A wonderful Easter Swap,
April 6th, 2004!


We are just soooooo excited! We have been waiting a long time for our Easter gift, and it came today! Catherine and Christina were chosen to open the box, because they were wearing matching dresses and that looks good in pictures. Here they are, discovering who the swap sender is:


That big box was from Auntie Toni! We were very surprised! But before we could get the box open, the phone rang and Mummy answered it. We would like to bury that phone just like a bone. It's always ringing!





 Mmphf! They thought they each got a dress, but when they opened more of the things underneath, they realized that MY name was on something special. Mummy had to run upstairs and get me. I've been sort of neglected lately. I was still wearing a winter swap outfit! I had on a hot winter coat, muff and hat! Plus leotards and ice skates. But I'm not neglected today! Here is what we got:


 Me, Emmaline, got a beautiful lavender dress with a very pretty apron, socks, white shoes, and a gorgeous lavender parasol with my name written all over it! I wonder if Auntie Toni made it just for me! Catherine is wearing the pretty pink dress, and she has a parasol with Mummy's name written all over it. It is so pretty! We put on the dresses very quickly. In this picture you can see a pretty Easter card, a beautiful dolly, and Catherine is holding a sweet wooden Easter sign. It's already in the planter on the front porch! Please turn to Page 2 to find out more, because this wasn't all that there was!


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