Learning Links


British Columbia Libraries: Libraries Without Walls (Added 26 Apr 2010)
iPod compatible audio books
Canadian Literature & Culture (Added 26 Dec 2009)

Community Organizing

Citizens Handbook (Added 1 May 2010)
Community Organizing, Community Building Activities, New Ways of Governing, Large Scale Action, Grassroots Problems & Solutions; Vancouver
Community-Building Exercises (Added 25 Mar 10)
Bonding & Trust-Building, Moving Around, Theatre Improv, Verbal Games, Teaching, Laughter, Party Games
Community Tool Box (Added 1 May 2010)
"information on essential skills for building healthy communities"; Table Of Contents
Guide to Effective Participation (Added 1 May 2010)
zip file available
Media Literacy (Added 2 Apr 2010)
Five Key Questions & Concepts of Media Literacy Summary Lesson Plans For Media Literacy (87 pg pdf); Media Literacy for the 21st Century (87 pg pdf)
Posters: How To Make Effective (Added 19 Mar 2010)
20 page powerpoint presentation pdf
Social Change Training (Added 1 May 2010)
Training For Change (Added 1 May 2010)
activist training through strategic non-violence

Critical Thinking

Bloom's Taxonomy & Critical Thinking (Added 23 Jan 2010)
keywords & types of questions to ask; see also Applying Bloom's Taxonomy
Critical Thinking Articles (Added 23 Jan 2010)
Enabling Change (Added 30 Apr 2010)
CoCreate Guide, How to make a theory of change; How To Change The World


Classroom 2.0 (Added 20 Dec 2009)
using Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education; Forum
Ecology Campus Network (Added 29 Dec 2010)
student portal
Flexible Learning Framework (Added 28 Dec 2010)
Learning Design Tool (Added 28 Dec 2010)
Learning Design Tool Guide; "a FREE online resource which guides you step-by-step through the stages to write high quality, learner-focused course content, and to create your own learning design template."
Learning Network (Added 20 Dec 2009)
Learn Online (Added 28 Dec 2010)
free moodle courses for vocational education & training
Moodle Training Files (Added 5 Mar 2010)
pdf files
MyWebInspiration (Added 20 Dec 2009)
in free Beta, will eventually become subscription service; "online collaborative visual thinking and outlining tool"; "brainstorm, understand and communicate complex information"; Oregon; go between outline & diagram view; concept maps, process flows, webs and idea maps; collaborative on-line tool
Open CourseWare Consortium (Added 26 Dec 2009)
links to Universities who offer free open courseware
Planet U (Added 20 Mar 2009)
By R. Michael M'Gonigle, Justine Starke, Briony Penn
Read Write Think Web Resources (Added 20 Dec 2009)
Create a Flip Book
Richard Lyon's On-Line Resources (Added 23 Jan 2010)
Teaching Assistant Resource Centre (Added 5 Mar 2010)
username & password: guest
Teaching Tips Resources (Added 23 Jan 2010)