Mount Arrowsmith


Peter Rothermel


I have made Qualicum Beach my home for over 35 years and for the past decade I have been active in access and environmental issues surrounding the Arrowsmith Massif and the central Island area in general.

I am a member of the Island Section of the ACC and several other Island clubs and a Director for the Federation of Mountain Clubs of B.C.

I have hiked, climbed and skied extensively all over Vancouver Island and not much elsewhere, hence am known as an "Island Rat"

Don Cameron


I have been enjoying the outdoors for nearly all of my life, and in the past 6 or 7 years really started to enjoy mountaineering. I love to bring new people into the mountains and I am able to do this by being a leader and instructor with the ACC.

Sandy Briggs


Sandy has been mountaineering on Vancouver Island since 1977 but has also climbed in the European Alps, Scotland, Greenland, the Caucasus, the Canadian arctic, the BC Coast mountains, and various other parts of western North America. He's a self-described mountaineer, arctic traveller, chemist, bushwhacker, parochial Vancouver Island mountaineering aficionado, and veteran of about 14 long arctic trips, including an ascent of Mt Logan via the King Trench in 1996. Hes a member of the Alpine Club of Canada and the Akademischer AlpenClub Zurich (AACZ). In 2001 he was awarded the Alpine Club of Canada Silver Rope Award for mountaineering leadership. You can check out his personal web site at <http://www.tinoxygentungsten.com>

Martin Hofmann


Martin is the new kid on the block, having moved to the island only a few years ago. He spent many frustrated years in the flatness of Southern Ontario before finally heading west in search of mountains. He initially overshot his mark and ended up in Canberra, Australia for a few years before finally settling down in Victoria. Mt. Cokely was his first island "peak".

Judy and Harold Carlson

Harriet Rueggeberg


Cedric Zala


A Victoria native and avid hiker, I first explored the Mount Arrowsmith area in the 1960s while still in my teens - with first growth still covering its slopes, it was a magical place. I have hiked in numerous parks in the Rockies, Selkirks, Cascades, and Vancouver Island, and have recently become a member of the Alpine Club of Canada. With Mount Arrowsmith having so much to offer, I believe it is now time that this area should be protected as a park.

Evan Loveless