A 60th Anniversary Celebration

Norway Visit September 2004

Thursday - Day 1  

In the early morning hours of September 26th 1944 a Royal Canadian Air Force Vickers Wellington Mk XIV aircraft crash-landed at Haugland in the community of Os, Norway. The Wellington of 407 Demon Squadron, carrying a crew of 6, had been on a coastal patrol over the North Sea.

The six crew members were: Gord Biddle, pilot; George Deeth, second pilot; Maurice Neil, navigator; and 3 Wireless Air Gunners Ken Graham, George Grandy, and Harvey Firestone. Fortunately the 6 Canadians were able to contact friendly Norwegians that same day and were soon in the capable hands of MILORG, Norways' resistance. Members of MILORG kept the Canadians out of the hands of the Germans occupying Norway and sent them back to Great Britain on the 'Shetland Bus' on October 12th 1944.

In September 2004 Harvey Firestone returned to Norway to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of the World War II events. He dedicated a memorial thanking the Norwegians for their efforts and sacrifices on behalf of the 6 Canadians.

Harvey was accompanied by his sons Rick and Gary, Rick's wife Susan, Rick's son Matt and Gary's son Elliot.

We must thank the wonderful people of Os, Os Turlag, and Os Kommune, particularly Karl Ole Midtbø, for incredible week-end. We are especially grateful for the friendship, kindness, and generosity of Helen Mowinckel-Nilsen; of Eva Lis and Tore, Helen's son; and of Merete and Kjell Harmens.

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Friday - Day 2
Saturday - Day 3
Sunday - Day 4
Monday - Day 5