Mandolin WebSites

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Chords & Tuning

Bouzouki GDAD Tuning (Added 19 Jun 07)
Chord Charts & Double Stop Runs in GDAD tuning
Brian Schröder's Huge Chordlist Collection
Chord Find
Chord Pad Mandolin Chords Chart
Chord Progressions
Chords for the Banjolin & Mandolin Family (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Chords In Moveable Voicings (Added 9 Feb 08)
pdf chart
Chord Stamp (Added 30 Apr 07)
rubber stamp with 4 strings, 5 frets
Chord Voicings
for guitar or mandolin tuning (use x for unused strings; not all chords are playable
Fretboard Diagram Printer (Added 27 Apr 07)
"Print scales, chord tones, and harmonic notes for any stringed instrument in any tuning"
Fretboard Of The Mandolin (Added 25 Jul 08)

Fretboard Template
blank fretboard templates for chords; from JazzMando
Gootar Mandolin Chord Generator (Added 6 Jul 07)
click Mandolin Tuning for online chord note placement; (Click New link: Chord Generator With Sound to buy Four String Chord Generator with Sound, PC or Mac for $5.95)
Irish Tenor Banjo Chords
common chords for Irish tunes; same tuning as mandolin
Jazz Chords for Mandolin
Mandolin Cafe Chord Library
Includes charts for both right & left hand chords
Mandolin Chord Chart
Java Script
Mandolin Handy Guide (Added 15 Jun 09)

Select key for suggested guitar chords & progressions
Music Theory Cipher for Mandolin
Fretboard introduction, patterns, chord progressions
Power (Modal) Chords (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Scale and Chord Tone Fretboard Printer
adjust tuning for mandolin
Scales, Chords & Arpeggios (Added 29 Apr 07)
10 page pdf file with Keys of C, G, D & A; created by Charlie Jones
Two Finger Chord Charts
Tune Your Mandolin On-Line

Forums for Discussing Mandolins

Blues Mandolin Discussion Forum (Modified 30 Dec 11) " Preserving Country Blues through Education, Performance and Technology "
Collings Mandolin Forum (Added 3 Feb 08)
CoMando - Mandolin Playing and Enjoyment
Discussion e-mail listserve with searchable archives dating back to Jan 1998
Django Books Mandolin Forum
Moderator: John McGann
Frets.Net (Added 3 Oct 08)
created by Frank Ford

Mando Hangout (Added 27 Dec 10)
launches Jan 2011; same format as Fiddle & Banjo Hangouts

Mandolin Cafe Message Board (Modified 26 Nov 08)
Categorized webpage discussion forum for all things mando; Archive Index
Mandolin Cafe Song-A-Week Tune Of the Week (Added 10 Mar 10)

Mandolin Cafe Song-A-Week Tunes Other (Added 10 Mar 10) (Added 20 Jul 08)
Forum, Interviews, books, UK events
Sugar In The Guord OldTime Mandolin Forum
Taterbug Mando Googlegroup (Added 27 Mar 10)

Yahoo Mandolin Music Group
Yet Another Mandolin Forum
started 18 Sept 2006

Mandolin Pictures

Bert Armand - One-Armed Mandolin Player
Flickr Mandolin Heaven Photo Group (Added 14 Dec 08)

MandoIsland Postcard Collection
Mandolin Archive
Pictures & descriptions of vintage mandolins; site designed by Dan Beimborn
Mandolin Cafe Antique Mando Photo of the Day (Modified 30 Sep 08)
Mandolin Cafe's Postcards from the Past
Mandolin Museum
hosted by Alan Bond
Mandolin Photography Tips (Added 14 Dec 08)

Mandolin Photo Techniques (Added 14 Dec 08)

Mandolin Pictures from Days Bygone
Mass Street Music Mandolins
Neil Gladd's Gallery of Vintage Mandobabes

Mandolin Stuff

Alan Bond's Berkeley Mandolins
Mandolin museum; bluegrass 6th chord; introduction to shaping picks
Bill Monroe Tells His Mandolin Story
1:50 MP3 soundclip
Bluegrass Mandolin Home Page (Modified 21 Mar 14)
Articles; mandolin playing techniques; interviews with & tributes to some great mandolin players; 39 tunes in tablature gifs & MusEdit; mandolin licks; cartoons: Mandotunes & Evolution of Bluegrass Man; Niles Hokkanen catalog; links; hosted by John Baldry
Bridge Adjustment & Intonation (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Changing Strings at (Added 26 Dec 08)
Restring Your Mandolin

Changing Strings - Lock To Tuner (Modified 27 Dec 10)

Electric Mandolin Resource Page (Modified 13 Apr 08)
FAQ Mandolin Cafe Message Board
Techniques, mandolin types, picks, mandolin parts, accessories, glossary
Flying With Musical Instruments (Modified 13 Apr 08)
United States Transportation Security Administration policy; TSA letter in pdf format
Frets Mando Manual
restringing mandos; care & maintenance; trouble-shooting and repair
Gan Ainm Cartoon Archives (Added 27 Oct 08)
Co-created by Patrick Latimer, celtic mandolin player

History of Mandolin Construction (Added 8 Apr 08)
1 MB, 32 page pdf file

Installing A Mandolin Bridge
Jack Tuttle Mandolin Help
lessons, tabs, practice suggestions
Jay Buckey music
lessons and music notation/tab
Jazz Mando
Exercises, recordings, techniques, jazz theory, FFCP-Four Finger Closed Postions
John McGann's Website
Technique tips; tab vs notation opinions; transcriber tips; humor; CDs; transcription service
Loar Fest Panel Discussion 2007 (Added 1 Apr 07)
Modern luthiers experience in applying the principles of Loar designs
Lloyd Loar Biography
Mando Island
German language site - some English pages; hosted by Michael Reichenbach
Mandolin Café
Mandolin resources, news, tabs, mp3s, classifieds, message board; hosted by Scott Tichenor
Mandolin Evaluation
by Steve Perry; construction, mando categories, setup, sound
Mandolin Family Instruments
"Some unusual and noteworthy vintage American instruments of the mandolin family"; text & old photos
Mandolin FAQs
Mandolin Glossary
Mandolin Information Blogspot (Added 27 Nov 07)
Mandolin Lessons Online by Mickey Cochran
Mandolin Magazine (Modified 20 Jul 08)
Interviews, books, UK events, forum
Mandolin Patents Search
Mandolin Tablature Exchange (Added 10 Nov 07)
Blog with collection of mandolin-related info & links
MandoTunes; Music archive of over 2600 TablEdit (tef files) mandolin tunes; Mandolin Techniques, Resources, CoMando Guest of the Week; hosted by John Baxter
MelBay's Mandolin Sessions Webzine
on-line mando-related articles and notation/tab; hosted by Joe Carr
Mother Earth News - You Can Play The Mandolin (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Wayne Erbsen; Issue # 92 - March/April 1985; Printable page
Old Time Mandolin Music (Added 8 May 09)

Pick Holder Patented 1896 (Added 4 Dec 07)
Picks: How To Make & Shape Them
Paul Hostetter, luthier
Plate Tuning Of Mandolins (Added 31 Jan 08)
article by Peter Coombe
Self-Playing Mandolin (Added 20 Mar 08)
Patent drawings 1901

S.S. Stewart&146;s Banjo & Guitar Journal - 1884 to 1899 (Modified 27 Dec 10)
pdf format; Mando Content Summary pdf: 1891:Apr, Dec; 1892:Aug, Oct, Dec; 1893:Feb; 1894:Feb; 1895:Feb, Jun, Aug, Oct; 1896: Apr, Oct, Dec; 1897:Feb, Jun, Aug; 1898:Feb, Jun, Oct, Dec; 1899:Dec
String Types & Composition
The Mandolin Page (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Mandolin playing instructions with chords, modes, tunings etc
This Day In Mandolin History (Added 5 Apr 08)
select date from pull-down menu

Tuner (Added 30 Apr 08)
Online tuner

Tunings For The Mandolin
Tune to fifths, open fifths, open chords, modal, other instruments
Vintage Gibson Mandolin Model Descriptions (Modified 27 Dec 10)
also Mandola, Mandocello
Wikipedia Encyclopedia - Mandolin
Woodshed Practice Log (Added 25 Nov 07)

Music Theory

Blumberg's Music Theory Cypher
for various stringed instruments
Jazz Mando
Exercises, recordings, techniques, jazz theory, FFCP-Four Finger Closed Postions
MandoZine's Fretboard Notes Flashcard Slideshows (Modified 30 Dec 11)
Interactive on-line learning tool
MandoZine's Keysignature Flashcard Slideshows
Interactive on-line learning tool
Musoku (Added 14 Dec 08)
Sudoku-like puzzle using Musical Symbols instead of numbers; Solution

Mandolin Instruction

Search Mandolin for books & DVD
Danny Carnahan - Celtic Mandolin Articles for Mandolin Magazine Mandolin Instructional Videos Mandolin Methods Books
Expert Village Mandolin Videos (Added 15 May 08)
How To Play Mandolin; Scales & Finger Patterns

Frank Wakefield
check for DVD compatability issues
Free Mandolin Videos Lessons (Added 19 Jun 08)
lessons by Brad Laird

Gibson Mandolin Video Lessons (Modified 18 Dec 08)
Browse Mandolin
Homespun Tapes - Mandolin Lessons (Modified 30 Dec 11)
2 minute video samples available for many lessons
Janet Davis Music
John McGann
MandoZine Resource Guide
MelBay Bayside Press
MelBay's Mandolin Sessions Webzine
on-line mando-related articles and notation/tab; hosted by Joe Carr
Mike Marshall Mandolin Tips (Modified 27 Dec 10)
How to hold mandolin & pick

Murphy Method
Musix Now
Tips From Musicians (Modified 30 Dec 11)
mp3 or podcast formats (for current ones); Search all Tips; Sandy Lee Cherryholmes; Bobby Clark; Jesse Cobb; Sierra Hull; Sonya Isaacs

MIDI, MP3 & On-line Music

An Maindilin (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Irish & Scottish music played on mandolin
CDBaby Mandolin Albums Search
lots of 2 minute samples from mandolin albums
Celtic Mandolin MP3 (Modified 30 Dec 11)
Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project - Mandolin
streaming, MP3 & wav formats; 1902 - 1919
David Grisman - DawgNet (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Dawg Tracks listening room; music studio files; Acoustic Oasis Free daily downloads (look for dog gone in each room)
Digital Library of Appalachia (Modified 30 Dec 11)
457 music samples & entire mp3s, with mandolin
mpu music samples; country-folk genre
John Reischman MandoTesting - Sounds of the Mandolin
Fisher's Hornpipe; wav & mp3 samples; recorded June 1999 at Kaufman Mando Kamp (3 samples by Steve Kaufman)
Mandolin/Guitar MIDI listening room
Classical MIDI for mandolin; Japanese
Mandolin Cafe MP3 Page
lots of great mandolin picking in a variety of styles
Mandolin Project (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Monthly MP3 recordings done by project members; started from Mandolin Cafe
Mandolin Radio
launching 20 May 2006; hosted by Paul Lucas; 24 hours a day on Live 365 Radio; Bluegrass Mandolin - Sat at 3:00 pm CT & Thur at 7:30 pm, Mandolin Traveler - Sat at 7:00 pm & Wed at 8:00 pm
MandoZine Radio
MandoZine's newest project; hosted by John Baxter; mandolin-centric music 24 hours/day on Live 365 Radio; need to register as user to listen
Medieval Mandolin (Modified 13 Apr 08)
Recordings on Embergher instruments by Ralf Leenen
The Traditional Music MP3 Tunes Page
some samples from CoMando CDs & Flatpick-L Plec CDs

Notation & Tablature

(See also Webpage of Note/Tab/abc/MIDI/MP3 Links)
18 Divertimento's for two Mandelins (Added 2 May 08)
by Scottish composer James Oswald in 1750's; pdf files

18th Century English and Scottish Music for Mandolin
pdf files
19th Century Tunes for the mando
gif files from old manuscripts
Traditional Bluegrass, Celtic, OldTime, Classical & fingerstyle guitar tunes for mandolin, guitar, fiddle & banjo; in TablEdit tef & MIDI format
Bluegrass Mandolin Home Page (Modified 21 Mar 14)
Articles; mandolin playing techniques; interviews with & tributes to some great mandolin players; 39 tunes in tablature gifs & MusEdit; mandolin licks; cartoons: Mandotunes & Evolution of Bluegrass Man; Niles Hokkanen catalog; links; hosted by John Baldry
Classical Pieces For Mandolin-Family Instruments (Added 2 May 08)
pdf & Scorch files; Bach, Telemann; transcribed by John Godin

Folk Punk Mandolin Tabs
by many Irish groups: Pogues, traditional
Free Scores
Classical mandolin music; pdf & MIDI formats
Jack Tuttle mandolin pdf transcriptions
Louis Tocaben's Complete Method for the Mandoline - 1885 (Added 2 May 08)
digital pdf copy; "a course of progressive exercises arranged in an interesting manner as duets for the teacher and pupil"

Mandolin Cafe Tablature Archive
Over 1600 Mandolin tabs
Mandolin Music & Instruction From "Golden Era" (Added 2 May 08)
"digital copies of mandolin music published during the Golden Era of mandolin activity in the United States"

Mandotopia (Added 2 May 08)
John Goodin's projects; Mandolin music and materials from the Public Domain (pdf files); Articles written for the Mandolin Journal

Mike Compton's Fiddle Tunes & Original Music for Mandolin
tab & notation in pdf & gif formats
Archive of Mandolin (also mandola & mandocello) music from around the world; gif, abc, midi; pdf for members only
Mandolin Instruction: Old Time, Country and Fiddle Tunes (Modified 27 Dec 10)
by Michael Holmes in 1977; recording samples; liner notes: 46 page pdf file

Simple Gifts Mandolin Tablature Archive
Tablature (with some MIDI) by Elizabeth T. Knuth
TablEdit Archives at MandoZine (Modified 11 May 09)
Play along, at your own speed, with over 2600 tunes arranged for mandolin, in Tef format; notation and/or tablature; Need to use free music softwareTefview
Tablature Template
The Pogues & Other Mandolin Tabs
Traditional Music Pages
Mandolin music and lessons (especially Scottish)
Tunes for Banjolin (& Mandolin) (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Irish, Scottish, English & American tunes in abc, pdf, gif and Noteworthy Composer format

109 Mandolin Players' Websites


(arranged alphabetically by last name)

Carlo Aonzo (Modified 13 Nov 07)
Italian, Classical; YouTube Video; CDBaby: Kaze; Vivaldi Concerto
Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong (Modified 26 Dec 08)
String-band Blues; (RIP 2003)

Marc Atkinson
Acoustic Roots music; plays with The Bills from Victoria, BC
Jeff Austin (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; plays with Yonder Mountain Stringband; YouTube Videos; MySpace
Butch Baldassari (Modified 10 Jan 09)
(RIP 11 Dec 1952 - 10 Jan 2009); Bio; Bluegrass, Classical, Bach; played with Nashville Mandolin Ensemble; MySpace; CDBaby; Homespun Video Sample
Amanda Barrett (Modified 1 Mar 08)
Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Western Swing, Ragtime combined with musical theater; plays with The Ditty Bops; Youtube Videos
Dan Beimborn (Modified 30 Sep 08)
Celtic; from England; designer of Mandolin Archive; co-moderator of MandolinCafe MessageBoard; YouTube Videos
Willie P. Bennett (Modified 27 Dec 10)
(RIP 16 Feb 2008); Folk, blues, roots-rock; Singer, songwriter; from Peterborough, Ont, Canada; toured with Fred Eaglesmith & The Flying Squirrels; YouTube
Wayne Benson (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Bluegrass; plays with The John Cowan Band; YouTube Videos
Alan Bibey (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; plays with Blue Ridge; MySpace
Dix Bruce
Robin Bullock
Celtic; CDBaby Samples
Jethro Burns (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Jazz, Swing; (RIP 1989); YouTube Videos: 1, 2
Sam Bush (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; YouTube Videos; MySpace; Honored By Kentucky Senate
Les Freres Canapelli (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Italian; with Sheet Music & MandoTab in Photo section

Joe Carr (Modified 30 Oct 07)
Bruno Cheli (Added 9 Feb 08)
italian & middle east ethnic, pop, jazz; Italy
Bobby Clark (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass; plays with Jerry Butler & The Blu-Jís; CGOW

Jesse Cobb (Added 23 Nov 07)
Bluegrass; plays with The Infamous Stringdusters
Andrew Collins (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; newgrass, original; Toronto, Ontario; plays with Foggy Hogtown Boys & Creaking Tree String Quartet; MySpace
Mike Compton (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; YouTube Videos
Milo Deering (Modified 5 Apr 08)
Bluegrass; multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer; plays with BeatleGras; YouTube Videos: "Hello Goodbye - Back in the U.S.S.R"; "Magical Mystery Tour"; "Lady Madonna"; "Hard Day's Night"; "Time For You" - an original; CDBaby
Rich DelGrosso (Modified 1 Mar 08)
Blues; CDBaby Samples: Get Your Nose Outta My Bizness! ; YouTube Videos: 1; 2; 3; 4; MP3
Hamilton de Holanda (Modified Dec 11)
Brazilian, choro; CD Samples YouTube Videos; MySpace
Drew Emmitt (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Bluegrass; now has own band; played with Leftover Salmon; YouTube Videos; MySpace
Andra Faye (Modified 10 Apr 08)
Blues; played with Saffire: The Uppity Blues Women
Matt Flinner (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass; original, classical; plays with Phillips, Grier and Flinner, Modern Mandolin Quartet & Matt Flinner Quartet; MMQ Samples; YouTube Videos; MySpace
John Frazier (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Bluegrass; Newgrass; touring with John Cowan Band (Oct 2007); played with Hit & Run Bluegrass & Colorado Playboys
Scott Gates (Modified 25 May 09)
Bluegrass; CDBaby Samples; YouTube Videos
Jimmy Gaudreau (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Bluegrass; CDBaby samples; MySpace
Sharon Gilchrist (Modified 26 Dec 08)
OldTime, Bluegrass; plays with Mary & Mars & Santa Fe All-Stars; CDBaby: Mary and Mars; Far Away Hills
Skip Gorman (Modified 12 Nov 08)
OldTime; CDBaby Samples: MandoFiddle tunes; Monroesque; Dogie Music; Amazon
David Grisman (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass, Newgrass, Dawgrass; YouTube Videos
KC Groves (Modified 26 Dec 08)
OldTime; plays with Uncle Earl
Petri Hakala (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Finnish; plays with Helsinki Mandoliners & Freshet; CDBaby Samples
Kenny Hall (Modified 2 Nov 07)
OldTime; CDBaby Samples: Skiffle Symphony; Sweet Mills String Band; Video "Dixie"
Anthony Hannigan
Bluegrass, Original; plays with Hickory Project; Kennedy Center Millenium Stage performance videos 2003 & 2005
David Harvey (Added 19 Jul 08)
Bluegrass, Swing, Jazz, and Celtic

Chris Hillman (Modified 30 Dec 11)
Bluegrass, Original; played with The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers; YouTube Video
Niles Hokkanen
Finnish Folk, Blues, Country, Rock-a-Billy, American Traditional
Ryan Holladay (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; MySpace
Sierra Hull (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; YouTube Videos
Andy Irvine (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Celtic; CDBaby Samples ; YouTube Videos with Planxty: 1, 2
Sarah Jarosz (Added 24 Mar 07)
Folk, Roots, Bluegrass; MySpace
Steve Kaufman
Paul Kelly (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Caleb Klauder (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Old-Time, Bluegrass; songwriter, vocalist & instrumentalist; plays with The Foghorn Duo & The Foghorn Stringband; MySpace: #1, #2; CDBaby: #1, #2

Danny Knicely (Added 13 Apr 07)
Bluegrass, OldTime, Jazz, Irish, Latin; Multi-instrumentalist; CDBaby samples: Roots & Branches; Amazon samples Murders, Drownings, Lost Loves; Cybergrass Profile; Mountain Music Project
Shawn Lane
Bluegrass; plays with Blue Highway; CD samples: Blue Highway & Solo: All For Today
Doyle Lawson (Modified 13 Apr 08)
Bluegrass; CD Samples; YouTube Videos; MySpace
Ray Legere (Modified 30 Oct 07)
Bluegrass; from Amherst, Nova Scotia; CD samples
Dominick Leslie (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass, newgrass; MySpace
Emory Lester
Bluegrass, Jazz
Tara Linhardt (Modified 11 Nov 07)
Bluegrass, Oldtime, Celtic, Swing; composer; Mountain Music Project; CDbaby
David Long (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass; toured with Mike Compton, Chris Sharp, Karl Shiflett; Videos: YouTube, 5; with Karl Shiflett 2008: 1, 2
Rebecca Lovell (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; "first female to win the MerleFest International Mandolin Competition" (see YouTube Video) in May 2006; plays with The Lovell Sisters; Video: Woodsongs Radio Show #408
Kevin MacLeod (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Scottish & Irish Traditional; Plays with The Occasionals Ceilidh Band
Marilyn Mair
Classical; Video of Villa-Lobos; Interview
Mandolirium: Rick Van Krugel, Mike Brooks, Russ Godfrey
Arabic, Greek, Russian, Hispanic, Klezmer, Appalachian, Gypsy, Blues, Jazz, '60's Surfin'; Mandolirium from Victoria, BC
Evan Marshall (Modified 1 Mar 08)
Duo-style, Classical, Bluegrass; YouTube Videos
Mike Marshall (Modified 14 Jan 08)
Jazz, Bluegrass, Choro, Latin-style, Classical, Jazz; Planet bluegrass Podcast (15 min Interview with music); YouTube Videos: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11; MySpace; MandoCello: "Bach Cello Suite" & "Wayfaring Stranger"
Simon Mayor (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Classical, Celtic, Bluegrass; from Great Britain; YouTube Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4; Buttermere Waltz
Ronnie McCoury
Bluegrass; plays with Del McCoury Band; CD samples: Heartbreak Town; MySpace
John McGann (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Traditional, Celtic, Gypsy Jazz; Multi-instrumentalist & Music Transcriber; moderator of Django GypsyJazz Mandolin Forum; MySpace
Jesse McReynolds (Modified 13 Apr 08)
Bluegrass; MySpace
Bryce Milano (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass, Classical, Swing, Gypsy Jazz; MySpace
Bill Monroe (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Father of Bluegrass; Bill Monroe Tells His Mandolin Story; (RIP 1996); Videos: 1, 2, 3; Digitial Library of Appalachia
John Moore (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass, Swing; YouTube Videos:1, 2, 3, 4
Tim O'Brien (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass, Celtic, Original; YouTube Videos; MySpace
Bobby Osborne (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass; YouTube Videos
Peter Ostroushko (Modified 15 Feb 08)
Original, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Sluz-Duz; Artist Direct Sound Clips; Mando Boys 1988 Videos
Will Patton
Jazz; CDBaby Samples: String Theory
Josh Pinkham
Luke Plumb (Added 22 Dec 07)
Celtic; from Hobart, Tasmania; plays with Shooglefnifty; My Space; Interview
Yank Rachell (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Blues; (RIP: 16 March 1910 - 19 April 1997); Story: The Mandolin & The Pig
Kyle Ramey (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass; Oct 2008 Indy Star article: "six-year old mandolin player 'prodigy' Kyle Ramey from North Vernon, Indiana. Kyle astounds audiences as he plays familiar gospel bluegrass tunes on his mandolin"; 1st prize mandolin at 2008 National Championship for Country Musician Beginners; BBC jam photo 2008; Youtube: #1, & #2

John Reischman (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; plays with The Jaybirds; from Vancouver, BC; CDBaby Samples Singing Moon, Bumpy Road; YouTube Videos; MySpace
Larry Rice (Modified 30 Oct 07)
Bluegrass; (RIP 13 May 2006)
Scarlett Rische (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass, Country; plays with Jypsi with 3 sisters & 1 brother; YouTube Video; YouTube Channel; MySpace;
Danny Roberts (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; plays with The Grascals; MySpace
Tom Rozum
Bluegrass, OldTime, Swing; plays with Laurie Lewis; CD Samples: Jubliee & Winter's Grace
Eva Scow (Modified 19 Dec 08)
Classical, folk, jazz; sample: TonePoets Disc 2, #5
U Shrinivas
Indian Classical; from India
Herschel Sizemore (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass; YouTube Videos
Ricky Skaggs (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass; YouTube Videos
Becky Smith
Steve Smith
Bluegrass, New Acoustic, Celtic, Jazz, Old-Time, Chamber
Andy Statman (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Jazz, Klezmer; Videos: Banks Of The Ohio, Bill Cheatham, Sensitive Waltz; Interview & Workshop Videos at Mel Bay's Mandolin Sessions; KCRW Interview - 2006; YouTube Videos: 1, 2
Johnny Staats (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Original, Bluegrass, Newgrass; CDBaby Samples ; YouTube Videos
Adam Steffey (Modified 26 Dec 08)
Bluegrass; plays with Dan Tyminski Band; played with Mountain Heart; Youtube
Alison Stephens (Modified 10 Oct 10)
RIP 10 Oct 2010; Classical; from England; MySpace
Don Stiernberg (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Jazz; YouTube Videos
Nicola Swinburne
Classical, Italian; CDBaby Samples
Chris Thile (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Bluegrass, Classical, Pop-Rock; plays with Nickel Creek; Samples of 2006 Release; YouTube Videos; MySpace
Scott Tichenor
Jazz, Bluegrass, Celtic, Fiddle tunes; Creator & webmaster of Mandolin Cafe; 6 mp3 samples; Brazillian music on Youtube: 1; 2 & 3
Gordon Titcomb (Modified 30 Dec 11)
Bluegrass, Americana; CDBaby Samples
Dan Tyminski (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass; MySpace
Patrick Vaillant
French; from France
Rhonda Vincent (Modified 27 Nov 07)
Bluegrass; YouTube Videos; Good Thing Going - Interview; MySpace
Frank Wakefield (Modified 25 Jul 07)
Bluegrass; CDBaby Samples; YouTube Videos: 1, 2, Kitchen-2007; Photo Index 1997-2007; Website 1997 - 2007
Jarrod Walker (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass; plays with The Bluegrass Parlor Band; Video samples: YouTube: 1, 2; Mandolin Symposium - 2004; MySpace: 1, 2
Tim Ware (Modified 13 Apr 08)
Kym Warner (Modified 1 Dec 07)
Bluegrass; plays with The Greencards; CDBaby Samples: Movin' On, Weather & Water ; MySpace; YouTube: 1, 2
Roland White (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bluegrass; CDBaby Samples; YouTube
David Wilkie
Celtic, Original; plays with Cowboy Celtic; Alberta, Canada; CD Samples: Drover Road
Tony Williamson
Ben Winship
Bluegrass, Original; Idaho; plays with Kane's River & Growling Old Men; CDBaby Samples
Dempsey Young (Modified 27 Dec 10)
RIP Dec 10, 2006; Bluegrass
Radim Zenkl (Modified 24 Mar 07)
Jazz, Bluegrass, Classical; YouTube Videos: 1, 2

Mandolin Videos On-Line
(New Links added - 26 Dec 08)
(Video URL check - 2 Jan 09)

Bluegrass - Mando Videos

1965 Fincastle Bluegrass Festival (Added 28 Mar 08)
with Bill Monroe, Clyde Moody, Mac Wiseman, Don Reno, Jimmy Martin, Benny Martin; Part 2

Adam Steffey (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Acutab DVD clip "My Approach To Bluegrass Mandolin"

Andy Statman (Added 20 Mar 08)
"Rawhide"; "Sensitive Waltz"; at Barbes in Brooklyn

BeatleGras with Milo Deering (Modified 5 Apr 08)
"Magical Mystery Tour"; "Lady Madonna"; "Hard Day's Night"; "Time For You" - an original

Beginning Bluegrass Mandolin Lessons (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Videos by Tom Bekeny

Bill Monroe & Bluegrass Boys (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Bill Monroe Clogging (Added 17 Apr 10)
to "Soldier's Joy"

Bill Monroe with California (Added 18 Apr 08)
"Gold Rush"

Bill Monroe (Added 11 Feb 07)
"Old Dangerfield"

Bill Monroe (Added 11 Feb 07)
"Southern Flavor"

Bill Monroe (Added 1 Mar 08)
YouTube video search

Bluegrass Books Online (Added 11 Jun 07)
"Big Sandy River" & "Blackberry Blossom"

Brad Davis (Added 11 Jun 07)
"Whiskey Before Breakfast"

Chris Thile
Chris Thile; Manchester, UK, Nov 2006; Big Sciota 2007

David Long & Chris Sharp
"Off Broadway" - "St.Louis"; 59 min

David Long & Chris Sharp
"Off Broadway", "St.Louis", 2005; Bean Blossom, 2005; (Videos - The Barn & Front Porch links)

David Long & Mike Compton
"Tell Me Pretty Mama"; "Every Humble Knee Must Bow"; "Gonna Save the King"; "Going To Live In Green Pastures"; "Big Indian Blues"; "The Old Ark's A Movin'"; "The Squirrel Hunters"; "Sittin' On Top Of The World"; house concert, 2-17-06 (Videos - Recent & Living Room links)

Frank Wakefield On YouTube (Added 27 Nov 07)

Frank Wakefield Playing in his Kitchen- 2007 (Modified 11 Jun 07)
"Black Mountain Rag"; "Rockwood"; "Last Thing on My Mind"

Frank Wakefield - 2004
2002, 2001; Large files

Frank Wakefield - 1960's (Added 26 Feb 07)
"Danville Girl" with John Herald (Greenbriar Boys)

Frank Wakefield - 1965 (Added 24 Mar 07)
"Roll On Buddy" with John Herald (Greenbriar Boys)

Herschel Sizemore
40 min video; with David Grier and Richard Starkey (guitars) jamming at the Roanoke, VA Bluegrass Weekend, November 19, 1999

Jesse McReynolds (Modified 1 Mar 08)
YouTube video search

Jesse McReynolds Crosspicking Workshop excerpt
June 2006 - Bean Blossom - Bill Monroe's 40th Memorial Festival

Jim Richter (Added 8 Mar 08)
Blues & Bluegrass

John Duffy (Added 17 Apr 10)
from a mid-80's festival in Lexington, Ky

John McGann with Eric Robertson & Jacob Jolliff (Added 8 Mar 08)
Berklee College Of Music in Boston mandolin concert, Feb 2008; Pt 1 of medley: "Mississippi Waltz", "Huggin' The Rail", "Roanoke"; Pt 2: "Wheel Hoss" and "Big Mon"

John Moore
"Panhandle Rag"; with Greenbroke: Brad Davis, guitar; Dennis Caplinger, banjo; John Cowan, bass; Pavillion Festival, Montrose, Colorado, April 2006

John Moore (Added 24 Mar 07)
"Take Me Back To Tulsa"

John Moore
"The Old Home Place"; with Greenbroke: Brad Davis, guitar; Dennis Caplinger, banjo; John Cowan, bass; Pavillion Festival, Montrose, Colorado, April 2006

John Moore & Scott Gates (Added 21 Mar 07)
"Soldier's Joy" & "Fisher's Hornpipe"; Mandolin Workshop at Temecula Bluesgrass Festival, 17 Mar 2007

John Reischman
YouTube video search

Johnny Staats (Added 11 Jun 07)
Blistering fast "Big Mon"

Mandolin Symposium Videos (Added 8 Mar 08)
2004; 2006; 2007

Mandolin Symposium Kids 2004 (Modified 8 Mar 08)
Scott Gates, Eric Robertson, Nate Lee, Jarrod Walker, Aissa (AJ) Lee, Jacob Henry Jolliff, Sarah Jarosz, Dominick Leslie, Bryce Milano, Bryce Milano playing: "Minor Swing"; "Big Mon"; "Red Haired Boy"; "El Cumbanchero"; "EMD"; "Limerock"; "Salt Creek"; "Old Rattler"; "Summertime"; "Bury Me Beneath The Willow"; "Cluck Old Hen"; "Children's Master Concert"; Recorded & hosted by John Baxter at MandoZine

Mandolin Videos at Mandozine (Modified 8 Mar 08)

Mando Mania Jams - Merlefest April 2007(Added 7 May 07)
Darin Aldridge, Wayne Benson, Tony Williamson, Sierra Hull, Ronnie McCoury (behind Sierra), Sam Bush, Dan Tyminski (behind Sam), James Nash (of The Waybacks) & Patrick Sauber, with Peter Rowan on guitar; Wilkesboro, NC
"Jerusalem Ridge": Sam Bush, Wayne and Tony
"Bluegrass Stomp": Darin, Wayne, Tony and Sierra, Sam,
"Big Mon": Sam, James, Patrick, Darin & Wayne
"Ralph's Banjo Special" - Sam starts; "Not Fade Away" - James starts; "New Camptown Races"; "In the Pines"

Marty Stuart (Added 20 Mar 08)
"Engine 143"; 2006

Marty Stuart (Added 20 Mar 08)
"Foggy Mountain Breakdown"

Merlefest 2001 Midnight Jam
"Daybreak in Dixie"; Chris Thile, Sam Bush, David Grisman, Tony Rice, Vassar Clements

Mike Compton (Added 19 Feb 07)
"Dust in the Lane/Cotton Picking Time"; from Marion Thede book

Mike Compton
"Frog On A Lilypad"

Mike Compton (Added 19 Feb 07)
"Jenny Lynn"

Mike Compton

Mike Compton (Added 8 Mar 08)

Mike Compton (Added 21 Mar 07)
"The Old Mountaineer"

Mike Compton - with David Long (Added 21 Mar 07)
"Evening Prayer Blues"

Mike Compton - with David Long & Steve Gilchrist (Added 21 Mar 07)
"Gonna See The King"

Mike Compton & Steve Gilchrist (Modified 26 Oct 09)
"Long Journey Home"

Mike Compton with Thomas Kingsley (Added 9 Mar 08)
"Old Ebeneezer"; "Tennessee Blues"; "Rawhide"; "Evening Prayer Blues"; & others

Mike Marshall, Sarah Jarosz (15 yr) & Drew Emmitt
"SaltCreek"; 2006 Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Ricky Skaggs (Modified 1 Mar 08)
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Roland White on Andy Griffith Show (Modified 27 Dec 10)
"Whoa Mule"; Roland & Clarence White, in their late-teens, playing with The Country Boys & Andy Griffith

Ronnie McCoury (Modified 1 Mar 08)
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Sam Bush - Merlefest MandoMania 2007 (Added 7 May 07)
"Jerusalem Ridge"; "Bluegrass Stomp"

Scott Gates (Modified 27 Dec 10)
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Scott Gates & Evan Marshall (Added 11 Feb 07)
"Hamilton County Breakdown"; Scott's Behind-the-back solo - mpg file at IBMA 2006

Scott Gates & Michael Rubin (Added 8 Mar 08)
"Lonesome Fiddle Blues", "Ragtime Annie" & "Salt River" jammin' at Mandolin Symposium 2007

Scott Gates & Steve Smith (Added 21 Mar 07)
"Wheel Hoss", "Gold Rush", "Big Mon" medley

Scott Gates and Thomas Kingsley (Modified 27 Dec 10)
"Cherokee Shuffle"; festival pickin' at Grass Valley, CA

Sierra Hull with Alison Krauss (Added 11 Jun 07)
"Cluck Old Hen"

Sierra Hull (Added 21 Mar 07)
"Salt Creek" with Ryan Holladay

Sierra Hull and Highway 111 (Added 11 Jun 07)
Ice On The Road; Another tune; Steel Rails; County Fool; at the Master Musicians Festival July, 2004 in Somerset, Kentucky; Interview on Jubilee

Spencer Strickland (Added 11 Jun 07)
"Cherokee Shuffle"; "Alabama Jubilee"

Blues - Mando Videos

Bradley Laird (Added 21 Mar 07)
Playing 2 finger blues progressions

Gerry Hundt (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Chicago Blues, Johnny Young style

Jim Richter (Added 8 Mar 08)
Blues & Bluegrass

Rich Del Grosso (Added 20 Mar 08)
Youtube channel

Rich DelGrosso (Modified 1 Mar 08)
"Get Your Nose Outta My Bizness!"; 2008

Rich DelGrosso (Added 1 Jun 07)
"Hard To Live With"

Ry Cooder (Added 20 Mar 08)
"Goin' To Brownsville" (1973)

State Street Rag (Added 20 Mar 08)
David Bragger on mando; tune by Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong; version 2

Classical - Mando Videos

Alon Sariel (Added 10 Mar 08)

Dayton Mandolin Orchestra

Detlef Tewes
Classical mando; Videos/ Live link

Double Bass & Mandolin Orchestra (Added 30 Mar 08)

Evan Marshall (Added 6 Mar 07)
Tchaikovsky's "Violin Concerto, Op. 35; Vivacissimo for Mandolin & Orchestra" with the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra

Evan Marshall (Added 1 Mar 08)
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Evan Marshall (Modified 1 Mar 08)
"William Tell Overture" (8MB); also played by Billy Hill & the Hillbillys at DisneyLand; 2007; YouTube Videos

Evan Marshall & Scott Gates
"Vivaldi Mandolin Concerto"

Giuseppe Anedda (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Classical; Italy; compilation of TV clips

Mandolin Orchestras (Added 30 Mar 08)

Mandolin Orchestras at YouTube (Added 30 Mar 08)

Nashville Mandolin Ensemble (Added 19 Mar 07)
Bach, Beatles & Bluegrass promotion; with Butch Baldassari; "Eleanor Rigby"; "Here, There & Everywhere"; "With A Little Help From My Friends"; "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"; "As Far As I Can See"; "Two Girls From Galax"; "Happy Birthday Bill Monroe"

Ralf Leenen (Added 10 Mar 08)
playing music by Calace, Munier, Ranieri, Cecere, Kioulaphides

Simon Mayor (Added 11 Jun 07)
"Concerto for Mandolin"; with The Mandolinquents, Live at All Saints Parish Church, Ilkley, Yorkshire 20th May, 2007; Buttermere Waltz

Etc - Mando Videos

Amanda Barrett & The Ditty Bops (Modified 1 Mar 08)
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Changing A Mandolin String (Added 30 Mar 08)
demo by Brad Laird

Chris Thile - with Brian Sutton (Added 21 Mar 07)
"Raining At Sunset"; from Woodsongs Old Time Radio Show

David Grisman at YouTube

Folk Of The Wood Mandolin Samplers

How To Buy A Mandolin (Added 14 Dec 08)

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)
"A Christmas Song" - first song played on mando (his "girlie instrument")

Jethro Burns with Chet Atkins (Added 30 Sep 08)
" Gallopin' Guitar & Blackbird"

John Reischman - Western Swing (Added 10 Aug 07)
"Time Changes Everything" 1989 at Berkeley's Freight and Salvage

Johnny Staats (Added 1 Mar 08)
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Johnny Staats
"Mandolin Meltdown"; with The Delivery Boys at Bob Evans Ohio Farm Festival, October 2006

Kenny Hall (Added 2 Nov 07)
"Dixie"; Patio jam Sessions

MandoCellos with Tim May & David Harvey (Added 19 Jul 08)
"Whiskey Before Breakfast"; More Tunes; Vintage Gibsons MandoCellos: 1920 K-4 & 1918 K-1

Mandolin Symposium 2010 (Modified 27 Dec 10)
courtesy of John Baxter; 2004; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009

Marilyn Mair Interview (Added 27 Mar 08)
playing bandolim; "on music, the mandolin, and the love of an inanimate object"

Marty Stuart (Modified 1 Mar 08)
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Marty Stuart Mandolin Solo (Added 28 May 08)
starts at 5:02

Marty Stuart - with Connie Smith (Added 25 May 08)
"Away In A Manger"

Marty Stuart - with Emmylou Harris & Johnny Cash (Modified 27 Dec 10)
gospel song: "Where The Soul Of Men Never Dies"

Marty Stuart with Tennessee Mafia Jug Band at the Opry (Modified 27 Dec 10)

Midwest Mandolin Festival Performers Videos - 4th Annual 2008 (Added 17 Aug 08)
Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis

Mike Marshall Mandolin/MandoCello Workshop (Added 22 May 08)
Bach, Monroe, Choro; with Sharon Gilchrist, Sarah Jarosz; at Old Settlers Music Festival 4-20-06

Modern Mandolin Models Played By Peter Mix
hosted by John Baxter at MandoZine

Nancy Wilson (Added 4 Jun 07)
"Battle Of Evermore"; With sister Ann, formerly of Heart; at 1995 RocknRoll Hall Of Fame concert

Nashville Mandolin Ensemble (Added 19 Mar 07)
Bach, Beatles & Bluegrass promotion; with Butch Baldassari; "Eleanor Rigby"; "Here, There & Everywhere"; "With A Little Help From My Friends"; "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"; "As Far As I Can See"; "Two Girls From Galax"; "Happy Birthday Bill Monroe"

Paul McCartney (Modified 27 Dec 10)
"Dance Tonight"

Peter Mix Plays Carbon Fiber Mandolins (Added 11 Feb 07)
New Millenium Acoustic Design

Peter Mix Plays Various American Mandolins (Added 6 Mar 07)

Peter Ostroushko's Mando Boys (Added 15 Feb 08)

Radim Zenkl
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Rebecca Lovell & The Lovell Sisters
Woodsongs Radio Show #408

Red Henry (Added 1 Mar 08)
"Helton Creek"; Farewell to Long Hollow with Chris Henry

Sam Bush
on YouTube

Sam Bush Band (Modified 27 Dec 10)
"Same Old River"; (need to login to verify over 18 years as YouTube's user community has deemed "This video may contain content that is inappropriate for some users"); same video as Woodsongs Radio Show #179

Sam Bush & Emmylou Harris
"The River's Gonna Run" from new CD "Laps In Seven"

Scott Gates & Aissa Lee (9 yrs) (Added 21 Mar 07)
"Oh Mandolin" at Supergrass 2007

Scott Gates & John McEuen (Added 11 Jun 07)
"I Am A Pilgrim"; "Sunny Side" & "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" at Claremont Folk Festival 5 May 07

Tim O'Brien (Added 8 Mar 07)
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Tim O'Brien on Woodsongs Radio (Added 28 Mar 08)
Show #477; Broadcast 24 Mar 08, one night before official release of new CD: Chameleon

Tiny Moore With Texas Playboys (Added 18 Feb 07)
Tribute To Bob Wills

Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour (Modified 28 Mar 08)
Tim O'Brien (#477); Peter Ostroushko (#468); Rhonda Vincent & The Rage (#467); Chris Thile & The How To Grow A Band (#416), Mike Compton & David Long (#399), Andy Leftwich - Three Ring Circle (#390), KC Groves - Uncle Earl (#386), Butch Baldassari (#377), Rhonda Vincent (#303, 174), Tom Rozum (#308), Chris Thile (#287, 199), Mike Marshall (#287), Ronnie McCoury (#193), Sam Bush (#179) ...

Zupfkapelle Hilaritas (Added 20 Mar 08)
"Down Home Waltz"; by Buck White

Fun - Mando Videos

Chord Hat
4 string gourd mandolin & a "Musical invention to assist harmonically impaired musicians to play the right chords"; "Soldier's Joy"; with Jim & Fred

Cross Training With Mando-Mill (Added 20 Mar 07)
"Whiskey Before Breakfast"; with Jim & Fred; "a cross training exercise regime" to increase heartrate & increase fingerspeed at the same time

If A Mandolin Falls ... (Added 30 Mar 08)
"... in a corridor and no one is around to hear, does it make a sound?"; Philosophy parody

Juggling With Old Time Mandolin (Modified 27 Dec 10)
"Old French" with Jim & Fred

Mando-Banj-Itar (Added 20 Mar 07)
"Fire On The Mountain"; designed for players of multiple instruments who "don't want to be bothered with laying them down & picking them back up"; with Jim and Fred

Instructional - Mando Videos

Andy Statman Workshop Clips (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Mel Bay's Mandolin Sessions Interview & Workshop Videos at Jim Nikora's in Madison, Wisconsin

Beginner Mandolin Lessons (Added 20 Mar 08)
by Phish Phan (Baron)

Beginning Bluegrass Mandolin Lessons (Modified 27 Dec 10)
Videos by Tom Bekeny

Blues Mandolin Lessons (Added 31 Jul 08)
with Jim Richter

Chicago Blues G7th Chord Instruction (Added 31 Jul 08)
by Gerry Hundt; Johnny Young style

Expert Village Mandolin Videos (Added 15 May 08)
How To Play Mandolin; Scales & Finger Patterns

How to Create a Sunburst Finish (Modified 27 Dec 10)
featuring builder James Condino; produced by Finewoodworking Magazine

John Sullivan Builds A Mandolin - Pt 1 (Modified 1 Mar 08)
Part 2; Part 3; (R.I.P 2007)

Mike Marshall Mandolin Tips (Modified 27 Dec 10)
How to hold mandolin & pick

Murphy Method Instructional Videos (Modified 30 Dec 11)

Radim Zenkl
workshop in Redding Ca; Part 2

Restringing A Mandolin (Modified 27 Dec 10)

Tim O'Brien Warmup Exercises (Modified 27 Dec 10)

Jazz - Mando Videos

Danny Knicely & Friends (Added 16 May 08)
"Ralph's Rhumba"

David Grisman with Robin Nolan & Frank Vignola (Added 2 May 08)
"September Song"; recording session

Jeff Midkiff
"Sweet Georgia Brown" - with Guitar played by Curtis Jones

John McGann with Eric Robertson & Jacob Jolliff (Added 8 Mar 08)
Berklee College Of Music in Boston mandolin concert, Feb 2008; Pt 1 of medley: "Mississippi Waltz", "Huggin' The Rail", "Roanoke"; Pt 2: "Wheel Hoss" and "Big Mon"

John Jorgenson with Robin Nolan Trio (Added 2 May 08)
"Sao Miguel"

Josh Pinkham with Frank Vignola (Added 13 Nov 07)
Click Concert Hall Channel > Frank Vignola

Dave Apollon (Modified 27 Dec 10)
"Sweet Sue"; YouTube version

Mandolin Symposium Kids 2004 (Modified 8 Mar 08)
Scott Gates, Eric Robertson, Nate Lee, Jarrod Walker & Jacob Henry Jolliff, playing: "Minor Swing"; "El Cumbanchero"; "EMD"; "Limerock"; "Summertime"; Recorded & hosted by John Baxter at MandoZine

Mandolin Videos at Mandozine (Modified 8 Mar 08)

Paul Glasse & Will Patton (Modified 13 Apr 08)
"Black Orpheus"; Austin Texas Summer NAMM (2007) on New-MAD mandolins

Scott Gates & Rich Del Grosso (Added 1 Jun 07)
"Lady Be Good"

Multi-Cultural - Mando Videos

Dave Apollon
"Two Guitars"

Dave Apollon
"When a Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry"

Dave Apollon with Victor Borge - 1951

Hamilton de Holanda Quartet
"1 byte 10 cordas"; on 10 string mandolin

Hamilton de Holanda (Modified 8 Jun 07)
YouTube video search; More YouTube Videos

Hamilton de Holanda & Mike Marshall (Added 11 Jun 07)
Richmond, VT

Het Consort - Dutch Mandolin Chamber Orchestra (Added 17 Apr 10)
"LiberTango"; conducted by Alex Timmerman 2007

Marilyn Mair Interview (Added 27 Mar 08)
playing bandolim; "on music, the mandolin, and the love of an inanimate object"

Mark Conyard (Added 10 Mar 08)
Celtic; slow version followed by quicker version of 14 tunes

Mike Marshall, Hamilton de Holanda, Chris Thile (Added 21 Mar 07)
"Receita De Samba"; Midnight Mandolins at Wintergrass 2007

Mike Marshall, Hamilton de Holanda (Added 11 Jun 07)
Richmond, VT

Peter Ostroushko's Mando Boys (Added 15 Feb 08)

Ryan Holladay (Added 11 Jun 07)
"El Cumbanchero" in March 2007

Scott Gates and Thomas Kingsley (Modified 27 Dec 10)
"El Cumbanchero"; festival pickin' at Grass Valley, CA

Scott Tichenor (Added 30 Apr 07)
Brazillian music; April 12, 2007 Benefit Concert; playing with with guitarist Bill Crahan and Brazilian Johnson Machado; also see 2 & 3

Tuttle Kids
"El Cumbanchero"; played by 8 year old Michael on Mando

Will Patton Ensemble (Added 13 Oct 08)
Choro; Live at Hooker-Dunham Theater, Brattleboro, VT, 10-11-2008; "Vou Vivendo" (Pixiguinha), "Parana" (Will Patton), "Caro Raul" (Toquinho) & "Nao Me Toques" (Zequina De Abreu)

Old Time - Mando Videos

"Chinkapin Hunting" (Added 21 May 08)
Greg Clarke & Dr Corn's Bluegrass Remedy

"Sandy River Belle" (Added 8 Jun 08)
Tim O'Brien