• Broken Disco Brakes - (misc) very good prices on bicycle disc brake pads, rotors, brake hardware etc. Free shipping worldwide

• Broken Dog Powered Scooter - (misc - USA) dog power assist

• Broken Draw-Loc - (misc - USA) a compound bow for people with limited strength. Videos Broken Here and Broken Here

• Broken Easyload Ramp System - (misc - USA) loading system for trikes etc

• Broken ElliptiGo - (misc - USA) an elliptical trainer configured as a bicycle

• Broken Enabling Devices - (misc - USA) retailer

• Broken Enabling Technologies - (misc - USA) crutches, outriggers, Bi-Unique Bi-Skis

• Broken Ergon handlebar grips - (misc - Germany)

• Broken ERGYS - (misc - USA) FES stationary cycling

• Broken ERW Energy Return Wheel - (misc - USA) airless tires with very low rolling resistance

• Broken Essentialaids.com - (misc - UK) daily living aids online store

• Broken Even Par Enterprises, Inc - (misc - USA) Lend-a-Hand attachment helps provide additional arm support. Can be used instead of a grasping glove

• Broken Ex N Flex - (misc - Canada) Active Passive Trainer, arm/leg exercise machine

• Broken Fairfield Bicycle Shop - (misc - Canada) this bike/trike shop in Vitoria has done two reversing hub conversions for me. Their Anura conversion is absolutely brilliant.

• Broken Field Carts - (misc - USA) 3 different models of carts that could be useful as a wheelchair for harvesting, working in gardens etc

• Broken Fist Grip Cuff - (misc - USA) grasping glove

• Broken Flaghouse.ca - (misc - Canada) a global special needs equipment supplier based in Canada

• Broken Flexiciser - (misc - USA) arm/leg exerciser. Passive and active. Also the FlexiGrip grasping glove

• Broken Flexsun - (misc - Spain) canopy

• Broken Fly Ability - (misc - UK) paragliding wheelchair

• Broken Fore-Thought Design - (misc - USA) designs for lever drive, one hand steering wheelchair

• Broken Frank Mobility - (misc - USA) sells Emotion power assist wheel and other products

• Broken Freedom Concepts - (misc - Canada) a whole range of unique accessible trikes, walking/running trikes, handcycles, grasping gloves

• Broken Freedom Factory - (misc - USA) assisted skiing

• Broken G-Boxx.com - (misc - Germany) 7-speed front chainring and belt drive

• Broken Giger MD - (misc - Switzerland) advanced locomotion therapy machines in horizontal and vertical positions

• Broken Global Lift - (misc - USA) pool lifts

• Broken Green Tyre - (misc - UK) airless tires

• Broken Hammer Schlemmer - (misc - USA) hand exerciser and a  Broken Forearm Exerciser

• Broken Heel Sling - (misc - USA) keeps feet on the pedals

• Broken Heel Sling - Homemade - (misc)

• Broken HighPath Engineering - (misc - UK) swing cranks for limited motion knees, pedal extenders etc

• Broken Higley Metals - (misc - USA) wheelchair rocking chair attachment. Also special needs trikes

• Broken Hitch Rider - (misc - USA) trike/handcycle car rack

• Broken Holywood Racks - (misc - USA) trike/handcycle car racks

• Broken Homemade Recumbent Trike Roof Rack - (misc - USA) car rack for easy loading and unloading

• Broken Human Powered Generator - (misc - USA) get exercise from a stationary handcycle or bike and generate electricity

• Broken Huri - (misc - Belgium) tow bars

• Broken I-wheeltrainer - (misc - Netherlands) i-handbike gaming trainer

• Broken Idea Grasping Glove - (misc - USA)

• Broken Internally Geared Hubs - (misc) from Broken NuVinci (USA), Broken Boris Frolov - (Russia), Broken Rohloff (Germany), Broken Shimano (Japan), Broken SRAM/Sachs (USA) and Broken Sturmey-Archer (Taiwan)

• Broken Jaeco Orthopedic - (misc - USA) arm support aids

• Broken Joe's No-Flats - (misc - Israel) sealants, tubes etc

• Broken Kayak Zak's - (misc - USA) adaptive kayaking hints

• Broken Ken's Power Caster - (misc - USA)

• Broken Kenda American Airless - (misc - USA) airless tires

• Broken KrazyDad - (misc - USA) Sudoku, Kakuro, Inky etc. Tons of downloadable puzzles to keep your mind active. If you want to do puzzles on your computer just do a Google search

• Broken Kreuzotter.de - (misc - Germany) calculators for Speed&Power, Cadence, Steering Geometry, SpokeLength, Pedal KickBack and Suspension

• Broken Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil - (misc - Japan) made by Uni Ball/Mitsubishi, sold by Walmart, Staples, Target  Broken JetPens.com and many others. In my opinion this is the best mechanical pencil available and is especially useful for someone with limited dexterity. It rotates the lead for more consistant writing, no more sharp lead wedges that catch in the paper and break off. I prefer the Kuru 0.7mm for everyday use (similar line width as a 0.5mm non rotating pencil) as it is darker, feels smoother, lasts longer and is much stronger than the Kuru 0.5mm and 0.3mm sizes. I reserve the 0.3mm size for extra fine work. My son prefers the 0.5mm Kuru for everyday use. The more expensive Kuru Roulette model has a knurled metal casing and a bit more heft that some may prefer but it is only available in 0.5mm.

Once the lead clears the advance mechanism and stops rotating make sure you immediately advance a new lead and push the remnant (about 15.5mm long) completely through the pencil, especially in the 0.3mm and 0.5mm sizes. If you don't remove the remnant the new lead coming up behind may break off and clog the tip. The tip can easily be unscrewed for cleaning and the black lead quide pulled off if necessary. On reassembly make sure you tighten the tip properly, mine unscrewed itself and I almost lost it. To use up those small pieces I have used the Papermate Infinite pencil which works okay but they tend to jam if the leads are of low quality or if you load leads less than 10mm long. I was going to use the Papermate HB leads in the Kuru but they are extremely hard (similar to Pentel 2H) and they feel scratchy when writing. I have used my Kuru Toga with longer 90mm and even 120mm leads but you can only use one long lead at a time, you may have to leave the eraser off to completely load the 120mm lead but it can be replaced once the lead is completely loaded. The Platinum OLEeNu is even better than the Infinite at using up the lead but is only available in 0.5mm. I've just found the Studio Auto-Matic 0.5mm pencil at the dollar store that is very good at using up short bits, automatically advances the lead and comes with 1dz 2B leads (75mm long). Quite a deal for $1. Unfotunately I'm really dissapointed when using a regular mechanical pencil. I'm just going to bite the bullet and use the Kuru for everything and forget about using up those little bits of lead.

The Kuru writes a sligthy thinner line than the same size non rotating pencil. With any mechanical pencil you can increase or decrease the line thickness and darkness by changing the hardness (9B softest to 10H hardest). My 0.5mm Kuru using a 6B lead writes thicker and darker than my 0.7mm Kuru using an HB lead. The thicker lead last much longer and is stronger so my preference is to go with the thicker lead. Uni leads are ever so slightly softer than many other brands. Your cheapest option for replacement leads may be a Dollar Store, I can get 144 Kamset 0.7mm HB leads for $1.50 but they are very weak, especially in the 0.5mm size. I can get 60 Kuromi 0.5mm B leads from another Dollar Store for $1.50 and they are okay in strength and hardness. Walmart has good prices on high quality Pentel leads. I would like to see them make a 0.9mm Kuru as the rotating mechanism would keep the line width quite narrow and the lead would be super strong and last forever (almost).

The Uni Nano Dia leads are claimed to be "Diamond Infused" with nano diamonds. Thay may be true but I suspect it probably means that the graphite is mixed with carbon black which is the raw material for making diamonds. Uni used to call their leads GRCT - Graphite Reinforced Carbon Technology. Carbon will make the line slightly blacker than graphite alone (funny thing though, graphite is carbon).

For me the only real drawback to this pencil is that it doesn't really have an eraser, the itsy bitsy teenie weenie eraser is for emergency use only (don't lose the cap if you use the eraser). It also has a very small lead storage capacity but that may be due to the revolving machanism (more than 3 x 0.7mm leads and it won't automatically feed in a new lead) but it's easy enough to load in new leads.

There is information on Broken YouTube on how to open, take apart or disassemble the Kuru Toga pencil. Use extreme caution when pushing off the pocket clip end as some of the newer ones may be glued on and you will damage the internal mechanism if you try pusing it off from the tip end. You could try forcing the clip end off by putting a thin piece of steel under the clip and hitting the steel with a small hammer. If it comes off easily you're home free. If it doesn't then you could try a sledge hammer (at your own risk).

• Broken Lace-amatic - (misc - google search) put on and take off laced shoes without retying the laces

• Broken Laptop Laidback - (misc - Canada) laptop holder for bed, chair, table etc

• Broken Lee-Healey - (misc - UK) airless tires

• Broken Life With Ease - (misc - USA) retailer for tons of mobility aids

• Broken Lock-a-Draw - (misc - USA) keeps bow cocked

• Broken Loopwheels - (misc - UK) suspension wheels

• Broken LW Grip Gloves - (misc - USA) grasping gloves

• Broken Medical Goods Inc - (misc - USA)

• Broken Mobility Basics - (misc - Canada) lots of info

• Broken MobilityMount.com - (misc - USA) shopping, laptop, umbrella, camera, fishing rod etc wheelchair mounts from ADVentures Adaptive Designs

• Broken Mobilizr - (misc - USA) torso support system for wheelchair & scooter users. Restraining harness

• Broken Motomed Viva 2 - (misc - Germany) FES stationary cycling. Also supine position stationary cycling

• Broken Move Adapted Fitness - (misc - Canada) a very nice non profit gym in Victoria, BC, Canada geared for people with physical disabilities. An excellent facility at a good price

• Broken Move With Freedom Inc - (misc - USA) Morphing Handcycle design

• Broken Neater Solutions - (misc - UK) one armed wheelchair with foot steering, eating aids, arm support aids

• Broken Nubrella - (misc - USA) a dorky looking umbrella/canopy for your head

• Broken Oak Bay Bicycles - (misc - Canada) I have purchased two trikes from this wonderful bike shop in Victoria and use them for repairs, maintenance and supplies

• Broken Off Carr - (misc - Italy) ski wheelchair

• Broken Out-Front - (misc - USA) "Natural-Fit" wheelchair rim, "GameCycle" video game handcycle exercise machine, "SmartWheel" diagnostic system for wheelchair wheels

• Broken Patterson Transmission - (misc - USA) 2 speed front chainring similar to the Schlumpf. 1:1 and 1.6:1

• Broken Pedaling.com - (misc) established in 2000 to bring great cycling routes to recreational and avid cyclists

• Broken Pinon - (misc - Germany) internal geared bottom bracketgeared bottom bracket. Up to 18 gears - 636% gear range, single chainring

• Broken Powerball - (misc - USA) Powerball Fitness Gyros

• Broken Promax - (misc - Taiwan) double pull brake levers

• Broken Pullin Archery - (misc - USA) adaptive archery

• Broken QBike - (misc - USA) searches for the best prices from 35 online bike stores. Also through Broken BestBikeBuys (USA)

• Broken Quadriciser - (misc - USA) exercise system for quads (tetraplegics)

• Broken QuadTools - (misc - USA) the Cripper reacher/gripper for quadriplegics (tetraplegics)

• Broken Quest88 - (misc - UK) equipment for walking, running, cycling etc

• Broken RailBike - (misc - USA) recumbent for use on rails. Single, double, multi seat and cargo

• Broken RainLegs - (misc - Netherlands) rain cover for thighs

• Broken RecumbentRagTops.net - (misc - USA) rain cover

• Broken RehaBike - (misc - Germany) an FES (functional electrical stim) trike from HasoMed. Based on the Hase Lepus Broken Home page

• Broken ReJoyce - (misc - Canada) At-Home Rehabilitation for your hand and arm from Rehabtronics

• Broken Restorative Therapies - (misc - USA) FES cycling, walking and more

• Broken Reverse Gear - (misc - Canada) recumbent cycling clothes

• Broken  Rifton Tram - (misc - USA) standing frame that has the funtionality of an exoskeleton

• Broken Rollick - (misc - Netherlands) European distributor for Rio Mobility and Gomier-Rehatri

• Broken Ryan Flyer - drive on wheelchair quadracycle

• Broken Saebo - (misc - USA) hand and elbow movement assist orthotics

• Broken Sammons Preston 9464 Grasping Cuff With Wrist Support - (misc - USA) search for Grasping Cuff

• Broken Saratoga Grip Cuffs - (misc - USA) Rand-Scott Saratoga grasping gloves from Sportaid. Also from  Broken Medical Mobility International

• Broken Quinty - (misc - Germany) 3rd wheel attachment

• Broken Schlumpf Innovations - (misc - Switzerland) 2-speed chainrings for handcycles, trikes etc

• Broken SciFit - (misc - USA) exercise machines and  Broken SciFit Assist Gloves - Grasping Gloves

• Broken Screw Grab - (misc - USA) a wonderful invention that helps keep the screwdriver / wrench / allen key etc from slipping

• Broken Shooting Stick - (misc - USA) supports bow weight

• Broken Trolololo - (misc) a music video. Also see Broken Badger Badger

• Broken SoftWheel - (misc - Israel)

• Broken Sonicare Toothbrush - (misc - Netherlands) The finest toothbrush I have used, suitable for everyone but especially if you have limited movement or need an assistant. This toothbrush cleans like no other, using sonic vibrations instead of low frequency mechanical movement.

In 2006 I spent a long time investigating electric toothbrushes and I was surprised by the lack of accurate Sonicare vs Oral B reviews. I was fooled by the claims made by Oral B which had the support of the Canadian Dental Association. I used an Oral B for several years till I got my Sonicare. The Oral B is a giant step above a regular toothbrush but the Sonicare is a giant step above the Oral B.

The Sonicare makes your teeth feel extremely clean and smooth, very similar to having your teeth polished at the dentist but without the aggressive wear on the enamel. Used properly it will also stimulate your gums without causing your gums to recede. Costco has excellent prices on a pair of Sonicare toothbrushes and replacement heads.

This toothbrush works better if you use slow movements, let the Sonicare do it's job. This toothbrush grear for cleaning dirty items (use a seperate head for cleaning).

• Broken Sorg - (misc - Germany) 3rd wheel attachment

• Broken Sorg - (misc - Germany) 3rd wheel attachment

• Broken Speedy - (misc - Germany) attachable handcycles/foot cycle, tandem attachments, Speedy Buggy 3rd wheel attachment

• Broken SpinalPedia - (misc - USA) is a social mentoring network and video archive that allows the spinal cord injury community to motivate each other with the knowledge and triumphs gained from our individual experiences

• Broken Spinlife - (misc - USA) accessibility products retailer

• Broken Spokes'n Motion - (misc) adaptive sports equipment retailer

• Broken SportsCrafters - (misc - USA) indoor training rollers for a single wheel

• Broken Sportaid - (misc - USA) retailer for wheelchairs & stuff

• Broken SR Suntour Vboxx - (misc - Japan) the GB10 VB FR9 BAZ 9 speed internal gear front chainring, 610% gear ratio

• Broken StopFlats - (misc - USA) tire liner

• Broken Sturmey-Archer - (misc - Taiwan) Internally geared hubs up to 8-speed. 3 and 5-speed gearbox (hubs) with reverse (may not be able to be laced into a wheel). Also fixed gear 3-speed and more

• Broken TeleStik - (misc - Canada) adhesive, magnetic, hook on a portable telescopic reacher/grabber

• Broken Tessier - (misc - France) skiing chairs

• Broken Thera Trainer - (misc - Germany) fitness trainers

• Broken Theracycle - (misc - USA) arm/leg exerciser. With or without motor assist

• Broken Tilt-a-Rack - (misc - USA) trike/handcycle car rack

• Broken TorontoCycles.com - (misc - Canada) Toronto Cycles has some of the best prices on disc brake pads, titanium parts and a lot more. Also check out  Broken Disco Brakes,  Broken Jacky Bicycle Parts and  Broken Superstar Components

• Broken TotalBike.com - (misc) an excellent site with links to lots of products (lights, trailers, components, clothing, accessories etc) reviews, information and more

• Broken Tzora - (misc - Israel) Active Passive Trainer, arm/leg exercise machine and grasping gloves

• Broken True Goo - (misc - USA) no more flats

• Broken Ultra-Ever Dry - (misc - USA) a remarkable coating from UltraTech International. Resists water, mud, oil etc. Can reduce cleanup

• Broken Upright Golf - (misc - USA) golf playing aids

• Broken usedHME.com - (misc - USA) source for buying and selling used medical equipment

• Broken Varibike - (misc - Germany) arm/leg bike

• Broken Vent It - (misc - Netherlands) ventilating recumbent seats

• Broken Viberect - (misc - USA) vibrator from Relexonic for SCI male ED

• Broken VitaGlide - (misc - USA) excellent arm exercise for wheelchair now back in business

• Broken WellGrip - (misc - USA) grasping gloves from NuStep

• Broken Wheeleez - (misc - USA) balloon wheels for snow or sand, beach dolly for wheelchair

• Broken Whill - (misc) segmented wheelchair front caster

• Broken Workshop Solutions - (misc - Canada) "Homebuilt assistive devices for the disabled". Links to other similar sites

• Broken YouBike - (misc - New Zeland) lightweight arm/leg exercise bike with or without wheelchair - expensive


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