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Rail and travel videos; New video release Steam Railways of Western Canada:

2 hours of steam train sounds and views, on board, track side and pace shots. See 13 different steam trains in action, 4 cab rides, 2 double headers. Recorded in stereo sound, no narration just live steam sounds. Detailed information on each engine and railway enclosed with video. Ride with us on the White Pass & Yukon Narrow Gauge Railway, plenty of Wheel slip climbing from Skagway Alaska to Lake Bennett B.C.., Cab Ride on the Kettle Valley Shay, BC Rail engines 2860 Royal Hudson and 3716 Steam Double header. See the 1st Steam Engine in 30 years on CPR tracks through the Thompson and Fraser Canyon coming to Vancouver for restoration; CPR Hudson 2816, SP Daylight 4449 trip to Vancouver, CPR double header at Calgary Heritage Park, Steam Days at the BC Forestry museum including 2 steam trains, Case Steam tractors and much more. Plus a quick look at other Steam Trains on display around Western Canada.

2 hours of Steam Railways of Western Canada. drop a note to order!

Videos of everything in the UK I think, just check out the list; Also European railways.

Canadian Aviation and rail videos, historic Steam Railway videos (view of CNR steam engine 6060 during early days).

Fitz's Steam and Railfan page; swap your personal Steam tapes!

The Rocky Mountain Rail Society offers a number of videos on present and past steam/passenger/freight Railways including their 6060 Steam engine write them for a list at; Box 4 - 6060, Inglewood P.O. , Calgary Alberta, Canada, T2G 5H7

Helmut's Railway Videos: Helmut has 4 excellent videos each 2+ hours featuring cab rides over CP tracks, some real classics; #1 The E&N Video footage of most of Vancouver Islands Railways in B.C..; cab ride aboard a Via Budd dayliner car , + views & freights and cab ride on a CP freight to Port Alberni. #2 The West Coast Express cab rides aboard the Commuter train Mission to Vancouver B.C. #3 The Canyon; Ride through the spectacular Fraser and Thompson River Canyons between Hope and Kamloops B.C. #4 The Princeton Sub; Ride over the last operating portion of the Kettle Valley Railway before it closed! Summer and a winter blizzard shot! Contact Helmut for more info.

Videos of rail travel around the world, info. views of trains and sites along the way, produced for a European Television Network.

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