Mount Arrowsmith
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Mount Arrowsmith is the highest and most visible mountain on southern Vancouver Island. Rising to a majestic height of 5962 feet (1817 m), the Mount Arrowsmith massif dominates the skyline from both sides of Vancouver Island. It is the largest area of sub-alpine and alpine climatic zone south of Strathcona Provincial Park. It is also home to several rare and endangered plants and animals and is an increasingly popular destination for outdoor recreationists.

What makes this mountain particularly important and inviting is its accessibility to Vancouver Island's major population centres: close to 400,000 people live within a three-hour drive of the mountain. Its road accessibility and its numerous trails and routes provide many and varied recreational opportunities for people of all levels of experience and fitness. The slopes of Mount Arrowsmith provide an ideal environment for activities ranging from family-oriented day hikes, birdwatching and botanizing, to paragliding, ski touring and serious rock and ice climbing. Mount Arrowsmith truly offers something for everybody.

The Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC and the Alpine Club of Canada together have launched an initiative to create a park containing Mount Arrowsmith and its surrounding regions in the interests of protecting the environment while supporting continued access and recreation opportunities. The creation of such a park would ensure:

The Mount Arrowsmith massif already forms part of a UN Biosphere Reserve, which provides a means of helping local communities understand their area through the promotion of scientific research, monitoring and education. This designation, though important, does not confer the conservation, protection, and recreational access that would be provided by park status. The Mount Arrowsmith massif, as the numbers and activities show, is already a park in use if not in fact, and our surveys have shown that thousands of BC residents, particularly those living on southern Vancouver Island, wish to see this area become a wilderness type of park.
Now is the time - please support our efforts.