My sewing room...


Here's a photo of me in my sewing room:
(one of my little Chatty Cathy dolls is helping me)

I've discovered the joys of sewing for Chatty Cathy, a
cute talking doll made by Mattel in the 1960's.


My sewing corner is set up in the dining room/kitchen area of
our 11 year old house. It's very bright with 2 large windows.
Kelsie's  bed is under the desk nearby.
(Kelsie is our Jack Russell Terrier)
She snores while I sew. The sound of the machine softly whirring
must relax her more than me!

I use a Pfaff Tiptronic sewing machine, purchased in May 1981.
I place it on top of an antique Singer Treadle sewing machine;
it's the perfect height.
In the picture below I'm sewing on a shamrock style dress,
sold in March on ebay.

(see below for a photo of my Chatty wearing it)





Copyright L H Houben