Judith's new look!
My before and after contest...

Created on September 26th, 2003


This is what Judith looked like before her
spa treatment, shampoo, conditioner
and perm!

This is Judith's new look!

I brought some of her curls forward.
Doesn't she look adorable?
I added blush to her cheeks,
but I left her toothless because I like
how she looks.

Here is a front shot.
I made her peach satin dress from
a 99 cent fabric remnant.

The back of Judith's permed head!
I loosened the curls with my fingers,
and I am delighted with the result.

One more view showing a bit of
the matching panties.

Judith was a pure delight to work with!
I am hooked, and now I'm going to move
on to another project.


Many special thanks to Linda Pepa
for her time and effort in showing
me how to scrub a doll clean,
and how to place the perm rods properly!

Judith was lovingly adopted by Isabelle A, a friend from Delta BC, in 2009.


Loretta Houben

Copyright 2012



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