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Dulci Tunes
Everything Dulcimer
Hammered Dulcimer Page
Jam Clips from Festivals - ram format
Mountain Dulcimer Show Podcasts`(Modified 14 Apr 08)
What's a Hammered Dulcimer?
What is a Hammered Dulcimer, Anyway?


Atlas of Plucked Instruments

Folk Instruments

Glossary of Folk Musical Instruments
& Styles from Around the World


Acoustic Guitar Lessons (Modified 14 Apr 08)
Online lessons: blues, slide, fingerstyle, flatpicking, jazz & swing, tips & techniques
Guitar Instruction Video Lessons (Modified 26 Oct 09)
Rob Bourassa, guitarist; click on Video Response for next lesson in series; go through the keys in Circle of Fifths
Guitar Neck Notes Chart
Guitar Fretboard notes by key; powered by JavaScript
Justin Guitar (Added 14 Apr 08)
My Guitar Solo
scales, chops, licks, jazz & blues backup comp MIDIs; Licks Directory
S.S. Stewart&146;s Banjo & Guitar Journal - 1884 to 1899 (Modified 27 Dec 10)
pdf format; Mando Content Summary pdf: 1891:Apr, Dec; 1892:Aug, Oct, Dec; 1893:Feb; 1894:Feb; 1895:Feb, Jun, Aug, Oct; 1896: Apr, Oct, Dec; 1897:Feb, Jun, Aug; 1898:Feb, Jun, Oct, Dec; 1899:Dec
Techniques For Guitar (Added 14 Apr 08)
in french; pdf files
The How & Tao of Folk Guitar (Added 14 Apr 08)
by Patrick Costello


Piano Chord Chart
Java script
Virtual Piano Chords (Added 22 May 07)


Dominator Uke Tab (Added 9 May 07)
pdf & MIDI format
Ukulele Charts (Added 9 May 07)
Ukulele Lesson Samples Online
pdf files
Uke Farm
hosted by John Baxter of MandoZine;
Uke Farm Radio
Live 365
Ukulele Midnight Disco
Ukulele Sessions (Added 27 Aug 10)
Uke Tabs (Added 9 May 07)