Our Photo Album

This is a special page of family pictures.  They include all sorts of things we do.  We hope you like them.

The first two pictures are of Chilliwack, the city where we live.  This one is looking east.

                                                                                                                                And this one is looking south.


Starting  a run at lake Louise, Alberta

                                                                                                                                                          Downtown Banff, Alberta


We hiked to the Upper Waterfall in Johnson Canyon, Banff National Park


An Elk herd in Banff, Alberta

This next picture is taken from almost the same spot, but on a cold, crisp day after a snowfall that gave us some beautiful skiing in new powder snow.

One of Gary's favorite sports is Scuba diving.  Here is a picture of one of Gary's little friends.  The hand is Gary's.  He is feeding this little wolf eel some sea urchins.
wolf eel

These next three pictures are of David and Gary camping on Mt. Frosty in Manning Park, BC during their summer hike up the mountain.  This first one is David at the campfire the day Gary and David went to the summit of Mt. Frosty.


This is Gary cooking breakfast the last morning before hiking back to the valley.


Then of course, the Summit Picture

This one was taken on the summit of Mt. Frosty in Manning Park, 2,408 meters,
or almost 8,000 feet.  the first time David and Gary climbed the mountain.

We hope you like the pictures.  We will change them for you as the seasons roll by.

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