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Welcome to the triple S600 Guys website!

As a bit of an introduction to the three of us, included are short bio's of how we became interested in these great cars, which happened in different stages of our lives. We all live in British Columbia, Canada. 

In addition to our own restorations, we are selling Honda S600 parts, listed under "Parts for Sale."  

I helped my Dad load our first S600 (no engine or transmission) on to a flat bed trailer in approximately 1974.

It sat in our yard for twenty+ years until the time came for it to be resurrected (supposedly for my mother to drive). In the search to find the missing critical parts we came across another S600 in the Okanagan where the restoration had been started, but the owner had lost interest. We purchased this S600 with the body work completed, but everything else was disassembled and thrown into boxes.

It took us three years to piece it back together.....imagine putting the complicated S600 engine back together with nothing more than a parts and a service manual!!.

We owe many thanks to Brian Baker in New York!!

The Pryma S600 Acquisition

This was the only car my father ever bought brand new.  He got it from Fred Deeley in Vancouver on October 5th 1966.  Having worked together on cars, I knew my dad loved mechanical things.  I also knew he detested and paying dealership prices for cars.  He would always buy a car that was good and used.  It would then be the challenge to keep it working as long as possible.  To this day, it is a mystery why dad bought the car in the first place.  It was the realization of a dream, but not one that was never shared with his family.

Dad passed away June 10th 2003.  He gave the car to me with instructions to dispose of it however I saw fit.  I donít know if he had any attachment left to it, but for me it began a quest to restore the car.  With the help and encouragement of Mike and Dave as well as others in the S-community, I am well into this project.

I have never restored a car before, nor did I know what I was getting into.  The car had been stored for 23 years, with a minimum of rust and damage.  I thought this would be a good project.  My    biggest fear before starting this was getting it all back together and working.  I did not want to take it all apart and be unable to get it back together again.  The thought of this loomed in the back of my mind but with the encouragement of Mike and Dave, I decided it could be doneÖwithin a reasonable budget. 



My experience with cars up to this point was primarily mechanical.  I had rebuilt several engines and felt confident I could do most of the mechanical work myself.  Prior to disassembling the car, I started it and with a few coughs and sputters, the engine sprang to life!  It was a beautiful thing to hear it start up.  With some trepidation I did find that there was a significant oil leak coming from around the chain case spacer as well as a good deal of gasoline leaking from the carburetors.  No steering, no clutch, no brakes!  What a project!





The details of the disassembly I have chronicled in a journal.  I hope to be able to put this all together in a coherent format soon.  It has been an incredible journey, although at times it has felt like a monkey on my back.  There have been times when I have made mistakes and on cars like these, they can be difficult (not to mention expensive) to correct.  My wife, who has been incredibly supportive reminds me that this is a journey, not an end, so donít rush it.  Others have mentioned this to me and I am starting to listen to this advice.  What pushes me on is the fear of forgetting how it all goes back together. 

The body is now with Steve Sillett of PanelCraft.  I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship and I am looking forward to getting it back to complete the re-assembly.  I have been dragging my feet on re-finishing many of the small bits, but I am now faced with doing just that!

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I heard the first S600 in Penticton in the very early Ď70ís. 

I remember the wail of it coming up Main Street and going by me.  In the Fall of 1972, I came across a coupe that had been repainted a bright emerald green.  The fellow had used the car for rallies and I remember taking the rally gauges out and returning them to him.  The car supposedly had different pistons, the carbs rejetted, and the chain drives regeared.  Anyway, I drove this car back and forth to university during the year and home on long weekends.  Blew 3 head gaskets, but I learned to change them in only a few hours.  As I recall, the head gasket and fuel pump points were really my only problems with the car.  My parts were purchased at Clarke Simpkins, where they usually had a good supply of service items. 

After rolling this car, I sold it, sans engine and transmission, to a local garage. 

Shortly after, I discovered another S600 coupe.  Obtaining the name of the owner, I discovered it did not have an engine or tranny, but was otherwise intact.  We negotiated a price, which included me buying his car, but selling him my S600 engine and transmission!  This was the beginnings of my hot rod.  The summer of 1973 saw me stripping out a relatively new Mazda 616 for its engine and transmission.  I planned on using more Mazda parts, but they wouldnít adapt.  I ended up patrolling many junkyards to find parts that would work.  The car went like stink for its time, with handling and braking substantially better than the original! 

I married a year later and the next 25 years passed by with kids, work and everything else. 

Then, in August, 2001 we were holidaying and came across a S600 roadster parked in front of a house.  I insisted to my wife that we had to stop and meet the owner, whom was none other than Mike Gane.  We had a long chat, he started the car up and I was back reliving 25 years ago!  Mike mentioned that he knew of someone who was selling his cars, but that the fellow wanted to sell the four cars as one lot. 

Well, I bought the cars and had them transported on a 50 foot flat bed truck out to Coquitlam. 

So far, the suspension and brakes have been restored on one car.  Two of the other coupes are excellent cars, but need a full restoration.  The fourth car has been caved in on the driverís side and my long term plans are to make another hot rod! 

Just before the September long w/e of 2002, I found another coupe and roadster. 

We moved to the same town as Mike in the fall of 2003.  What a sight to see 6 cars being hauled up here on a super B-train transporter.  Now I have lots of cars to restore over the next few years. 

Canít keep them all, so eventually some of them will go up for sale.



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