NuclearWessels' guide to SFC3 campaign modification
(for single-player dynaverse campaigns and online servers)

This document is still a work in progress, and care should be taken in using the information here since some of it is undoubtedly inaccurate, but it should provide a decent introduction to the process of setting up and customizing campaigns for StarFleetCommand 3. It covers both single-player campaigns and online servers.

NOTE: SOME OF THE SETTINGS DESCRIBED ARE INTRODUCED IN THE UNOFFICAL PUBLIC BETA PATCH FOR THE GAME RELEASED BY TALDREN, so those might change or others might be altered when the patch (or even an official beta) is released. This includes the sections on forfeit penalties, the section on officer skill advancement, and the section on offering alternative "hail" missions, plus possibly some others I've forgotten :)

Please let me know if you can supply corrections or additions! (

Much of the information contained in this document has come from a wide range of players and server admins for SFC2 and SFC3, Nomad, CptCastrin, Poland, MaxTorps, carrie, SkullnBonez, Rook, Articfires, BBJones, kosh2000, Mog, Magnumman, a whole slew of folks I've forgotten to list, and of course the good folks at Taldren - a big thanks to all of them! Any mistakes or omissions in the document are my own fault, apologies for that! Dave (Nuclear) Wessels

Important: Starfleet Command III is a copyright of Activision, while the game code is a copyright of Taldren, and Star Trek is a copyright of Paramount Pictures.

I have no objections to people using any of my material as long as it is not for profit (though I'd certainly appreciate due credit) but you must respect the rights of the game developers, owners, and publishers.

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