Botanical Photographs

California Wildflowers (Added 6 Sep 10)
database sortable by: colour and names (family, latin, common)
Celebrating Wildflowers: Pacific Northwest Region (Added 6 Sep 10)
Wildflowers and Other Plants of Southern California (Added 6 Sep 10)

Botanical Prints

Early New Zealand Botanical Art (Added 8 Sep 10)
Ferns of Great Britain & Ireland by Thomas Moore (Added 8 Sep 10)
Nature printed by 1857; Download: 50 plates download 1857; 29 MB; 51 plates download 1855; 32 MB
Herbarium: How To Make A Specimen (Added 15 Dec 10)
Collection Guidelines, Collector Hints, Difficult Customers, Polish Wire Press Slideshow,
Impressions Of Nature - A History Of Nature Printing (Added 20 Aug 10)
by Roderick Cave
Plants & Gardens Portrayed (Added 20 Aug 10)
LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden
The phantom bouquet: a popular treatise on the art of skeletonizing leaves (Added 20 Aug 10)
by Edward Parrish

Botanical Crafte

Mother Nature's Toy-Shop (Added 8 Apr 14)
Weedrobes Accessories (Added 8 Apr 14)
Nicole Dextras


Botanicus (Added 8 Sep 10)
free downloads of historic botanic literature; Missouri Botanical Garden Library; Titles
First Ways (Added 17 Jan 16)
"urban foraging and other wilderness adventures"
Jepson (Herbarium) Fieldbooks c. 1903 (Added 6 Sep 10)
Tree Of Life Web Project (Added 6 Sep 10)
"The Tree of Life Web Project (ToL) is a collaborative effort of biologists and nature enthusiasts from around the world. On more than 10,000 World Wide Web pages, the project provides information about biodiversity, the characteristics of different groups of organisms, and their evolutionary history"

Flora & Local Guides

Plants of Coburg Penninsula (Esquimalt Lagoon) (Added 17 Jan 16)
Plants & Animals of Sooke Reservoir Watershed (Added 17 Jan 16)


UVic Herbarium (Added 17 Jan 16)

Nature Printing

Hammered Leaf Prints (Added 8 Sep 10)

Taxonomy & Botany

Angiosperm Phylogeny Website (Added 6 Sep 10)
Botany In A Day (Added 17 Jan 16)
Patterns Method of Plant Identification: Youtube 1, Youtube 2
California Plant Names: Latin and Greek Meanings and Derivations (Added 6 Sep 10)
"A Dictionary of Botanical and Biographical Etymology"
Califlora (Added 6 Sep 10)
database with mapped species
Dichotomous Key for Tree ID (Added 17 Jan 16)
Flora of North America (Added 6 Sep 10)
"information on the names, taxonomic relationships, continent-wide distributions, and morphological characteristics of all plants native and naturalized found in North America north of Mexico."
Index to Treatments and Keys From The Jepson Manual (Added 6 Sep 10)
"Searchable online database provides the latest information on identification, taxonomy, distribution, ecology, relationships, and diversity of California vascular plants"
Internet Directory For Botany (Added 6 Sep 10)
Plants Database (Added 9 Oct 10)
US Dept of Agriculture; Culturally Significant Plants
Plants Poisonous To Livestock (Added 9 Oct 10)
UVic Library: Botany Illustrated (Added 17 Jan 16)