Photos of a Classic Lionel Postwar model train layout

The following are photos of a Lionel Post War layout by Gerry Shaw. The layout was 14 x 42 feet and located in the Vancouver B.C. Pacific National Exhibition. Each summer during the fair Gerry and Patricia would run the layout for visitors. There were other exhibits in this the craft building, but most folks and kids headed straight for the huge model railway full of action. The following photos show much of the layout and fine craftsmanship and scenery details by Gerry with help from Patricia and family and friends. Extra scenery and details were added over 5-6 years it was operating. Layout could operate up to 8 trains at one time. 400 pounds of casting plaster were used for the rockwork. Most buildings were scratch built, 3 or 4 were modified kits.

The train's, track and accessories are all Lionel. Most of this produced during the glory years of Lionel trains where the big feature of the time for kids was the Lionel Catalogs and Christmas train displays in shop windows, production years from the 1940's to 1960's. The layout featured operating Lionel accessories and a custom built control panel. The layout was built 1986-7 operated through till about 1992? I took the photos in 1991. The building and layout were torn down in about 1992, all the scenery was scrapped. Gerry now runs a train shop called "The Choo Choo Shop" and stops by train shows throughout Western Canada where you can buy Lionel trains, tracks and accessories from him. Gerry is always looking for used trains, Lionel especially and does repairs and service on the older Lionel trains. If in Western Canada you can contact Gerry at;

Trains shown here are O Gauge or O-27 Gauge, scenery size is to 1/48 scale or O scale but the trains are slightly compressed in size follow link below for more info, on the this scale of trains.

I (Gordon) took the photos on a visit in 1991 and have posted them on my website for you. Visit my O scale model railway links page for links to more train information and Lionel (the company is still in business with many new O Gauge trains.)

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And now to the photos just click on a link to see the photo and use your back button to return to this page. (if your browser shrinks/resizes the photos to fit your screen and you want to see them full size go into your browser properties settings and deselect the "auto resize to screen size" or click on each photo an box will appear which you can click to get the full size photo);

Main yard with many operating accessories most buildings have lights;

Yard 1

Yard 2

Yard 3

Yard 4

Yard 5


Roundhouse and turntable

View of Mountain and looking to bridges and town in distance

View of bridges for 6 tracks

End view of station

Looking up to the city note overhead wires for the electrified line around the city

A view to the control panel showing the 2 ZW transformers the large handles control the train speed and buttons to blow whistles/horns and bells on the trains. The shows the route diagram and controls to operate the track switches right on the track map. Below is the collection of Lionel control switches to operate the many accessories, log to ice loaders and milk and log unloaders and many other operating accessories

View of Gerry at the control's and his custom built Lionel control stand

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