The Holy Trinity - Packard, Vollum, Fluke

Bill Hewlett's Tribute To Howard Vollum

New User Guides

ABC's of Probes

Basic Oscilloscope Uses

Choosing an Oscilloscope Part 1     Choosing an Oscilloscope Part 2       Choosing an Oscilloscope Part 3

Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer Course

Definitions of some oscilloscope terms

Ten Steps to Selecting the Right Oscilloscope

Ten Things to Consider When Selecting an Oscilloscope

Using an Oscilloscope

XYZ's of using an Oscilloscope

Oscilloscope Simulation

A Remarkable Oscilloscope Program    
This Shockwave simulation is a must-see. The controls work, make sounds and the cables can be moved with your mouse.   See the Home Page here

Oscilloscopes for your Computer

Sine Wave Generator

Sweep Generator

Winscope is a real oscilloscope for your computer, using your sound card for input


Benefits of Delayed Sweep

Build a RAT Tube Tester

Building a digital storage oscilloscope

Clocking Computer Bus

Differential Measurement Techniques

Floating Measurement Techniques

High Voltage Probes

Reforming Electrolytic Capacitors

Sampling Oscilloscope Techniques

Tektronix Part Numbers .doc

Troubleshooting Your Oscilloscope

Using Two Scopes for Delayed Sweep

Using your oscilloscope to set audio amp bias

What is the big deal about 12AT vs 12AU vs 12AX7?

Tektronix Power Transformer Specs - from Pete Millett's website

Tektronix 545A Power Transformer Spreadsheet - from Pete Millett's website

Automotive Oscilloscope User Links

NEW!!! Automotive Waveforms. Excellent waveform examples that you can view with an oscilloscope at  Pico Technology

Using a lab scope for automotive troubleshooting: Lab Scope Basics: Part 1

Oscilloscope User Manuals (Extracted from  service manuals)

Tektronix 547 Oscilloscope

Tektronix 551 Oscilloscope

Tektronix 555 Oscilloscope         Tektronix 555 Specifications

Tektronix 556 Specifications       Tektronix 556 User Manual

Tektronix 647A Specifications

Tektronix 2213 User Guide

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