BOINCSpy.Farm  is a suite of applications to view  BOINC client information from any PC in the network.

BoincSpy.Farm viewer 



BoincSpy.Farm allows you, from a central location to view BOINC applications within the local area network. This will not just monitor Window platforms  it will also monitor Linux / Mac ones as well.  It will also give you the latest totals for all hosts/ projects. One of the benefits of BoincSpy.Farm  over other applications (like BOINC) is that you can view all of the other computers by a simple mouse click and you do  not have to set up specific security. Lastly ,computers will automatically appear once they start running one of the BoincSpy.Farm applications.


The application is currently in beta phase. I am looking for volunteers to help me with:

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer. Send me an email. I do however, ask that you are familiar with networking and you do understand what Beta testing is all about ;).


Last Updated: August 29, 2010 16:07