My latest hobby!



I've always enjoyed collecting tiny treasures. I decided it was time they had a home of their own.
Below you'll find photos of my miniature house project, as I complete each step.

It's assembled from a Dura-Craft kit, and it's called the "Sweetheart."
The instructions say you can make it in 2 hours. Don't believe it!

I've worked on it for about 10 hours now, in my spare time. The biggest decision is making up my mind about the wallpaper!



Here is the first photo, showing what I began with:
(April 2001)






Here the walls and the upper floor have
been glued together, and I added a primer coat
of latex paint. It needs a second coat.
The wood in this kit is very rough.

I glued in the kitchen and bathroom floors,
and half-way finished wallpapering the
kitchen with free wallpaper I downloaded
from a website.






Another close-up of the bottom floor. The decor of
my house will be modeled after a Mary Engelbreit house,
which I saw in her Home Companion magazine.
She is the one that has inspired me!



The finished result, September 2001:
(the upstairs view)
There are no other in-between photos. I became impatient to have it finished!

The bedroom.

The bathroom.




(the downstairs view)

The living room.

The kitchen.



I've spent many enjoyable hours on this project. During the week of September 11th, I didn't feel like working on the house at all. By the time two weeks had passed by, I realized that the best thing for me would be to continue on. It really helped somehow, even though I felt a little silly working on such an ordinary thing. I believe it's the "ordinary" things which help to keep us sane!

I put stucco on the sides of the house, and decided to paint the roof and the trim dark green. I call it my "Green Gables Cottage".

I've re-arranged the living room many times. At the moment it's being decorated for Christmas.
I wish I was tiny enough to fit inside! It looks so cozy.


Please email me if you have any questions or comments.


Front of house.


Back of house.






I've had fun doing further decorating. I added Christmas lights, strung
on thin wire, and semi-glued to the gables.

Christmas house.
(notice Grandma thru the kitchen window?)

The decorated bedroom.
(I crocheted the bedspread.)






I added a towel rack, with "towels" fashioned from a wash cloth purchased at the dollar store.


Notice the little calendar above the sink?
It's part of the miniatures I collected when a teen.



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L. H. Houben