Mount Arrowsmith

Arrowsmith Summit Register

The registers placed on Mt. Arrowsmith are looked after by the Alpine Club of Canada. When these books become full they are taken to the club's archives. They are open to the public for viewing or photo-copying.

The marked increase in this mountain's popularity can be roughly assessed by the numbers of signatures increasing each year.

YearRegister entries
1993 162 (July 19 - Dec 27)
1994 235 (Feb - Oct 29)
1995 236
1996 267
1997 301
1998 331
1999 511
2000 577
2001 600 (up to Sept)
2002 242 (from Sept 14)
2003 60 (Jan 1 to Feb 27)
2004 530 (May 11 2003 book dug up)
2005 (still counting)
(N.B. 2003 & 2004 had fire closures in the months of August.)

Keeping in mind that these figures represent only the people who signed the register and does not take into account those numbers hiking on other areas on the massif, or the people that reached the summit yet did not sign, nor that the register can be inaccessible for up to four months of the year due to snowpack and that the mountain has been closed to the public, due to fire hazard, much of the past few summers.

One September Sunday, 25 vehicles were counted at various trail heads. Estimating 2-4 people per vehicle, there were probably around 75 hikers on the massif that single day.

While not an accurate assessment, still it does show the increasing popularity of this massif.