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by Loretta Houben

Please meet my Chatty Cathy Collection!



 Doll Christmas letter from 2012


I opened a Boutique in January 2004 for doll clothes
hand made by myself.

Please visit:

Christina's Boutique




I enjoy playing with my Chatties, and have
created a few pages of their adventures:

Visit Chatty Cathy's house!
(Every Chatty needs somewhere to live.)



Judy Hessel re-created some of the most beautiful
Chatty Cathy dolls on eBay for a few years.
I am fortunate to own three of those dolls.
Judy had a delightful way of posing her little "girls" and taking photos.
They almost look real!
Please click on the picture below to see some darling Judy Chatties.




See my 2003 dress design contest which I won!
(I was surprised and delighted to
win both the drawing design, and
the seamstress job.)


Easter Club Swap 2004!
(We have a lot of fun in the
Chatty clubs with swaps.)


Natasha's adventure
with mushrooms, October 2004.
(A picture story.)


View a winter wonderland,
January 2005!
(Yes, it does snow in
Vancouver, BC!)


Please visit:


Judith's Make Over page.



Christina's Make Over page.



Chatty Cathy trivia.


Patricia Jean Floyd was one of my online Chatty Cathy friends.
Sadly, Patricia passed away on August 20, 2011 after a brief illness in hospital.
She created many adorable items for my Chatty Cathy dolls.
I'm happy that I knew her so briefly, and happy to have encouraged her in the making of doll items which she was very talented at doing, and she made quite a profit on eBay selling her darling things.
Patricia was only 58 when she died, so I encourage you to live each day to the full, and enjoy those dolls!

This is the first item I bought from Patricia, in 2006.
She would take a rusty used child's toy and transform it into a thing of beauty.
She had a great talent for this, and someone used to copy her on eBay, which I thought was a bit cruel.
However that person never could quite make their items as cute as Patricia's!

I just love this cabinet, with the cherry decals. Patricia also made the strawberry pie and chocolate cake.

My Chatties then needed a fridge, transformed by Patricia.
I always wanted one as a child. I only had a stove.

I just adore this washing machine and now I'm so glad I bought it, even though it was $95!
It is darling and my Chatty dolls have had many happy times washing their clothes.

Here are two more photos of Patricia's works of art, borrowed from eBay when she used to list them.

And last but not least, a darling hat created by Patricia.
She used a bought doily to create the hat and starched it.
She was such a talented dolly person and I wish I could have met her.





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