Mapping & Cartography Links

Community Mapping

Accessibility Map Tutorial (Added 31 Mar 09)
University of Missouri; flash video tutorial for use; to help "identify accessible routes to any destination, regardless of physical impairment"
American Music Anthology Geography (Added 11 Apr 09)
Geographic markers for location of musicians recorded in rural southern USA in 1920's & 30's Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music; Methodology
Arctic Bay Spoken Map (Added 10 Dec 09)
"Hear the names of over 300 traditional Nunavut place names"; interactive maps with text, images, sound; pdf maps
BC Local Food Directory (Added 24 Apr 09)
interactive map; "to help British Columbians connect with local farmers, producers, and prossesors of local food ... & discover food within 100 miles of your home"
Beacon Hill Park Ecosystems Map (Added 15 Apr 09)
Beacon Hill Park History 1842-2008 (Added 15 Apr 09)
detailed chapters, complete with photos
Building Networks (Added 5 Mar 09)
pdf map to help identify community network of people you know
Cartogrammar Blog (Added 30 Sep 09)
Common Ground Project (Added 8 Feb 09)
Victoria Community Mapping Projects: Hillside Quadra Community Map; James Bay Community Map; Peninsula Parks & Play Spaces; Victoria Regional Community Green Map; Vic West Community Map; West Saanich Rural Map; Flickr Photos
Community Mapping (Added 8 Feb 09)
by Maeve Lydon; from Geomatica Vol. 57 1999-2003 Anniversary Issue - Cartography in Canada; 32 pg pdf file
Community Mapping Network BC (Added 14 Feb 09)
view Atlases in Internet Explorer; many of the older maps need activeX plugin for Autodesk Mapguide to be viewed
Community Walk (Added 5 Mar 09)
create personal interactive map, using Google Maps technology; show on website, add photos, comments, links, etc; Tutorials; Forum
Fairfield Green Map (Added 10 Dec 09)
Green Atlas Maps (Added 8 Feb 09)
Green Map (Modified 27 Mar 09)
charting community green living, natural, cultural and civic resources from around the world; YouTube Channel
Green Maps Icons (Added 8 Feb 09)
Hillside Quadra Community Map (Added 8 Feb 09)
click map to enlarge
Internet Mapping Projects (Added 31 Mar 09)
Center For Applied Research & Environmental Systems (CARES): Global Forest Watch, Smithsonian Conservation Atlas, Community Issues Management
Maeve Lydon's Thesis (Added 8 Feb 09)
"(Re)Presenting the Living Landscape: Exploring Community Mapping as a Tool for Transformative Learning and Planning"; 83 page Word document; 400 KB; 1985
Ohio Is A Piano (Added 30 Sep 09)
notes assigned to 88 counties which flash on map when note is played: by song, route, cities, data
Open Green Map (Modified 13 Feb 09)
a global locally-led, community mapping projects interactive mapmaking tool; Official Launch June 5 2009; Maps
Participatory Avenues: The Gateway To Community Mapping (Added 8 Feb 09)
Participatory Map-Making (Added 7 May 09)
Participatory Map-Making to Connect Citizens and Decision Makers
Population Density in N.America (Added 8 Feb 09)
Public Toilet Map (Added 28 Dec 2010)
Australian Government project of the National Continence Management Strategy
Pyscho Geography Vancouver (Added 22 Feb 2010)
"A group of artists, cartographers and writers have collaborated to develop a community map of Vancouver that offers alternative views of the city"
UVic Community Green Map (Added 8 Feb 09)
interactive maps; UVic Green Maps: Health & Wellness; Transportation & Travel; ES 341 - Ecological Restoration
UVic Community Mapping (Added 8 Feb 09)
Projects, Resources, Maps, Links (mirrored from here & maintained by me! ;)
Vancouver Tour Guide 2010 (Added 22 Feb 2010)
An alternative Vancouver Winter Olympics tourism map
Victoria Youth Core Community Maps (Added 8 Feb 09)
launched 27 Mar 2009; pocket map folds into credit-card size
Workbook for Mapping Community Assets (Added 5 Mar 09)
an exercise in community development; 20 page, 500 Kb, pdf file

Concept Maps

Concept Maps - How To Construct (Added 13 Feb 09)
Concept Maps - Wikipedia (Added 13 Feb 09)
Concept Map Theory & Construction (Added 13 Feb 09)
Create Concept Map with Excel Worksheet (Added 13 Feb 09)
Lovely Charts (Added 20 Dec 09)
free; online; requires registration; save 1 editable diagram on site
Mind Maps - Wikipedia (Added 13 Feb 09)
Mike Seeger - Musical Time Line (Added 28 Dec 09)
interesting example of moving timeline concept map, with linked content & images
Text 2 Mind Map (Added 15 Feb 09)
Type text in Outline form, using Tab, convert to online mindmap
VUE: Visual Understanding Environment (Added 27 Dec 09)
free, open source software; "a visual environment for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information"; "for integrating digital resources into teaching and learning"; Download; User Guide; Features Video; Forums; Resources; Blog; Wikipedia; Seminar; Reviews: #1; #2; Example Concept Map: Victoria Community Mapping Network
Webspiration (Added 20 Dec 09)
online concept maps; "think visually, work collaboratively" possible

Google Maps & Customizing On-Line Maps
(Please Note: I have not yet tested all tutorials;
as Google produces new API, some tutorials may become obsolete)

Adding Google Maps To Your Site (Added 31 Mar 09)
Custom Google Maps; Additional Functionality
Custom Map Symbols In Google Maps (Added 31 Mar 09)
Creating Custom Map With Google Maps API (Added 8 Feb 09)
Tutorial; Victoria Area GeoCode Example; Interactive Polyline Encoder Utility: set of latitude/longitude pairs
Custom Google Maps (Added 31 Mar 09)
"Visionary uses of educational technology"; Feb 24, 2009
Embed A Custom Google Map On Your Website (Added 31 Mar 09)
Google Earth (Modified 14 Feb 09)
Maps & satellite images, including outer space galaxies, ocean floors & historic imagery; download free viewer; Forum; User Guide
Google Mapki (Added 31 Mar 09)
"forum for sharing ideas, implementations, and help for the Google Maps API"
Google Maps (Added 13 Feb 09)
Google Maps API Concepts (Added 31 Mar 09)
Google Maps API allows you to embed Google Maps in your web pages; need an API key
Google Maps API Group (Added 31 Mar 09)
Google Maps Help Forum (Added 31 Mar 09)
Google Maps Icons Tutorial (Modified 22 Oct 09)
links to Google Earth Icons
Google Maps User Guide (Modified 22 Oct 09)
How To Make Your Own Annotated Multimedia Google Map (Added 31 Mar 09)
How To Overlay Custom Maps Using Google Maps API (Added 31 Mar 09)
Interactive Maps Custom Features (Added 31 Mar 09)
Interactive Polyline Encoder Utility (Added 3 May 09)
interactive utility to compute the encoding for a google maps polyline & minimum zoom level
MapLib (Added 31 Mar 09)
"turns pictures into zoomable & panable views in easy steps and enables new ways of viewing pictures, just like Google Maps does"
Mapping Photos With Picasa Web Albums (Added 18 Apr 09)
On-Line Map Creation (Added 14 Jan 09)
Patrick's Geocoder Helper (Added 3 May 09)
Google Maps JavaScript API Example for finding Map polyline location points
Take Control Of Your Maps (Added 31 Mar 09)
Understand the map stack, how to put your own stack together for custom maps; "replicate Google Maps' functionality with open source software"
Virtual Fieldwork Using Google Earth (Added 20 Dec 09)
pdf files; Using Google Earth; Advanced Virtual Fieldwork; School Grounds Projects Using Google Tools
Virtual Fieldwork Using Google Earth(Added 20 Dec 09)
pdf files; Using Google Earth; Advanced Virtual Fieldwork; School Grounds Projects Using Google Tools

Green Maps

Sydney Greenmapper for Disability & Social Access (Added 28 Dec 10)


Fugawi Global Navigation Software (Added 9 May 09)
GeoCaching Resources (Added 20 Dec 09)
GPS Freeware (Added 14 Jan 09)
GPS Mapping Software (Added 14 Jan 09)
freeware; compatible with Garmin, Magellan; Download
Waypoint (Added 14 Jan 09)
international gps waypoint registry

Historic Maps

Ancient Maps 6200 BC - 400 AD (Added 1 Feb 2010)
Ancient Time Chart of Cartography
Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land (Added 6 Mar 09)
Historical Cartography of Europe (Added 18 Mar 09)
Historical Maps (Added 23 Jan 2008)
Historic Cities (Added 18 Mar 09)
Lewis & Clarke Expedition GIS (Added 31 Mar 09)
"visual voyage of discovery"; pre-expedition maps, early 1800's; Lewis' original 1814 expedition routes map; first complete Government Land Office surveys, late 1800's; 1970 National Atlas, & satellite imagery; GIS Viewer allows on-line interaction; includes geospatial data from NASA, USGS, ESRI and GCS Research
Panoramic Maps - Cities of US & Canada 1847 - 1929 (Added 5 Mar 09)
Bird's-eye views; Geographic Location Index
Victoria, BC - Panoramic Maps 1860 - 1889 (Added 5 Mar 09)
Bird's-eye views
World Digital Library (Added 20 Dec 09)
"significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world"; "cultural treasures include, but are not limited to, manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, prints, photographs, and architectural drawings"


ArcGIS Explorer Application Software (Added 7 May 09)
free download; access online GIS content and capabilities; combine local data with ArcGIS Server; perform GIS anaylis; manage, edit & analyze data; create custom maps; Support Forum
Atlas Of Canada (Added 13 Feb 09)
Environment; People & Society; Economy; History; Climate Change; Freshwater; Health; Reference Maps; Map Archives; Topographic Maps
Canadian Mapping Resources (Added 8 Feb 09)
topographic, Canadian Atlas, aerial, satellite, geological, landsurvey/GPS, forest, mining
Can Image - Landsat 7 (Added 13 Feb 09)
resampled raster images; search by Geoname, Postal Code, NTS Mapsheet or Geographic Coordinates
Cartographic Communication (Added 7 May 09)
CIA World Factbook (Added 17 Dec 09)
Color Brewer (Added 7 May 09)
Select good colour schemes for maps; needs Flash plug-in; Instructions
Colour Landform Atlas of USA (Added 14 Jan 09)
Conservation Atlas (Added 31 Mar 09)
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Customized Canadian Topo Maps (Added 31 Mar 09)
Build your map to send for printing
DIY Cartography (Added 31 Mar 09)
"Resources and Ideas for Making Maps"
Dymaxion Projection Map - Buckminster Fuller (Added 6 Mar 09)
Environment Canada Weather Office Satellite Images (Added 13 Feb 09)
Recent Animated Satellite View
ESRI ArcNews Online (Added 7 May 09)
"for ESRI user community and others interested in mapping & GIS technology"
ESRI Canada (Added 8 Feb 09)
Geographic Information Systems; Canada Map Gallery
GEO BC (Added 8 Feb 09)
Archaeology & Culture; Demographic, Health & Social; Fish, Wildlife & Plants; Forest, Grasslands & Wetlands; Fresh Water & Marine; Land Ownership & Status; Land Use Plans; Mining & Petroleum; Parks, Recreation & Tourism; Geo BC on Google Earth; Tutorial for using Geo BC Map layers in KML presentations
Geographical Names of Canada (Added 14 Jan 09)
GIS Geographical Informations Systems Wikipedia (Added 13 Feb 09)
GIS - Guide To Geographical Informations Systems (Added 13 Feb 09)
Global Forest Watch (Added 31 Mar 09)
Harvard Digital Map Collection (Added 5 Mar 09)
iMap BC (Added 9 May 09)
"spatial viewing access to over 100 datasets from many different agencies"; use Markup tools to add lines and text; Tutorials; Quick Reference Guide (pdf)
Infrared World Satellite Animation (Added 13 Feb 09)
Map Projection Overview (Added 7 May 09)
Table Of Contents
MapQuest (Added 14 Jan 09)
Ontario Maps & Geographic Info (Added 14 Jan 09)
PPGIS - Participatory GIS (Added 8 Feb 09)
"geo-spatial information management tools and methods such as sketch maps, Participatory 3D Models (P3DM), aerial photographs, satellite imagery, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to represent peoplesí spatial knowledge in the forms of virtual or physical, 2 or 3 dimensional maps used as interactive vehicles for spatial learning, discussion, information exchange, analysis, decision making and advocacy
Radical Cartography Projection Reference (Added 6 Mar 09)
wall maps of the world, maps of hemispheres & continents
Rural Assistance Center Maps On Rural Topics (Added 31 Mar 09)
US data; Topics: Population Change, Poverty and Income Levels, Public Transportation, Education Levels, Disability Status, Childcare, Health Clinics & Centers
Satellite Images (Added 31 Mar 09)
Terra Server USA (Added 14 Jan 09)
USA; topo maps; can search by name or longtitude/latitude; Victoria area: #1, #2
Topographic Map Search - Canada (Added 9 May 09)
Clickable map to find NTS map sheet numbers, needed to search ftp map directory; zipped tif files
Touratel Topographic Maps (Added 9 May 09)
free; view online & print Canadian or US top maps
USA Interactive Maps (Added 31 Mar 09)
Select State, choose layer details for viewing
Visible Earth (Added 14 Jan 09)
collection of NASA images


Canadian Trail Repository (Added 9 May 09)
24 trails
Hiking Trails & Routes (Added 9 May 09)
user-contributed trail info; BC, Alberta, Washington, & other areas
User-Friendly Trails (Added 17 Jan 2016)
"Easy to use walking, hiking and wheeling trails in Greater Victoria, BC"

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