World Teaam


A 21st Century Focus

Our Vision is to mobilize a global missionary force which fosters movements of reproducing churches that also reach out to the world's least evangelized peoples.
  • Our vision is strategic, confronting the rapidly changing world in the 21st century.
  • We're striving to facilitate a global missionary force by uniting non-western and western missionary resources in strategic partnerships.
  • We're planning to send the best missionaries- wherever they come from-to reach specific least-evangelized people groups.
  • We're committed to establishing, training, and fostering churches that reproduce.
The 21st century will bring the greatest opportunity and challenge for reaching both the least-evangelized in remote rural regions and in the urban jungles of world class cities.

During the past century, World Team's parent missions, Regions Beyond Missionary Union and Worldteam, majored on establishing churches among unreached peoples. Their common vision for the least-evangelized was passionate, so in 1995, the two organizations decided to unite to more effectively meet the challenges of the Great Commission in the 21st century.

Thousands of people in the unreached corners of our world still do not have the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. Some of these people groups live in remote rural areas. Some within the bustling urban sprawl of world class cities. Whether primitive or ultra modern, all are every bit as needy for the Gospel today as those unreached peoples of past generations that motivated the great missionary movements of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Now, with the challenges of the 21st century ahead, opportunities exist to push back the spiritual darkness from those yet to hear. But the issue isn't simply reaching the unreached...For Jesus said to "go...and make disciples of all nations..." And a reproducing church is the apostolic model for fulfilling the Great Commission. That's why World Team is committed to establishing reproducing churches among the world's least-evangelized peoples

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