What better way to celebrate than with one of our pinatas!

We have Port Alberni's largest pinata selection!

We carry a large selection of Pinatas including Licenced themes!

Stop by at our location in Harbour Quay

or email us at to inquire about our current selections!

(sold out Jet Ski) ' Tug Boat ' Speed Boat

(sold out Cement Mixer) ' Dump Truck

sold out

 (sold out Brontosaurus)' Stegasaurus ' Triceratops

Monster Truck (sold out)


sold out

sold out

Plane 'Birthday Blimp ' Jet (sold out)

 (sold out Spacewalker)' (sold out Rocketship) Planet '


Golden Bear ' Jack in the Box ' Dalmation

sold out

sold out


' Record '

(sold out Guitar /Jukebox)

sold out

Sold Out

sold out

Snowman ' Santa Claus ' (sold out Reindeer)

New Years Ball

sold out

Spongebob Squarepants Pull Pinata

Scooby Doo Pull Pinata

sold out


Incredible Hulk Pull Pinata

sold out

Also available :

Pinata Busters in Assorted Colours

and Pinata Blindfolds

Strawberry Shortcake

Pull Pinata

Care Bear

Pull Pinata

Spiderman Pull Pinata

Any inquires please email us


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