A brief history
of Christina's Boutique
opened January 29, 2004.


One day in January,
Natasha noticed
Christina busily
working in a corner of
the room.

She was astonished!

"What in the world are you doing now, Christina?" she asked.

"What is all this fabric? What are you sewing? I didn't know you could sew!"


"Natasha, this is the start of my new boutique!" exclaimed Christina.

"I didn't think anyone would notice me here. I am working on a new idea."

Christina giggled.

"There's not much gardening to do now, and I want to show Queen Alice that I'm still ambitious!"









"Natasha, I don't think you should buy it all at once! There won't be anything left for the other girls!" giggled Christina.

"But those are wonderful deals. Are you Irish?"

Natasha quietly rolled her eyes and sighed.





Natasha was delighted with Christina's new endeavor.

"I will be your first customer! I want a dress made out of this fabric! It would be perfect for Easter!"
she said.

"Sure thing!" said Christina. "That's a great choice. I'm busy working on Valentine's now, but I'll be sure to whip it up for you when I'm done!"










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