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How You Can Be Involved

True ministry is a partnership. Friends faithfully pray for and give to missionaries and their ministry. The Holy Spirit empowers a missionary to serve.  The missionary task is truly a partnership.  When people look and see one missionary family serving, they don't realize that many, many people are partnering in the ministry of that family.

Prayer Supporters

There is much that can be done with our own abilities, but the things which we do on our own are short lived, lasting as long as we can sustain them. What is done in God's power lasts for eternity. Without prayer, and the empowering of the Holy Spirit, nothing of lasting importance takes place in ministry.

Prayer is the vital ingredient in ministry. As the gospel is preached, believers discipled, and churches planted, Satan does not stand still. There are spiritual battles to be fought and won. We need a dedicated group of people who will faithfully stand with us, praying for us and our ministry. Together, we form a team.


Financial Supporters

Just as missionaries need dedicated prayer supporters, they also need dedicated financial supporters. People who are willing to be part of the team which God has called together to minister. People who will give financially to a missionary and make possible his or her ministry.

Click here to make a donation to our ministry.  You will be redirected to the World Team donation page.

Missions is Teamwork

Missions is teamwork. Some people go, some people pray, some people give. Each person is vitally important to the team. We would like you to be a part of our team, either as a prayer supporter or a financial supporter.

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