Loretta's American Girl
Doll Collection 2006
Summer photos

Samantha made herself right at home in Vancouver!
Here she is in the summer garden in August 2006,
holding her own miniature Samantha.

The picture below shows where Samantha lives most of her life.
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Samantha's garden adventure.


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Samantha's new wardrobe!



I've had a lot of fun with Samantha!
In 2006 I bought her quite a few outfits.

Then someone new came along! Of course,
did you really expect me to be content with
only ONE American Girl doll?

Tee...hee...NO! I had my eye on
Kit, who's from the 1934 era. My mom was
born in 1933, and Kit reminds me so much
of my mom when she was little.
(at least, according to the pictures I've seen)

So in September 2006, Kit arrived at my house,
but that's another story!





Here's another of Samantha's favourite dresses!
She is partial to peach.

We can't afford to buy all the clothes we would
love from the American Girl Place, so we
sort of cheat, and buy look-a-likes on eBay,
the only place to shop!

What's a gal to do?


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More fun in the garden!



One warm day in October 2006,
Samantha Parkington tried out her new
butterfly net.

Yes, the butterflies were abundant,
even though it was fall. The days were
short but wonderfully warm and sunny!

Samantha took advantage of it.









Samantha got another wonderful
outfit from a lovely seamstress on eBay.

Here she is in her darling Minnie Mouse
outfit, complete with a set of ears!

The cute Minnie Mouse doll is from
Disneyland, when I was there in
July 2006.


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