Indigenous Knowledge

Curriculum Integration

7 Reasons to Integrate Indigenous Knowsledge into Science Curriculum (Added 2 Apr 14)
Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project Science Lessons Index (Added 2 Apr 14)
Cowichan Valley School District
Alaska's Culturally-Based Curriculum Resources (Added 2 Apr 14)
Alaska Native Knowledge Network; Creating a Place for Indigenous Knowledge in Education; Curriculum Seasonal Round; Curriculum Spiral Chart; Lessons & Units; Medicinal Plants of the Kodiac; Resources; Self Assessment for Cultural Standards; Winds & Weather; Working with Willow
A Sense Of Place: Toward a Curriculum of Place for WSÁNEC People (Added 3 Jun 10)
Tye Chaburn Swallow, UVic Master's Thesis 1998; 125 page pdf file
Connecting Cultures & Classrooms K-12 Curriculum Guide (Added 2 Apr 14)
Montana Office of Public Instruction; Curriculum; Lesson Plans
Curriculum Integration Project: Human Impact on Local Ecosystem & Environmental Stewardship (Added 2 Apr 14)
Curriculum Resources for First Nations Language Programs in BC Schools (Added 2 Apr 14)
Developing Units of Study (Added 2 Apr 14)
English 10 & 11 First Peoples Curriculum (Added 2 Apr 14)
BC Ministry of Education; Teacher's Resource Guide
English 12 First Peoples Curriculum (Added 2 Apr 14)
BC Ministry of Education; Teacher's Resource Guide
Environmental Learning & Experience Curriculum Maps K-12 (Added 2 Apr 14)
BC Ministry of Education; pdf of Curriculum Maps; Science K-7; Social Studies K-7; Fine Arts K-7; Physical Education K-7; Science 8-12; Social Studies 8-12; Fine Arts 8-12; Physical Education 8-12; Environmental Learning and Experience: An Interdisciplinary Guide and Videos; Sustainable Resources 11 & 12; Sustainability Course Content
Ethnobotany: Patterns in Relationship (Added 9 May 14)
Lesson Collections
First Peoples Principles of Learning (Added 2 Apr 14)
Indigenizing Environmental Education: Conceptualizing Curriculum that Fosters Educational Leadership (Added 2 Apr 14)
Manitoba First Nations Education
Indigenous Food Relationships: Sociological Impacts on the Coast Salish People (Added 2 Apr 14)
Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into Curricula (Added 2 Apr 14)
A Resource for Curriculum Developers, Teachers, Administrators; Manitoba Education 2003
Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge Into Western Science Based Envitonmental Technology Curriculum - An Examination (Added 2 Apr 14)
Master's thesis by Carol A.G. Andrews for Athabasca University
NASA Native Earth System Science Curriculum Project K-4 (Added 2 Apr 14)
Planning Guide for Development of Aboriginal Learning Resources (Added 2 Apr 14)
BC Ministry of Education
Science Essential Learning Elements (Added 2 Apr 14)
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Shared Learnings: Integrating BC Aboriginal Content K-10 (Added 2 Apr 14)
Social Studies Model Lesson Plans (Added 2 Apr 14)
Colonization & American Indian Perspectives
Traditional Knowledge Systems Grade 9 (Added 2 Apr 14)
Nishnawbe Aski Nation
Yukon First Nations Curriculum Resource Material (Added 2 Apr 14)


Deconstructing Dinner (Added 2 Apr 14)
Interviews with Nancy Turner, Cheryl Bryce & Pamela Tudge
Traditional Plant Foods of Canadian Indigenous Peoples: Nutrition, Botany, Use (Added 2 Apr 14)
Harriet V. Kuhnlein & Nancy J. Turner; electronic document pdf; 1991


Coastal BC Native Food Guide (Added 2 Apr 14)
Edward Curtis's 1913 The North American Indian (Added 2 Apr 14)
Vol.9. The Salishan tribes of the coast
Edward Curtis Online Image Gallery (Added 2 Apr 14)
Edward Curtis Photo Gallery (Added 2 Apr 14)
Edward Curtis Photographic Images (Added 2 Apr 14)
Folk Tales of the Coast Salish (Added 2 Apr 14)
Collected by Thelma Adamson; published 1934
Indians of the Pacific Northwest by Deloria (Added 2 Apr 14)

TEK - Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Anthropology of Northwest Coast Oral Traditions (Modified 3 Apr 2014)
Bibliographic Essay, Brian Thom, PhD Student, McGill University, Department of Anthropology, March 2000

Boreal Forest Aboriginal Land Use Patterns (Added 9 Oct 10)
Aboriginal Land Use Patterns in the Boreal Forest of North-Centrai Manitoba: AppIications for Archaeology
Chinook Jargon (Added 5 Jun 10)
Culturally Significant Plants (Added 9 Oct 10)
US Dept Agriculture
Cultural Survival Quarterly Backissues (Added 12 Jun 10)
Dream Shield: Guide to Protecting Designs, Brands & Inventions for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders (Modified 2 Apr 2014)
pdf file; created by Australian government
Expanding Biocultural Horizons: Integrating Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge Into a Global Framework for Sustainability (Added 3 Jun 10)
by Riley Pollom, Athabasca University
First Nations Languages of BC (Added 5 Jun 10)
First Nations Peoples of BC (Added 5 Jun 10)
First Nations Studies, History and Anthropology Theses (Added 3 Jun 10)
First Peoples' Language Map of BC (Added 5 Jun 10)
Halkomelem Ethnobiology (Added 5 Jun 10)
Brian D. Compton & Donna Gerdts; Plants index; Animals index
Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Alaska Native Ways of Knowing (Added 3 Jun 10)
Yupik Bird Book; Herman Kitka's Traditional Ecological Knowledge Quicktime Recordings; Doris Borhauer'sBasket Collection Photos; Songs & Legends: Oral History
Indigenous Studies Portal USask - Theses & Disertations (Added 9 Oct 10)
Journal of Ethnobiology (Added 5 Jun 10)
Past Issues: Vol 1-#1; Winter 81; Spring 1982; Summer-90
Journal of Ethnobiology & Ethnomedicine (Added 5 Jun 10)
Language Archives Celebrating World Indigenous Cultures (Added 23 Dec 10)
SENCOTEN Community Portal
Model Gathering Code (Added 9 Sep 10)
Superior Great Lakes; off-reservation forests
Sharing Indigenous Knowledge: To Share or Not To Share? (Added 3 Apr 14)
Chris Hagar, 2003, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Univ of Illinois
The Earth's Blanket: Traditional Teaching for Sustainable Living (Added 3 Jun 10)
by Nancy J. Turner
Trail of Story, Travellerís Path: Reflections on Ethnoecology and Landscape (Added 2 Jul 10)
by Leslie Main Johnson; Creative Commons ebook
Trail Tribes (Added 13 Jun 10)
traditional & contemporary indigenous culture; history with tribal perspective, along trails followed by Lewis & Clark
Why Is Taxonomy Utilitarian (Added 5 Jun 10)

Seasonal Rounds

Inuit Seasonal Rounds (Added 9 Oct 10)
Inuinnait Seasonal Round (Added 9 Oct 10)
My Seasonal Round: An Integrated Unit for Elementary Social Studies & Science (Added 8 Apr 14)
Northern Shoshone Seasonal Round - Bannock (Added 9 Oct 10)
Phenological Calendar Model (Added 3 Apr 14)
Relationship With Land Resources - Blackfoot (Added 9 Oct 10)
Restoring Seasonal Round to Ceded Territories (Modified 2 Apr 2014)
by George Spangler, Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission
Seasonality (Added 9 Oct 10)
Seneca Seasonal Round (Added 9 Oct 10)
Secwepemc Seasonal Round (Modified 2 Apr 2014)
The Seasonal Round (Added 9 Oct 10)