Loretta's Chatty Cathy house!



Chatty Cathy has to have a place to live; she
certainly can't be cooped up in a box all her life!
For a while I had my Chatties displayed on my large
window seat in my bedroom. Here is how it looked at
Christmas 2004.

I re-painted our bedroom in February 2005. Chatty Cathy
is now homeless. It just became too much to dust so
I packed everything away in storage.

I've displayed some of my favourite Chatties on the window seat,
and others are sitting around the room.
Click HERE to take a peek.

Please click on the small pictures below to
see a larger view.


Emmaline is listening to Holly
play a pretty Christmas carol
on the grand piano.

The piano was purchased from
a Chatty Cathy friend, Rosemary,
who lives far away in America.
It was given to a friend in Bellingham WA
in 2011 as a gift.




Annalena and Judith are busy in
the kitchen, while the strains of
the Christmas music drift in from the
living room to inspire them.

The vintage tin stove was one I played with
when I was a little girl, and the vintage tin sink,
with real running water, was purchased
from Rosemary.

The neat little rug came from an Ikea store.




 Here is the bedroom, complete with bunk beds,
(which my sister and I played with back in 1969)
a chest of drawers, and a stuffed chair.


A Chatty size Christmas tree brightens
the room at night. Catherine is rounding up some
helpmates to get the tree decorated, while
Tabitha (a SF pig tailed Chatty from New York)
sits comfortably in the chair relaxing.







A closer look at a corner of the bedroom.
O the joy of artificial trees, for those
who might suffer from allergies!

Nanette, a Canadian brunette bob from Washington,
has been rounded up to help with decorating. Little
Fifi, the poodle, is peeking around the corner.

A delicious waft of hot chocolate and Christmas
cookies is drifting from the kitchen.

Everyone is getting excited! Christmas is coming!



Chatty Cathy Doll Collection

Pages and photos copyright
2013 LH Houben.