This is Christina,
the servant girl from Queen Alice's Palace,
located in the beautiful state of Washington.

She arrived in August 2003, and has been
very busy working in my garden during the hot
summer months we've had here in Vancouver.

She is very grateful to have been adopted and
has made herself very much at home here in Canada.
I felt she needed a good scrub and shampoo, and
she begged for a new dress similar to that of Queen
Alice, so I indulged her whim!

Christina is well pleased with the results and so am I!

Created on October 8, 2003.

Copyright Loretta Houben


Here is Christina (in the middle) arriving in her
servant's clothes. Her name
was Servant G.

Meet Christina, transformed!
I designed a ball gown out of a piece
of vintage brocade fabric from
my mother-in-law's fabric collection.

It was such fun to create this gown
for Christina, and she is so happy! I used
a vintage Chatty Cathy pattern for the top
and simply lengthened the skirt.

 I used the secret ingredient, Soft Scrub, to
enhance Christina's skin. I added blush to her cheeks,
after styling her hair. She really loves the tiara,
even though it isn't real like Queen Alice's.

I sewed a strip of beaded trim to the waist line
of the dress and added a bow of the same, with
small blue flowers glued on top, and then
scattered down the front of the skirt.

I think it matches her eyes perfectly!

 A side view of the dress,
showing the flowers on the sleeve and
the little purse which no
well equipped lady can be without!

The purse also has beaded trim
with small blue flowers.











 View showing the rumba panties
and the netting to make the skirt full.













 Back view of Christina's head.
I used 2 vintage buttons from my
mother-in-law's collection. They
match the beaded trim perfectly.


I am so pleased with the result
and I'm happy to have discovered a new

Special thanks to Queen Alice, and Princess Annie!

Loretta Houben

Copyright 2012