Installing a LE0511W into a LifeLike n-scale C424
This is fairly straight forward.  There is room to fit the decoder beneath the rear light-board if the frame is modified.  This is outlined in the following 4 pictures. 
1. Disassemble the engine by pulling off the body. 
2. Strip everything off the frame, it will need to be modified.  The original looks like this:
3. Here is the frame apart, before modification.
4. Here it is after the two halves have been milled:
5. Here is the frame together, after it has been milled:
6. The Light-boards need to be modified, the read lines denote the cuts to be made:
7. Modify the copper connectors so that they lie under the plastic motor holder. 
8. Cut the wires on the decoder as follows:
  •  White:     8 cm
  •  Yellow:    2 cm
  •  Orange:   4.75 cm
  •  Grey:       6 cm
  •  Blue:       whole length, but strip 2 cm from decoder
  •  Black:     2.2 cm
  •  Red:       2 cm
9. Solder the wires onto the appropriate places.  Note, the orange wire goes to the top connector on the motor, the grey wire goes to the bottom connector, as you can see in the picture below. 
10. Assembling the whole thing is slightly tricky, but doable!
  • Keep the filing FAR away from the motor, else they will stick to the magnet and ruin the motor.
  • Be very carefull when soldering the lugs on the motor, you can easily melt the plastic support, or the plastic on the motor. 

  • The wires running the length of the fram can fit between the two halves, as shown above, with a small amount of tape to hold them in place.