Loretta's American Girl
Doll Collection
started in 2006.


In July 2006, my friend, Linda and I, went on a trip to beautiful
California, and had an opportunity to visit the brand new
American Girl store in Los Angeles.






Our friend, Toni, kindly picked us up at our hotel,
and spent hours on the LA freeway driving us to and
from the AG Place. It was such fun to see her again!
We had a blast!






We spent all afternoon browsing the fantastic displays!
I really didn't know where to begin! We had to split up, and look
at the dolls and accessories at our own speed. There is
just so much to see, and all the displays are darling!
It really makes you want to buy it all!

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Over 20 years ago, my cousin Judy Brutke, sent me an
American Girl catalogue. She knew I collected
dolls, and loved history. I fell in love with
Samantha, but didn't have the money at the time
to spend on dolls!

At last, many years later, my dream came true,
and I spent about 20 minutes picking out the
perfect Samantha doll at the American
Girl Place!

Here I am, purchasing her!

Samantha Parkington is from 1904, one of my
favourite eras.





I also bought two outfits for Samantha.
How can a girl go home to Canada without
a wardrobe?

The darling pink outfit was the best deal.
It was only $22.00 and included the dress, hair bow,
shoes, stockings and a heart shaped locket.

Samantha also got the cute sailor dress and hat with
a whistle. I'm partial to sailor outfits!







Here is Samantha at the AG Store,
wearing the adorable sailor outfit.

Later I purchased the matching butterfly net,
complete with butterflies and wicker basket.

I confess that I've bought a lot from
the AG store through their online place!





I could have taken oodles of pictures, but I controlled myself!
Here are a few of my favourites.





At the end of our wonderful day,
we had dinner at the AG restaurant.

The food was superb! We had checked our packages
with the desk, as we didn't want to carry them
all over.

So a "guest" Samantha sat at the table
with us! It was such fun as the whole room
was filled with girls and their dolls!







We had a cute dessert!
A butterfly cookie, a heart shaped cake,
and chocolate mousse in
a flower pot with a daisy on top!

If you ever get a chance, please
visit your nearest AG store, and
plan to eat at least one meal there!

I highly recommend it!

We had a fabulous time in California!
It was the first time I'd ever flown with
a friend.

Linda is the best sort of friend to go anywhere with.
I had lost my luggage, and each day she assured
me that maybe today was the day it would show up.

It did show up, just a few hours before we left to
return home!

But it was a FUN trip, and I won't forget it!

Here I am with all my loot from American Girl Place.



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