Fun with Google Maps

Google Maps is an intriguing web service from Google.
In June 2005, Google introduced the Google Maps API, which allows web designers to develop their own location-based services using Google Maps. Here are some of my examples and tests. Please let me know if you have difficulties viewing these pages in your browser.

This project has been mostly idle since November 2006.

I edit my pages using TextPad and Notepad++ logo . FileZilla is a convenient tool for synchronizing local web pages with the server copies. The latest version of Firefox for Windows XP and the Fedora Linux distribution is my browser of choice. I use the IE View and Opera View extensions to occasionally check my pages in other browsers. My web development toolkit includes the DOM Inspector, Html Validator, FireBug, Web Developer, Venkman Firefox extensions. A collection of Bookmarklets to validate html, and perform other common activities rounds out my browser environment.

Some useful links to other Google Maps pages.

Learn about the Google Maps API in the API documentation. Discuss the Google Maps API Group.

Last modified on 2006-09-17.

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