Potash,Silica,Quartz,Float Glass

Potash,Feldspar,Glass,Float Glass



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INDONESIA BAUXITE Metallurgical grade bauxite ex Bintan Island, Indonesia with the following specification: Al2 O3: 51 - 52 % TSiO2: 15 – 16 % Fe2O3: 8 – 13 % TiO2 : 1.5 – 2 % Free Moisture: 12 % Max. L. O. I : 27 - 30 % Size: 2 mm - 75mm Type: Trihydrate bauxite Delivery to take place FOB vessel at Kijang Bintan Island, Indonesia, in accordance with the provisions of Incoterms 2000 ( or any replacement or modification thereto) published by the International Chamber of Commerce). Quantity : 40,000 metric tons +/-10% for shipping purpose in one lot. Time of Shipment: 2006 All risk and title/ownership with respect to Bauxite shall pass from Seller to the Buyer when Bauxite has passed the ship's rail at loadport.


STEAM COAL SPESIFICATIONS CALORIFIC VALUE 6,300 Kcal/kg ( SBLC BASIS) Total Moisture ARB 12% max Inherent Moisture ADB 7% Ash content ADB 13 % max Volatile Matter ADB 38-44 % max Fixed Carbon ADB 40% max Total Sulphur ADB 1% max Gross Calorific Value ADB 6,300 kcal/kg HGI ADB 40 % max Size Price Quantity of Contract min 0-50mm US$38.00 /Mton FOB 60.000 MTon CALORIFIC VALUE 6,500 Kcal/kg (SBLC Basis ) Total Moisture ARB 12% max Inherent Moisture ADB 5% Ash content ADB 13% max Volatile Matter ADB 38-44% max Fixed Carbon ADB 40% max Total Sulphur ADB 1% max Gross Calorific Value ADB 6,500 kcal/kg HGI ADB 40% max Size Price Quantity of contract min   MT 0-50mm US$40 /Mton FOB 1000.000 MTon PROCEDURE 01.  Buyer issues LOI/ICPO 02.  Seller issues FCO/Draft Contract 03.  Signing Contract via e-mail 04.  Buyer sign contract first also the initial sign’s buyer in every below pages 05.  Send contract to seller along the draft of SBLC on buyer bank’s letterhead 06.  Seller sign contract and send back to buyer 07.  Buyer opens Bank Guarantee or SBLC 08.  Hard contract signed will be delivered by courier after seller received BG or SBLC 09.  Shipment commences   TERMS OF PAYMENT PAYMENT GUARANTEE Seller asks for the payment guarantee in the form of SBLC or BANK GUARANTEE, with value 1 x shipment quantity only, this term is NON-NEGOTIABLE (SBLC CAN BE FOR 3 MONTHS OR 1 YEAR DEPENDING ON BUYER. IF 1 YEAR BUYER CAN USE THE SBLC FOR 12 SHIPMENTS. IF 3 MONTHS THEN BUYER USE IT FOR ONLY ONE SHIPMENT) Optional : sblc only for first 2 shipments and then use 100 % L/C at sigth Irrevocable PAYMENT Seller asks for the T/T at Mother Vessel (FOB) or T/T 5 days after discharge (CNF/CIF), another option is IRREVOCABLE 100% AT SIGHT DLC. MINE VISIT PROCEDURE MINE VISIT WILL BE 4 WEEKS AFTER RECEIPT OF BANK INSTRUMENT MINE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FOOD AND LODGING FOR ONE PERSON FOR 7 DAYS OR LONGER DURING THE LOADING. WE ARE CONTROLLING VERY TIGHTLY WHO WE ARE TAKING TO THE MINE. WE DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH OF COAL THAT WE CAN SELL AND SIGN CONTRACT WITH EVERYONE, IN FACT WE ONLY HAVE A COUPLE OF BUYERS WHO CAN ACCEPT ALL OUR TERMS AND OUT OF 10 ENQUIRIES WE ARE LUCKY TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH ONE. SO FAR ALL THE SUCCESSFUL BUYERS ARE INDIANS, SINGAPOREANS, SOUTH AMERICANS AND CHINESE AND THEY SEEM TO ONLY WANT TO VISIT DURING LOADING BUT ALL THE NON SUCCESSFUL BUYERS (AND WE HAVE NO CHANCE WITH THEM) WANT TO VISIT THE MINE IMMEDIATELY AFTER SIGNING AND WILL NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN). WE KNOW THE TREND AND WE SEE A PATTERN SO PLEASE DON'T WORRY, WE KNOW HOW TO HANDLE BOTH THE SUCCESSFUL GENUINE BUYERS AND NON SUCCESSFUL NON GENUINE BUYERS. Thank you for your kind attention. Sincerely Yours,

We will arrange shipment globally.

We DO have Potash Feldspar in many mesh sizes and types of packaging. Price is around $40usd/MT F.O.B. India, depending on packaging and mesh. Contact me for a quotation.