A Romance

Chapter One (in a continuing saga)

Once upon a time, in a very large city, there lived a family of four girls. The house in which they lived appeared to be
growing smaller and smaller, as the girls grew older. With
all their possessions and clothes, they seemed to need
 more and more room.

The eldest of the young women decided that since she
had the largest room, known as "King Tut's Tomb", she
would have to make the first move, and therefore she
determined on a set date.

If she was still in that house after the passage of about
seven years, she would just up and leave, and set out
into the broad world, furniture, china, clothes, and books
in tow.

After making this firm resolve, she felt relieved, and began to look
about her, to see how she could make the world a better place, or at
least help her parents out a little with room and board.

Fortunately, she acquired a job easily, with the help of a school friend. The room and board was no problem, and she happily put the rest of the hard earned cash into the bank, saving up for a piano or a trip to Europe. She had no cares in life, except the mundane ones.

Those cares became a little too mundane after a while, and once again she began to worry. Maybe she should move out before the seven years were up. But the evenings after work were so cozy. Why would she move into an apartment, only to be alone? She could get a dog or a cat. But there already was one of those in the present house, and she knew she wouldn't care for that!

To get out of the doldrums, she helped pay for a trip for her family to a very beautiful island close by. They had a great time exploring old rock quarries, antique shops, exotic restaurants, and even a haunted mansion. They also had a chance to sunbathe in hidden coves. It was a lovely and much needed break. Everyone felt relaxed when they returned home, except for the two eldest young women.

A few days after the island retreat, they set off by train to a barren, desert waste, bringing face masks in their handbags. It was their first train ride, and they had a blast. The choking, whirling, dry dust settling over much of the landscape outside their window was a bit unsettling, but they felt they were prepared.

Arriving safely at their destination, they swiftly unpacked what little they had brought with. Their surroundings were very rustic, peaceful, and dusty. They were staying for a few days in a shack which had no running water, no electricity, and no heat. Not a care did they have in the world! Except, of course, for the grim fact that Mount St. Helen's might erupt once more.

They often walked the trails together under the old fir trees, which rustled and sighed above their heads. They attended many of the Bible studies and concerts in the large tabernacle near the humble cabin which they shared. They ate many meals in the kitchenette around the corner, and washed and dried a few clothes, and took a few shopping expeditions, all the while constantly sweeping the never ending volcanic dust out of their dwelling place, their clothes, and their hair.

Often as they walked the trails they encountered a young man, limping along on a pair of crutches. He would give them the merest of nods, and continue on his way quickly. Once or twice they managed to say hello to each other. They didn't know what had happened to him, even though he came from the same church from back home as they did.

In fact, they didn't know too much about him at all.


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Written by L. H.  Houben