Chatty Cathy
Canada Day 2005





Alicia was the lucky Chatty to come with us for our Canada Day celebrations.

We chose to visit Fort Langley, BC. This fort was built in 1827! It was part of the Hudson's Bay Company's network of fur trading posts.

British Columbia was proclaimed a Crown Colony at Fort Langley in 1858, due to the gold rush which attracted many Americans.


Here is Loretta standing just inside the Fort's gate.



Alicia found a new friend! That's odd...her clothes are very different from ours.

Loretta's parents came with, too.
Her Dad's birthday is on Canada Day.
He turned 76.

Alicia was given her own Canadian
flag at the gate.

Wow! What a huge cake!

This tiny cannon is
Chatty Cathy sized!




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