My Father,

John Herbert Williams

by Loretta (Williams) Houben

My Dad, John Herbert Williams, was born on July 1st, 1929, in Spalding, Saskatchewan, Canada, in a little cabin on a farm. His parents were John Griffith Williams and Alma May Palmer. Dad has many memories of farm life. As I update these family history pages, I will add to them bit by bit. To begin with, this is the earliest photo I have of my Dad, taken when he was a few months old:

Unfortunately, little Jackie as he was called, is covered in eczema, due to the fact that his Mummy fed him the top cream from the milk, which he was allergic to as it was too rich for him. I just love this photo. Look at his little hands holding onto his parent's hands!


Little Jackie is sitting on his Grandma Florence Palmer's lap, outside on the farm in Spalding Saskatchewan, in what looks like very cold weather!
He is turning his head away from the brightness of the winter sunshine. Grandma Florence looks happy here, with her little daughter, Violet on one side holding her dolly like her Mummy is holding Jackie; and her only other daughter, Alma May on the other side, with Violet's twin brother Harry holding a large basket ball.
Maybe this was Christmas Day? I think it may be, and the year might be 1930, as Jackie was born July 1, 1929, making him nearly 1 1/2 in this picture. Or it could be 1931.


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