A Few Thank You Notices

Kate, you are a Genealogy Goddess! You found him. I am in awe of your abilities. God Bless you for helping me out.
Dawn H.
Thanks Kerry Kate for sharing your great wealth of Kerry information with us.
Judy S.
Re: Learning the craft of genealogy online Kate, my sweet friend, I recommended that you be contacted because you are the finest of the fine.
To dear KerryKate,
With a million thanks for your time, patience and hints. I truly appreciate it. I am SURE to have some luck from what you have given me.
with best wishes,
Thank you a hundred thousand times for the help you provide for researchers.
Don K.
I have often been impressed with the breadth of your knowledge about County Kerry and many of its families, as well as with your willingness to share so much information obviously acquired through many years of work.
Pat C.
Dear Kate
Many thanks as always, for putting your heart and soul into all the research for us.
P and T.
you have to be the most Kerry knowledgeable person on the net.
Kerry Kate,
I want to thank you for your helpfulness on the Kerry newsgroup. You have been most responsive to those requesting help and have offered lookups to the list. I think many have benefited from your generosity.

It is helpful to have a researcher who knows Ireland first hand when one is doing family research. Sometimes the foreigner tends to overlook or misinterpret valuable information.

Again, thanks and hope you continue your interest in genealogy.
Kind regards,
Boston, Ma
Hi Kerry Kate,
Thank you so very much for all of your information. I know nothing about researching in another country so this is like winning the lottery for me!

This is the first time that I have posted these names to any list and I'm overwhelmed with the responses I'm getting. Addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Wow!

Thank you so very much,

PS If there is anything I can do for you in Pittsburgh don't hesitate to ask.
Hi Kerry Kate!
Thanks for the phone book info. I was toying with the idea that my ancestors living today in Kerry could probably trace their ancestors back. It would be interesting to hear their stories.

I think you are a lot of help to many of us Americans trying to find our Irish, Kerry origins. Thanks. Will write you about our stay in N. Ireland when I return.
Best wishes,
Kerry Kate,
Thanks for the info. It sounds like you have a handle on geneological research in Kerry.
Liz B.
My favourite pub in Tralee My favourite pub in Tralee.
Hi Kerry Kate,
Once again thank you for your ideas and wisdom that you have shared with me in my search for Annie O'Connell.
in appreciation,
Karl in Canada.