Loretta's Chatty Cathy
doll collection;
started in 2002.

Loretta in the middle of her growing Chatty collection,
April 2004.
(15 vintage Chatties so far; please
click on photos to see close-up shots)




Sometime in 2002, I began
surfing on eBay. I was looking for
vintage dolls from my childhood,
so I typed in "Chatty Cathy" for fun.
The rest is history.

I have my childhood Chatty Cathy, and
I was curious to see what I could find.
Please click here to view my childhood friend.

I found many vintage Chatties, plus
the 1998 reproduction Chatty Cathy, which
Mattel re-issued. They were sold
in J C Penny stores in the USA.

We don't have those stores in Canada,
but fortunately, I bid on the doll to the left,
and I won her for $80.00 US.

My husband said she could be my
42nd birthday gift that year.
I was so excited!


I named her Julia.
She's wearing a red sundress, with
matching sun suit underneath.
The pretty pinafore is made out of
an embossed organdy fabric.
She has a red hairband,
and red velvet shoes.
She is blonde with brown eyes.

I love her box! And her
chatty voice is priceless!
(please click on the photos to
see a larger view)



I purchased Natasha in November 2002.
She is a lovely brunette pig tailed
Chatty with blue eyes.

I spotted her as a BIN; a
"buy it now", on eBay, for
$135.00 US. She was wearing an
adorable outfit. I really liked her,
and asked my husband if it was OK
to get her, and he said yes.

Natasha is modeling a dress I
made for her. I sold it last year,
and now I wish I would have kept it.

Brunettes look great in green!






Annalena arrived in
January 2003.
She is my special "Judy" doll,
who was re-styled by Judy Hessel,
a talented artist on eBay.

Her eBay name is "jujube4".

I was delighted to receive this
little beauty. Judy made the dress,
and Annalena is posing in my garden.

Judy's kind counsel and
friendship inspired me to try
my hand at creating and
re-making my own Chatties
which needed help.




Laura was a surprise for
my 43rd birthday in June, 2003.

She is a 1998 blue eyed,
blonde reproduction, made
by Mattel.

She is wearing a two toned
blue sundress with an eyelet bolero,
and pretty velvet shoes.

My sweet hubby loves to pamper me!
(please click on photo to see a larger view)



 Christina arrived at
my home in August, 2003.
She was the gardener at
Queen Alice's Palace,
and quickly made herself
at home.
She had an extensive
makeover, and because
there is nothing to do in the
winter outside, she has
started a brand new job.

Click here to discover
Christina's new endeavor!

 Please CLICK HERE to view
Christina's Make Over page.






Here is the new Ashton Drake
Chatty Cathy, issued in 2003.

I received her in January, 2004.
She is wearing a blue gingham dress with
an eyelet apron, and blue velvet shoes.

She doesn't look like a real Chatty Cathy
at all! Her hair is very different,
and her eyes are quite scary.

At this point in time she is nameless,
but my Chatties know her as a long
lost cousin from England who loves to
play the piano.



This is the last Chatty Cathy in the
Ashton Drake series, issued
in 2004.

I received her for my 45th birthday in
June 2005, from my husband.
This will most likely be my only
African American Chatty that I'll
ever be able to afford!

She is wearing the red striped
peppermint dress, with red velvet shoes
and an eyelet bolero.
(please click on photo to see a larger
close up)




Please click here to visit my childhood Chatty.


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2013 LH Houben.