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My love for dolls began at an early age. When I was only 6 months old, my parents gave me a doll as large as myself, for a Christmas gift! In the photos below, you can see me  proudly sitting with this doll, and I remember playing with her often. She had large blue "sleep" eyes, with thick eyelashes, hard molded brown hair, rosy cheeks, a mouth which I could actually feed a bottle of water, and she was made of hard plastic which it seemed nothing could destroy! I think she even came into the tub with me. I never remember calling her by any name, but I pushed her around often in my little doll stroller, in the back yard, and sometimes down the front road. I have her now, still unnamed! She even has one of her original shoes, and she still has her thick eyelashes! (click on photos to see them enlarged)


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Here I am with my first dolly, on Christmas Day, 1960!

The handsome young man with me is my Dad.





Christmas 1965! Here we are, so excited with our new buggies! We always had to
dress up after supper on Christmas Eve, and when we were finished, I could hear
my Dad coming up from the basement, and my Mom told me to keep my
bedroom door closed, and not to peek! I knew something was up. My sister
and I raced into the living room, and there were the lovely blue buggies
waiting for us, with matching diaper bags!





Here we are with our doll buggies.
This photo was taken May 1968, and we were all dressed up for a parade at
our school just up the hill, on Sport's Day. (yes, I still have the buggy!) It's strange
that Marlene, the youngest sister, always seemed to be left out of things! Maybe
because she wasn't school age yet. Our dear Mom had decorated the buggies
with crepe paper and kleenex "roses". (kleenex used to be coloured) We're wearing
our Mom's old dresses and her hats!




Leona and I, playing with Nan and Flossie, two identical vinyl dolls, purchased in the summer of 1966 in Oregon,
on our annual visit to the farm. We wore those dolls out!




The above shot is one of my favourites! This was taken in the summer of 1967,
in our back yard. I am on the left, with a lovely, large baby doll, given to me
by my Aunt Frieda. Our aunt often sent us packages in the mail; this had come the
previous Christmas. Leona (on the right) is holding a walking doll, named Susie.
She could walk across the floor, by means of batteries in her back. Aunt Frieda had 
sent her, too. I don't remember what Marlene, the little sister in the middle, received
that year.


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