This is our family photo album. Below is an index, dated chronologically. Have fun! (of course, only the best shots are included) Just click on the underlined names to locate the page.

(I will be updating this page as time permits.)


Pictures of my Mother, Susan (Brutke) Williams. 1930's - 1950's

Pictures of my Father, John Herbert Williams. 1930's - 1950's

Pictures of myself, and my sisters. 1960's - 1980's

Pictures of our wedding. April 1982

Pictures of our son. 1989 - 1990's

Pictures of my husband's Mother, Ruth (Tepper) Houben. 1920's-90's

Pictures of my husband's Father, Antoon Houben. 1920's - 1990's

Thanksgiving Photos: 1984 - 1997

Trip to St. Louis MO in 2002

Oregon Coast Trip 2006

50th Wedding Anniversaries: 2000 and 2005



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