Matthew, Robert holding baby Kelsie, and Daisy, Kelsie's mother, on June 22, 2001.
Kelsie's birthday is April 28th.


Kelsie in her new home, chewing on a new toy.

Matthew, so pleased he has a puppy of his own at last!





our Jack Russell Terrier

What was life like before Kelsie? Calm...peaceful...boring...

When Matthew began to beg for a puppy back in 1996, I wasn't sure which breed to choose, or if I really wanted a dog in the house, sharing our people domain. How un-sanitary! And if and when we did get a dog, it certainly wasn't going to enter any part of the house except the dining room/kitchen area. Famous last words...

We began The Search in the spring of 2001. We borrowed and bought books about dogs, and asked a local vet some questions. We decided that Jack Russell Terriers seemed to be robust enough for our family, plus being very people savvy. We spotted an advertisement for puppies in June, and went to check them out. Matthew fell in love with the last puppy available; a little female. She seemed to need lots of love, and her owner said she had a very gentle nature.

We went home and thought it over, and the next evening, June 21, we returned and purchased the little puppy for $500.00. She had all her shots and de-worming, and she was ready to go.

We haven't been the same since!


Here is a darling poem I found, and thought I'd copy out here for you to enjoy:


I wonder if Christ had a little black dog
All curly and wooly like mine;
With two silky ears, and a nose round and wet,
And eyes brown and tender that shine.

I'm afraid that He hadn't, because I have read
How He prayed in the garden alone;
For all of His friends and disciples had fled,
Even Peter, the one called a "stone".

And oh, I am sure that that little black dog
With a heart so tender and warm,
Would never have left Him to suffer alone,
But, creeping right under His arm,

Would have licked those dear fingers in agony clasped,
And counting all favours but loss,
When they took Him away, would have trotted behind
And followed Him quite to the cross!

By Elizabeth Gardner Reynolds

LH Houben
Copyright 2012