Welcome to my Bleuette
doll Hankie Dress page!

by Loretta Houben


I began sewing hankie dresses in 2010.
I find it very relaxing and enjoyable.

I take orders for dresses.

The cost is $25 US plus s/h.
If you are interested please email me.

Here are a few of my designs.


This beautiful rose hankie is vintage.
I bought it off eBay, which is a wonderful place to find vintage hankies.
The prices range from $2 - $14 so you have to keep an eye open for a good deal.
Sometimes I find hankies locally but that is getting rare.


This darling hankie was bought around five years ago at the local dollar store!
I added 3 buttons to co-ordinate with the colours of the hankie.


Here is another dollar store hankie.
I really love this design. It suits Bleuette perfectly.
I added 3 pink beads to the front.
Each of the dresses fasten in the back with 2 buttons and a thread loop closure.



Here the Bleuettes are dressed in velvet and Christmas hankie dresses.
These are vintage and look so pretty with a bit of lace at the neck and buttons on the front.



Here is another fun design; PJ's using a vintage Christmas hankie!
I made the matching slippers from felt.





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