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My current interest is to encourage seniors to discover that performances can be as simple as telling a joke or taking part in a short five-minute skit.

The exciting part however, is to do the performance on stage—in front of people—the feeling you’ll get is priceless.

If you're thinking about starting a small acting group for seniors and want someone to bounce ideas off of, I'd like to hear from you.

The words “Seniors Theatre” typically conjure up images of fully costumed stage plays with more than basic stage settings—and “Senior” actors in their 50s to 70-somethings.

Since I got into acting, writing, and a variety of drama courses in my more than mid-seventies, I have become convinced that many “senior Seniors” can enjoy the experience of performing before an audience (nothing like it) if a few things happen.

To get them started, it would be useful if they had some prepared scripts that they could relate to as “senior Seniors” and which might reflect some of their own experiences.

Having searched the Web pretty thoroughly for how-to information on setting up a theatre group for seniors—and not finding much—I’ve put together some ideas gained from my acting experiences over the past few years. The result is a workbook, Putting on a Show: Short Plays and Monologues for Seniors Acting Groups.

The plays are written to be performed informally–stage, lighting, and costumes not required. The dialogue can be memorized or the plays can be performed with script in hand.

Putting on a Show covers topics which can get a Seniors acting group started and provides a selection of royalty-free short scripts and monologues for both women and men.

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