Festival of Wind, Waves and Water April 23 - 24, 2005
Photos from the festival.

Pacific Rim Kite Festival June 18 - 19, 2005

Steveston Sport Kite Competition, July 23 - 24, 2005

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My name is Ron. I have been flying kites since 1999. I fly mostly dual and quad line sport kites. At present I am the VP and newsletter editor of our local kite club, the British Columbia Kitefliers Association (BCKA). In the past year I have been flying in a few sport kite competitions here in BC and in Washington as part of the NWSKL. The BCKA has now put on 2 competitions held at Garry Point in Steveston. I hope to include quite a bit of sport kite content to this site in the near future... Stay tuned!

There are two or three good flying fields in the Vancouver area. The first field is Garry Point in Steveston. The second field is Vanier Park in Vancouver. Others include White Rock, Centennial Beach and Ambleside Park.

Garry Point Park is my favorite place to fly. The field is dry most of the year and the wind is usually pretty good. You will find kite fliers of all ages, flying all types of kites here. The BCKA holds many "fun flys" here through out the year. There is a "lake" that does take up some of the good flying area in the winter though. The really good part is I live 5 minutes away!

Vanier Park in Vancouver is another of the main kite flying fields. The BCKA holds their annual "Pacific Rim Kite Festival" here on the 3rd weekend in June (19th & 20th). The wind is good at Vanier if it comes from the west or north-west. In the summer there are always lots of people around to watch the kite fliers do their stuff.