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Neil K. Lalach

I was born February 06, 1964 in Regina, Saskatchewan.  This is the heart of the Canadian prairies, big sky country.  Growing up in the city and spending weekends and summer holidays on the rural mixed farms of my relatives pretty much laid the foundations for my character.  I consider myself a British Columbian, but my roots will always be the prairies.  I was raised as a Ukrainian Catholic, my father is Ukrainian and my mother is German.

My family moved from Regina to the Kelowna, British Columbia in 1975.  Great weather, beautiful lakes and sandy beaches, with orchards all around.  I can remember my first feeling of the area, something approaching paradise.  It was, and still is a beautiful area to live, work, and play in.

After graduating from Rutland Senior Secondary School in 1982, I completed two years of sciences in the University Transfer Program at Okanagan College in Kelowna.  I took two more years of sciences, majoring in Biochemistry, at the University of British Columbia (U.B.C.) in Vancouver.

In June of 1989, I completed the Medical Laboratory Technology (R.T.) Diploma Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby, BC.  I then worked in the Hematology Department at Vancouver General Hospital as a Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist. In May of 1991, I graduated from the U.B.C. Faculty of Medicine with the degree of Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (B.M.L.Sc.).  During that time I also completed the U.B.C. Department of Occupational Health and Safety Course in Radionuclide Safety and Methodology.

In August of 1993, I achieved my Medical Laboratory Scientist (M.L.S.) designation from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (A.S.C.P).  I am a member of the Okanagan Academy of the British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science (B.C.S.L.S.), having served as Vice-President and President.  I am also a member of the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (C.S.M.L.S.). I also am a member of Pat Letendre's MEDLAB Listserve, an informative forum for medical laboratory professionals.

I have completed two courses of the Healthcare Management Program with BCIT, in their Distance Education Department. I completed the Modern Management Program with the Canadian Healthcare Association, Ottawa, Ontario, in 2001. I have recently completed the three-part Quality Control distance education course offered by C.S.M.L.S.

I am currently a Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist, Supervising the Hematology Department of the Clinical Laboratory at Kelowna General Hospital, in Kelowna. I can be reached there at

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I am the 2nd of five children to Nick and Cecilia (Gaetz) Lalach. I married the love of my life, Karen Liebholz, in Kelowna, November 12, 1994. On October 19, 2000 our first child, Kevin Neil Lalach was born. Our second child, Raelene Nicole Lalach was born on February 27, 2004.  Our third child, Joelle Delenn Lalach was born February 15, 2007.

I have an older sister, Shelley, married to Dominic Verhelst.  They have four children; Larissa, Robert, Jacob, and Taryn.  My brother Harvey, married to Bonny (Rose), have four children; Nicholas, Lauren, Julia and Lindsay.  My sister, Shannon, married to Ross Siebert, have two children; Stephanie, and a son, Brett.  My brother Mark is married to Bobbi (Fountain), they have four children; Jeff, Lucy, Abby, and Kurt.

I am currently researching my ancestry and Karen's ancestry using the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Software, Version 5.2.  I have quite an extensive family tree worked out so far, over 6000 names when you add in the relatives and their relatives, etc.
I present my family tree outline;

                                         / Hrynia (Hrynko) LALACH
                              / Dmytro LALACH
                             /           \ Ewdokii RENDZIAK
                    / Harry (Sr.) LALACH
                   |         \           / Stephen FEDORYSHYN (Sr.)
                   |          \ Magdalena FEDORYSHYN
                  /                      \ Maria Anna BORONETZ
          / Nick LALACH
         |        \                      / 
         |         |          / John WOYNARSKI
         |         |         /           \ 
         |          \ Mary WOYNARSKI
         |                   \           / Michael KWAITKOWSKY
         |                    \ Katherine (Katie) KWAITKOWSKY
        /                                \ Catherine BENBESIOK
        \                                                          / Ignatz GOTZ   
         |                                                  / Gabriel GOTZ
         |                                                 /        \ Helena
         |                                         / Joseph GOTZ
         |                                        /        \ Julianna
                                        /Ignatius GOTZ
         |                               /         \ Elizabeth
         |                    / Valentine GAETZ {GOTZ}
         |                   /           \ Julianna FIX
         |          / John GAETZ
         |         |         \                     / Nicholas SCHMIDT
         |         |         |            /Antonius (Anton) SCHMIDT
         |         |         |           /         \ Luisa
         |         |          \ Katherina (Katie) SCHMIDT
         |        /                      \ Barbara BISHOF {BISHOP}
          \ Cecilia GAETZ
                  \                      / Frank (Sr.) NEIGEL
                   |          / Felix (Sr.) NEIGEL
                   |         |           \          / Adam BECKER
                   |         |            \Katherine BECKER
                   |         /                      \ Catherine GRAD
                    \ Theresa NEIGEL
                             \                                / Peter HERRMANN
                              |                      /Bernhardt HERRMANN
                              |                     /         \ Anna SWITALLO
                              |          / Joseph HERRMANN
                              |                     \ Anna ECHUS 
                              \ Mary HERRMANN
                                         \          / Franciscus Joseph HERRMANN
                                          \Maria Anna HERRMANN
                                                    \         / Nicholas STAUDT
                                                     \Anna Margarita STAUDT
                                                              \ Susanna FUNKE                                                                          

I now present my wife Karen's family tree outline;

                             / Edward LIPHOLZ
                   / Bruno LIEBHOLZ
                  /          \ Julieanna GRUNWALD
          / Karl LIEBHOLZ
         |        \          / Frantik WALASZEK
         |         \ Amalie WALASCHEK
        /                    \ Anna HULAK
        \                    / 
         |         / Julius TULMAN
         |        /          \ Pauline PULLMAN 
          \ Elizabeth TULMAN
                  \          / Simon ZADER 
                   \ Adina ZADER
                             \ Theresa


The following is a more detailed LALACH-LIEBHOLZ genealogical presentation.

If you have any information on these family ancestors and/or their descendants, or know of someone who has, please get in touch with me at  I am always interested in updating the family tree and would be quite happy to share any information I have.

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Favourite Sports

Downhill skiing at Big White just 40 minutes from town, offers the best and most varied terrain the Okanagan Valley has to offer.  The snow is dry and fluffy, and of course there is always lots of it, an alpine paradise to be sure.

Water skiing on Wood, Kalamalka, or Okanagan Lake is the activity of choice in the summer.  Terrain for hiking and mountain biking also abound in this area.

I also enjoy a good game of indoor volleyball.  I like a game of squash, too, but I am not very good at it!

Golf is quite popular in the area, and there is plenty of choice as well.  I enjoy a round when I have the time.

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I am a Master Modeller, and have been model building for more than 35 years.  I generally build plastic kits; cars, trucks, planes, and ships. I am especially satisfied with my "Cutty Sark", complete with full rigging.  Currently am working on the “Bluenose” wood model.

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Science Fiction

I like most of the science fiction stuff; movies, television and related books that can be found. I enjoyed the Outer Limits - The Series, and the X-Files. I followed the Babylon 5 television series on cable.  For any information on that series, I recommend the Babylon website to answer any questions you may have.

I enjoy watching the Star Trek (all of them!) television episodes and the full-length movies.  I guess you could probably lump me into that group of so called Trekkers!  I collect some of the magazines and related books and artefacts.  And of course, I have built (and, continue to build) most of the Star Trek models available.  

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Photographic Interests

As with genealogy, photography is more than just a hobby with me, but rather, would better be classified as a creative need of mine.
Personally, I prefer shooting landscapes, and close up work on flowers and butterflies. 

I have had experience doing colour and black and white photomicrography.

I had a short, but interesting course while at university, doing some electron microscopy work and photographic printing of the results.

I have undertaken limited work photographing weddings, families and individuals (hey, pets too!). I have also been involved locally with jewellery photography for advertising and archiving purposes.

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Ham Radio

In April 1997, I received my amateur Radio License.  John Senez VE7ONX of the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club led the course, many thanks John.  My Call Sign is VE7NKL, that's "Victor Echo Seven November Kilo Lima" for the non-radio folk that may be reading!

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Websites of Interest

| GOOGLE | YAHOO | Royal Bank | U.C. Church | Ukraine | U.B.C. Okanagan | U.B.C. Vancouver | B.C.I.T. | A.S.C.P. | B.C.S.L.S. | C.S.M.L.S. | MEDLAB | C.H.A. | P.A.F. | Big White | Babylon 5 | Star Trek | O.C.A.R.C. |


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