Astronomy of the Earth's Motion in Space (Added 8 Apr 09)
"An algebra-based overview of elementary and (mostly) pre-telescope astronomy, for personal study"
Explore Astronomy (Added 8 Apr 09)
Full Moon Names (Added 9 Apr 09)
Hubble Space Telescope Image Gallery (Added 8 Apr 09)
Meteor Shower Guide (Added 9 Apr 09)
NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (Added 8 Apr 09)
NASA's New Sun Images (Added 22 Apr 10)
solar eruption photos taken 30 March 2010
Tides Prediction Calculator (Modified 12 Dec 10)
Timeline of Early Astronomy, Mechanics & Spaceflight (Added 8 Apr 09)


Earth Observatory (Added 1 Aug 10)
Natural Hazards; Image of the Day; Global Maps
MODIS Image Gallery (Added 1 Aug 10)
Daily Satellite images from NASA Satelites; uses Julian Date (e.g. 2010211 = July 30)

Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis

Auroral Activity (Added 8 Apr 09)
Tips on Viewing the Aurora; Megnetic Latitude Maps
Aurora's Northern Light Images (Added 8 Apr 09)
Original Collection
Candian Space Science Data Auroral Oval (Added 8 Apr 09)
Real Time Auroral Oval Globe View, updated every 5 min with significanct activity; with Archived views back to 2006
CARISMA (Added 8 Apr 09)
Canadian Array for Realtime Investigations of Magnetic Activity; an array of magnetometersódevices is used to measure disturbances in Earth's magnetic field, caused by activity occurring in the magnetosphere region of space near the Earth
Earth's Magnetosphere Introduction (Added 12 Apr 09)
Johns Hopkins Physics Auroral Oval (Added 8 Apr 09)
Ovation: Latest Northcap Oval Location; Historic Data Imagery
Secrets of the Polar Aurora (Added 12 Apr 09)
Solar Cycle Wiki (Added 8 Apr 09)
Solar Physics (Added 8 Apr 09)
Solar Cycle 24 (Added 12 Apr 09)
images updated every 2 minutes: solar wind, auroral oval, solar updates
Space Weather Prediction Center (Added 8 Apr 09)

Star Gazing

Cartes du Ciel / Sky Charts (Added 9 Apr 09)
Free Astronomy Software (v.2.76 for Windows); v.3 for Linux, Windows & Mac OS X
Complete Guide to Skygazing (Added 9 Apr 09)
Constellations (88) - Sky Atlas (Added 9 Apr 09)
Construct Your Own Star Finder Star Chart (Added 8 Apr 09)
patterns in pdf files
Earth Sky Tonight (Added 9 Apr 09; Modified 12 Dec 10)
daily updates
Sky Almanac (Added 8 Apr 09; Modified 12 Dec 10)
Constellation Guide; Sunrise & Sunset Calculator; Weekly Stargazing Tips; Planet Viewing; Meteor Showers; Resources
Sky & Telescope (Added 11 Apr 09)
Register for Interactive Starchart; This Week At A Glance; Observing Highlights; Learning The Sky; Make A Star Clock Make A Star Wheel; Make Your Own Sundial
Sky Calendar (Added 24 Dec 10)
The Night Sky Live (Added 8 Apr 09)
web cams pointed skywards in Arizona, Canary Islands & Chile
Tonight's Sky (Added 8 Apr 09)
flash movie of monthly sky highlights