Consulate of Ireland
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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Consulate of Ireland
Vancouver British Columbia
210 – 837 Beatty Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 2M6


The Consulate of Ireland exists to serve the interests of the Government of Ireland with matters in British Columbia.  As the representative of Ireland in British Columbia, the Honourary Consul may deal with emergency matters involving Irish citizens in British Columbia, and legal and political matters at the direction of the Irish Government. 

For questions concerning passport, citizenship and visas, please contact the Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa.  

In British Columbia applications for an Irish passport may be obtained by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Consulate.  The envelope must be 9 x 12 and display at least $2.00 postage for the forms to be returned.  (British Columbia residents only)

British Columbia residents who are applying either to renew their Irish passport or who have a parent born in Ireland may obtain passport applications through the office in Vancouver by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Consulate. 

PLEASE NOTE: If neither of your parents were born in Ireland, and you wish to apply for citizenship or a passport by way of a grandparent, you must obtain the documents from the Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa.

Applicants for a work or visitors visa must contact the Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa. 

The Embassy of Ireland

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(613) 233-6281
(613) 233-5831

Please direct questions and correspondence to the Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa Canada with respect to:

    Passport applications and passport concerns
    Immigration and Visa questions
    Investing and conducting business in Ireland


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