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I had a lot of fun making this dress! Ashley's Mom bought the fabric, for one thing, so I didn't have to worry about the cost.  Ashley, who is my niece, and the model in the photo, started Kindergarten in September of 1999.  She was very excited, so her Mom wanted something special for her. It turned out well; quite cute, with school related objects scattered over the skirt. It also has a border of teddy bears drawing on chalk boards along the bottom, and a tabard, which is like a vest, that can be worn on top of the dress, or removed. Ashley was very pleased with it! (And she enjoyed Kindergarten a lot!)

Ashley loves to dress up! In December 1997, I used a Daisy Kingdom pattern and fabric to make this sweet red dress, with matching pinafore. It has a lot of ruffles and lace, and Ashley loved to whirl around and around, making her dress spin out around her. This was a very special time for Ashley and her family; a baby brother was born on Christmas Day!

Here is the sweet baby brother mentioned above! Darling little baby James, born on Christmas Day, 1997. This was my first and only attempt at sewing and embroidering a quilt. I did it in four days!! It was a lot of fun, but next time I will not hurry so much.

Here I am; the proud Auntie, holding the darling bundle. I just had to sew something special for him, so I decided on polar fleece with a teddy bear print, and I made a baby bunting. It was extremely easy; the only fault being that James grew out of it so quickly! I also made a matching red jacket for his sister, Ashley.

This was taken in June, 1997. Little Ashley was only 3 years old! Doesn't she look so sweet? She was a flower girl for Auntie Marlene's wedding. This was my first attempt at sewing with satin, and at the time I didn't have a serger! What a job that was! But the result was darling.

This is one of my favourite photos! My nephew, Colin, on the left, and my son, Matthew, both wearing matching cotton shirt and short sets. They were very easy to make, and the boys got a lot of use out of them. I gave them as a gift on the last day of school, in June 1996. They weren't too thrilled when they opened a present that contained clothes, but they smiled nicely for the camera!!



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